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The Day Impunity Was Punished In Idlib

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The Turkish-backed militants in Greater Idlib, and in northeastern Syria in general are being given no quarter.

On March 21st, the Russian troops enforcing the ceasefire regime in Idlib carried out a rare strike – they launched what seemed to be a 9K720 Iskander missile and hit an unspecified target near the village of Salwah. The ballistic missile reportedly targeted the headquarters of the al-Sham Corps, one of the largest Turkish-backed factions.

Shortly thereafter, Su-35 and Su-34 warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a series of airstrikes on the town of Saramada in northern Idlib that is located near the border with Turkey. They targeted a gas factory owned by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). A shipping office, owned by the terrorist group, was also targeted by Russian airstrikes. Dozens of trucks were damaged or destroyed. The town of Bsanqul in southern Idlib was also subject to an air raid.

The Russian strikes were almost certainly in response to a violation of the ceasefire agreement – a rocket attack was launched from Idlib and struck Aleppo city. Two civilians were killed and many others were injured. Property damage was also reported.

The Russian operation was one of the most severe since the ceasefire agreement was implemented. It is likely an attempt to deter the Turkish-backed factions, as well as HTS from carrying out any more expansive operations.

Still, Turkey is unlikely to give up on its interests, and on remaining in northeastern Syria. It has occupied parts of the Aleppo countryside, and almost the entirety of Afrin for more than three years.

The Turkish-backed factions are there to smuggle oil and gas, which is being provided by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Since, under Damascus’ pressure and as a result the Syrian Arab Army’s attacks that tap was shut off, Turkey and the factions it backs are left to fend for their own interests. As a result, on March 21st, the SDF clashed with militants near Hasaka, and several of its members were injured. One civilian was killed in the fire exchange between the two factions.

The Turkish factions also need their ranks refilled, and are now carrying out “mandatory recruitment” in Ras al-Ayn and its outskirts.

This is a clear signal that despite the significant efforts by the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian support, Ankara is nowhere near giving up on pursuing its goals, and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve them.

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Maz K

A good start to get these filthy Turds out of our lands!

Arch Bungle

Diana Cornwell, the Jew pretending to be Brit, downvoted you.

Assad must stay

keep dropping fire, destruction, missiles on their heads hahahaha


You gotta give Russia big credit for not giving up on the Syrian people. That said, nothing lasts forever, and Russia and Syria has to finish this or risk being trapped in an endless war, just like the US.

Jihadi Colin

There is no point in trusting Erdoğan to keep his word for 0.15 seconds.

Diana Cornwell

So why don’t the Russians ask the people they call terrorists, namely the Turks, to leave Syria?

Why is Putin building nuclear power plants for “terrorists” (Turkey)?

Because like all of you here, the Russians are deceitful hypocrites.

Thanks Putin.

You’re NATO’s bestest not-so-secret secret agent. 007 was a simpleton next to you.

Arch Bungle

So why don’t the Limey Brits ask the terrorists, namely the Turks, to leave Syria?

Why is Her Majesty supplying weapons and coddling “terrorists” (Turkey)?

Because like YOU, the limey brits are deceitful hypocrites.

Thanks Bojo.

You’re NATO’s bestest not-so-secret secret agent. 007 was a simpleton next to you.

Diana Cornwell

Britain and Turkey are military allies in NATO.

You are suggesting that Russia is a covert NATO ally. Thanks for making my point.

Arch Bungle

Britain and Turkey are military allies in the NATO criminal enterprise.

You are a liar. Thanks for making my point.

Icarus Tanović

She’s one of the most hypocritical Zionistic dirtbags that writes here.

Arch Bungle

I know. But worse, she/it is an anti African, anti Arab, anti Asian racist bigot to boot.

Anti-Human, in short.

Icarus Tanović

I know, she/it is one day racistic pig against, say Turks, or Africans, but since Turks are doing theirs dirty job in Syria she will say that theyy have right to do this or that. She’s the one that devides Muslim Ummah and addresses Wahhabis as a pure for of Islam, and those headchopping pigs she will find any excuse for what they’re doing. The worst of its kind.

Icarus Tanović

You’re one Zionist parasite.

Arch Bungle

By the way, that flag you wave has less honor than a wh0res panties.

Diana Cornwell

Attacking the messenger.

Arch Bungle

You are not a messenger. You are a liar.

Diana Cornwell

You don’t even have a full grasp of the English language, or you’re attempting to subvert it. Failed.

Arch Bungle

A pathetic attempt at deflection on your part. Failed.

You’re still a liar. Do try again.


They will be MADE to leave Syria, by Iran and Assad. Erdodog is a fool. He loses where he goes.

Diana Cornwell

Assad can’t make the Turks leave because Putin supports the Turks.


The Turks and the Erdogan administration are not the same thing, so why should the Putin administration act like they are the same? Similarly, Armenia and the Pashinyan administration are not the same thing, so why act otherwise?

Putin already showed how Pashinyan should have handled Nagorno-Karabakh in the referendum and annexation of Crimea. Pashinyan continuing to be an imperialist stooge is his own fault, he is on his way out as a result, and Erdogan will be joining him if this keeps up.

Diana Cornwell

You are lying.

Both Erdogan and Putin want Pashinyan to stay in power.

And if peoples and nations are more important than their leaders as you’re suggesting, than you don’t betray them like Putin and the Russians do at every turn.


OK, Diana, you just made two separate claims: 1.) “Erdogan and Putin want Pashinyan to stay in power.” 2.) “Putin and the Russians… betray them [peoples and nations]… at every turn.”

What was your logic and evidence supporting both of those claims?

Diana Cornwell

1) Putin now acts like he wants to work with Pashinyan whereas Putin made a show of it on Russian TV to refuse to answer a phone call from Pashinyan.

2)Erdogan now says democratically elected politicians should stay in power unless ousted through democratically-held elections.

Both Putin and Erdogan dismissed and dissed Pashinyan before the Armenians were massacred and lost the Karabakh war.


1.) Again, unless you believe Pashinyan can win or “win” in the next elections, what does it hurt to remain diplomatic? Besides, is the Putin administration’s problem with Pashinyan him as a personality or individual? Or is the problem with his policies? https://www.rt.com/russia/519425-armenian-prime-minister-pashinyan-resignation/

2.) Erdogan has been opposing “democratically elected politicians” in Syria with military incursions and terrorist groups for years now. How much is his word worth?

Diana Cornwell

1) Agreed. Putin is lying (i.e., being “diplomatic).

2) What does Erdogan’s being a liar have to do with the fact that Erdogan opposes Pashinyan’s ouster as demanded by the Armenian opposition?


1.) Equating diplomacy with lying is just our history of abuse talking. Why must wanting to work with Pashinyan be a lie? Odds are he will maintain the same toxic policies and not work with the Putin admin, but Putin wanting the Pashinyan admin to do differently can be true.

2.) Sorry for the confusion, Di. I only meant that Putin wanting Pashinyan to remain in power was the unfounded claim. Of course Erdogan wants Pashinyan and his anti-Russia, pro-globalist policies to stay in place.

Diana Cornwell

Putin is a gangster without a will of his own.

His handlers used to collect taxes for the tsars. Then they wanted more; turned around and called themselves Bolsheviks and took over Russia.

This did not change to this day. Except now they left the people to fend for themselves without guidance or help from the state.

Now Russia is dying.

You can thank Putin and his anti-Christian handlers for the Russian nation’s demise.


That narrative makes no sense. If Putin is following people like the Bolshevik-brand Communists who turned on the tsars, why is Putin supporting Christianity? Not Atheism, Zionist “Christianity,” or the like? Why is the Russian government paying to reopening churches the Bolsheviks shut down? Why were the Romanovs canonized as saints?

“Their President, Vladimir Putin, has authorised over 2 billion Rubles (US$100 million) of tax money to rebuild churches that were destroyed under the previous Soviet regime. There are a few other pro-Christian moves: – The Russian government is printing Bibles to place in hotel rooms. – Russian Orthodox Church leaders are invited to pray at state events. – Military chaplains are being appointed for garrison churches and to lead Sunday schools and Bible studies in military bases. – A new Russian public holiday to commemorate the conversion of the country to Christianity under Prince Vladimir in AD988, has been proclaimed: 28 July.” ~ “Is Vladimir Putin a Christian,” Peter Hammond

“Putin and his anti-Christian handlers”… Good joke, Di.

Diana Cornwell

The Jews (Bolsheviks later) were tax collectors for the tsars and shared the spoils with the Russian royalty, oppressing the Christian Russian population. Read and learn: https://russia-insider.com/en/history/yet-another-six-million-fable-pogroms-against-jews-tsarist-russia/ri25143

Putin is at least Jewish from his mother’s side. The richest man of Israel says Putin can obtain an Israeli passport whenever he asked for it. Putin has personally appointed the head rabbi of Russia. Read and learn: http://geopolitics-behind-the-mask.36089.n8.nabble.com/Everybodys-Hero-And-that-s-not-an-quot-optional-quot-suggestion-either-td149.html


Di, even Jesus Christ “is at least Jewish from his mother’s side.” Please double-check your Bible: Our lineages, races, etc. do not matter, not compared to our beliefs and choices.

“I know that you are Abraham’s descendants. Yet you are looking for a way to kill me, because you have no room for my word. I am telling you what I have seen in the Father’s presence, and you are doing what you have heard from your father [the devil].” ~ John 8 v.37-38

The “new Hitler” rhetoric against Putin is not empty or an exaggeration: His opposition to the “international clique” is worthy of a world war. Think about it: If Putin is ready and willing to “obtain an Israeli passport,” why did Nuland, Soros, Kolomoisky (a dual “Israeli” citizen hiding out in “Israel” right now), etc. drop an anti-Putin coup, war, and military provocation on Ukraine? Demonizing Putin for the annexation of mostly ethnic Russian Crimea is analogous to demonizing Hitler for the annexation of mostly ethnic German Danzig.

Diana Cornwell

Here we are not talking about Orthodox Jews — who are ideologically opposed to atheist yet Kabbalist Zionists — but the Khazar Doenmeh variant who are from a Turkic ethnic descendants.

These Khazars are ancient enemies of Christian peoples, in particular the Armenians. The Khazars tried to subjugate the Armenians almost for a millenium but failed, lost their kingdom and migrated to Eastern Europe. They mixed with the Sephardic Jews from Spain in Constantinople, giving birth to the Sabbataist Doenmeh faction. These people ruled Russia as the Bolsheviks and Turkey as the Doenmeh.

Putin is one of them. Neither the Bolsheviks nor their Doenmeh offshoot are Biblical Jews.

Don’t try to confuse people. And in case you didn’t know, research.

Putin is an ill-willed vermin. That’s why Yeltsin appointed Putin as his successor. Their neo-Bolshevik handlers thought it was a good idea to have a “cipher” (a nothing) as the nominal leader of Russia: http://johnhelmer.net/the-love-that-dare-not-speak-its-name-the-secret-in-the-clinton-yeltsin-papers-which-the-kremlin-spokesman-regrets-to-see-exposed-is-the-love-of-submission/

All wars are squarely directed against the people, not the leadership. The real rulers of the world — the people who control the central banks — wish to cull the human race. There is no real adversity between Biden and Putin, nor Erdogan for that matter.


Di, my research says that the Bolshevik-brand Communists opposed the collapse of the Soviet Union and opposed Yeltsin much like they oppose Putin now. Does your research say the same…? And that was the only applicable support you just provided as to why “Putin is one of them.” I admit that his administration or people around it have problems, e.g. RT pulling a 9/11, Operation Gladio video even from its own website, or the suspicious death of Mikhail Lesin. But as long as we the people actually do “Question More,” how is any hidden agenda supposed to succeed? Even one you suspect from Putin…?

As The Saker argued in “Re-visiting Russian counter-propaganda methods,” Russia’s current media approach is nothing like the Bolsheviks, the Zionists, the Khazars, etc. use. He wrote, “The frankly stupid people in charge of the Soviet propaganda machine spent immense resources trying to block the western propaganda from seeping in from under the Iron Curtain… Nowadays, this has dramatically changed and the Russians understood that much better than anybody in the West: In the age of the Internet and satellite TV you cannot target your message solely at a domestic audience, nor can you prevent the other guy’s propaganda from reaching our own domestic audience… The truth is that about 80% or more Russians support Putin precisely because they are exposed to the western propaganda machine and its message on a daily basis… Unlike their US American counterparts, the Russians are not engaging in policies which they cannot justify before their own public opinion or before the public opinion of the rest of the planet.” http://thesaker.is/re-visiting-russian-counter-propaganda-methods/

Diana Cornwell

Focusing on the trees is liable to make one miss the forest.

There are rivalries, internal divisions and struggles in all families, tribes and political organizations, yes. Hubris is human nature. Some Soviet apparatchiks didn’t want to lose their corner office and perks and opposed the dismantling of the USSR. This doesn’t mitigate the fact that the Soviet Union sold Russian oil for American dollars hence undergirding the petrodollar system which amounted to aiding and abetting their supposedly mortal enemy, the United States. If there was real enmity between NATO an de the Warsaw Pact, the Russians would have demanded payment in gold or silver instead of conceding their valuable natural resources essentially for free, for the western central bankers worthless electronic digits created out of nothing, hence *nothing*, aka dollars and euros and yens, etc.

Putin I said literally nothing, a nonentity. He’ said just a tool, a facade chosen on a whim and no more. All the pro-Christian statements and appearances are empty rhetoric and forceful brainwashing. Didn’t Putin just kill 5000 Christian Armenians along with the barbaric Turkish Muslim psychopaths and delivered the Caucasus to the Muslim horde on a silver platter? Erdogan is coming to Shushi in Karabakh to celebrate the massacre of the Armenians and the Turks’ invasion of the Caucasus — and the opening of the land corridor between Turkey and Central Asia, thanks to Putin and his handlers.

But all the conflicts are only apparent, at best a ritual where the common people are sacrificed to cull their numbers for the pleasure of the demigods. There is no real discord between the International ruling classes. Whether planned or unplanned, they will endeavour to cause mayhem with the basic visceral aim of imposing control on all and sundry.

I take it you are one of the Saker’s followers? The Saker works for the same people that’s Putin works for. (The people I’m referring to are the people central bankers take their marching orders from.) The Saker is no reference of mine. He’s an insidious and deluded creature like the rest of the minions populating the controlled opposition stable. This idiot admires Islam and sings the praises of the Muslims whose only goal is to rape white women and kill white children for the pleasure of Allah: https://thesaker.is/deconstructing-islamophobia/


”Although pre-[World War One] Germany had a private central bank, it was heavily restricted and inflation kept to reasonable levels. Under government control, investment was guaranteed to internal economic development, and Germany was seen as a major power. So, in the media of the day, Germany was portrayed as the prime opponent of World War One, and not just defeated, but its industrial base flattened.” ~ “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars,” Michael Rivero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfEBupAeo4

So, you see, Di, Putin “did not [need to] nationalize the Russian central bank” so the money supply could serve the people’s interest. Why do you think Russia’s national debt is a tiny 14% of GDP? By comparison, the US’s is around 107%. And why do you think the Russian economy successfully restructured to deflect the banksters’ sanctions?

Bankster debt money is not “worthless.” Military-industrial complexes and supporting sectors have to function for the empire to exist, so that is where much of the value comes from. This means, for example, if “Putin sells Russian oil for American Dollars” but then spends those dollars on RT and Sputnik to wake up Americans to the bankster warmongering, what is the problem, exactly…?

As I said before, Putin did not “just kill 5000 Christian Armenians.” In fact, how Putin saved tens of thousands of Christians in Crimea and Donbass from Nuland’s Maidanites should have showed Armenians how to create international legitimacy for protecting Nagorno-Karabakh. It was Pashinyan and his administration which ignored all that, sent green recruits to die on the front lines, then blamed Putin when Russia did not follow Pashinyan’s ruinous lead.

You can keep claiming Putin and all Muslims are “controlled opposition” if you want. The Russians and Syrians who kicked the Wahhabists out of Maaloula and Aleppo without harassing the Christians there tell a different story, so what should I believe? Your claims? Or the evidence? https://www.rt.com/news/371582-aleppo-christmas-celebrate-lizzie/

Diana Cornwell

Because the Russian central bank is de facto owned and controlled by the City of London. Why would the Rothschilds attack their own affiliate? Russians don’t see any benefit from the oil or weapons sales. Only your neo-Bolshevik oligarch buddies do. The Russian population exists in relative misery and poverty. They’d all rather emigrate to the United States. I heard it from the horse’s mouth. You?

As you insidiously put it; fiat currency facilitates the exploitation of the masses for the benefit of the military industrial complex. And Putin’s RT does not genuinely criticizes the West. In fact RT surreptitiously covers up the sins committed by both the West and its partners Russia and China. RT’s own Armenian administration (I forget what her name is) rationalized Russia’s betrayal of their Armenian ally.

You chose to be an apologist for Putin and (subjugated) Russia. I don’t share your burden: https://russia-insider.com/en/history/yet-another-six-million-fable-pogroms-against-jews-tsarist-russia/ri25143


Who does that “horse’s mouth” belong to, exactly? You should have learned your lesson about anonymous sources making groundless claims after “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction”…

On the other hand, we do agree that the bankster oligarchs use “the exploitation of the masses for the benefit of the military industrial complex,” so what is Putin doing dismantling all of the warmongering? That “Russia’s betrayal of their Armenian ally,” when factored in with the Pashinyan admin’s bungling of Armenia’s military and political actions, such as not having a democratic way of solidifying Nagorno-Karabakh’s legal status, was really keeping another dubious war effort from spiraling out of control.

We saw the same thing happen with the Putin admin discrediting the “Assad gassed people” narrative as “pure nonsense,” then annexing Crimea with no shots fired while helping the Donbass republics hold their ground without open Russian troops. RT even ran a documentary taking apart the oligarchs’ pro-war rhetoric: Check out “Mosaic of Facts.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkD8VFOz4-8

Diana Cornwell

Pashinyan is Putin’s puppet. Pashinyan became, and remains, Armenia’s president because he’s a useful tool to disable Armenia’s defenses. Putin didn’t want to stab in the back the previous lot of gangsters who made up Armenia’s administration. Enter the ‘Soros man’ Pashinyan.


According to your own sources; isn’t Pashinyan supposedly living in Facebook’s basement?


Wait, are you trying to argue that Putin wanted Pashinyan “to disable Armenia’s defenses”? Why would he want that? So Azeris, Turks, their Zionist backers, etc. could steamroll Nagorno-Karabakh? All while Putin’s policies are stopping the Turks, Zionists, etc. from steamrolling Syria? And why would Putin keep Pashinyan from the same political recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh that Putin succeeded in using for Crimea? Di, that makes zero sense.

There is no need “for Putin to dislodge” Pashinyan. The mismanagement from him and his admin is so obvious that Armenians will do the dislodging on their own – no “Russian meddling” necessary.

Diana Cornwell

Are you being sincere?

Putin sold jets without missiles to Armenia and witheld EW assistance from the Armenians, going so far as to claim Armenian lands belong to the Azeris. It would have sufficed to stop the Azeris if Putin had just said, “nyet!”

First of all, Putin and the Russians are not doing what you are suggesting. The Russians aren’t stopping the steamrolling of the Syrians by their enemies.

1)Have the Russians asked the Americans or the Turks to leave Syria? No. 2)Are the Russians fighting the Turks or the Americans in Syria? No. 3)Did the Russians asked the Israelis to stop bombing and thus weakening the Syrian army? No. 4)Have the Russians retaliated against the Israelis, or even intercepted Israeli jets (don’t give me the rumors, OK?)? No.


1)Are the Russians cooperating with NATO forces in Syria? Yes. 2)Have the Russians de facto carved up Syria between themselves and the Americans? Yes. 3)Have the Russians collaborated with the Turks to the extent of allowing the Turks to invade Afrin and occupy Idlib etc.? Yes.

Yes, neither Pashinyan nor ANY of the Armenian administrations did any good for Armenia. All of them were liars and cheats and thieves, parasites that destroyed Armenia from within. Russia was happy to have them do it. They were all Russia’s men, whether they knew it or not.

Let’s not ignore the obvious. Pashinyan would have been taken out one way or another if Putin didn’t like him. Today, Putin is *openly* supporting the continued presidency of Pashinyan, along with the Mollahs of Iran and Erdogan and Aliyev himself. Aliyev knows that Pashinyan weakens Armenia. Putin knows this very well also.

I explained all this to you several times. I won’t do it again. No reason to do so.


Slow down, Di, some of what you just wrote is new here. Your claim that “Putin sold jets without siles to Armenia and witheld EW assistance from the Armenians,” even if true, would not matter since the Pashinyan admin never bothered to legitimize Nagorno-Karabakh’s political situation and justify Russian military intervention in that manner. So, that’s retreading old ground. The Russian peacekeepers, on the other hand, are justified in being there and they will help prevent any further extortion.

Your comments on Syria are a first here; therefore: 1. Have the Russians helped liberate and stabilize more of Syria from the banksters’ primary ground force, the Al-CIA- spin-offs? Yes.

2.) Are more and more refugees returning to their homes and rebuilding Syria? Yes.

“Between January and July 2017, 602,759 displaced Syrians returned home according to reports from IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and implementing partners on the ground… The report indicates that an increasing number of Syrians displaced within the country appear to be returning home. The total figure by end of July this year was already close to the 685,662 returns identified in the whole of 2016. However, of those returnees, an estimated 20,752 and 21,045 were displaced again in 2016 and 2017 respectively.” ~ “Over 600,000 Displaced Syrians Returned Home in First 7 Months of 2017,” UN International Organization for Migration https://www.iom.int/news/over-600000-displaced-syrians-returned-home-first-7-months-2017

3.) Have the Russians been defeating bankster narratives like the chemical weapon false flags to prevent more direct, peer-adversary attacks on Syria? Yes. 4.) Have the open, regular troops of Turkey, “Israel,” the US, etc. largely acted like a nuissance whose occasional artillery attacks, air strikes, held territory, etc. have been unable to stop the previous points? Yes.

This brings me to one legitimate criticism of the Putin admin: Pretending that Russia is analogous to WW2 Soviet Union in this conflict. The Soviets were the US’s “ally,” receiving billions of dollars worth of bankster military aid via the Lend-Lease Act; the Wahhabists are closer to that role now. Today’s Russia is more like WW2 Germany. There were some attempts to buy off the Germans, but the banksters resorted to years of sanctions, propaganda, and provocations to goad Germany into counter attacking, then the banksters acted like Germany was to blame for everything and hit the country with a regime change war.

Di, did you ever consider that the Russians are simply not hitting the banksters’ forces as hard and fast as they could because that was a mistake Germany and Japan already made? Maybe it is better to mitigate much of the banksters’ damage asymmetrically, wake up the banksters’ people about who the real enemies are, and if/when the conflicts get too heated to hold back, more people will fight the banksters and their cronies rather than Russia. What do you think…?

Lone Ranger

Buden is a gangster without a will of his own.

His handlers used to collect taxes for the tsars. Then they wanted more; turned around and called themselves Bolsheviks and took over the U.S.

This did not change to this day. Except now they left the people to fend for themselves without guidance or help from the state.

Now USA is dying.

You can thank the CIA and Biden and his anti-Christian handlers for the American nation’s demise. Fixed Trollstoy 🐈

Diana Cornwell

No, they won’t be made to leave. Putin is the Turks’ staunch ally and he has Erdogan’s back. Putin just murdered 5000 of his Christian Armenian allies along with the Turks and the Azeris and delivered Armenian lands in the Caucasus to the Turks.


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