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The Day After: U.S. Forces Left Radar Systems, Hundreds of Vehicles At Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Base (Photos)

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The Day After: U.S. Forces Left Radar Systems, Hundreds of Vehicles At Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base (Photos)

U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter pilots assigned to Task Force Flying Dragons, 16th Combat Aviation Brigade, 7th Infantry Division land at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, June 9, 2017. BRIAN HARRIS/U.S. ARMY

U.S. forces have left behind radar and navigation systems as well as hundreds of vehicles at Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Base.

After operating it for nearly 20 years, U.S. forces completed their withdrawal from the air base, which is located in the eastern province of Parwan, and handed it over to Afghan government forces on July 2.

On July 3, the Afghan Civil Aviation Authority revealed that the U.S. military left behind a Radar and a Very-Small-Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems at the air base. The systems, which were deactivated by U.S. troops before withdrawal, were successfully reactivated by Afghan engineers.

According to the TOLO News, the U.S. military also left behind more than 700 vehicles of several types at the air base. Photos showing some of the vehicles were shared by the channel.

Before withdrawing, U.S. troops destroyed and scrapped hundreds of pieces of equipment and vehicles at the air base. Local merchants who purchased the material told the TOLO News that the scrap worth millions of dollars was left.

Bagram Air Base was the U.S. largest military installation in Afghanistan. Some 10,000 U.S. troops served at the air base over the last two decades.

The Day After: U.S. Forces Left Radar Systems, Hundreds of Vehicles At Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base (Photos)

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No rational person can be surprised by the immense waste left behind by american imbeciles. They have no honour or respect for anything.

Many of these so called american “soldiers” even understood the whole war was a gigantic scam and fraud.


Pension and double-dipping career in the private sector is what drives them. Moral conviction is a rare attribute in the American character.

Americunt Losers

150 million are jobless, homeless and hopeless, not to mention fat fast food junk swine without even basic health care and the losers wasted $15 trillion on Jew fanned wars and got their dumbass handed to them by stone age warriors.


Well over 40 million on the food stamp program. Even that number is only what the american regime admits to.

Last edited 22 days ago by block
Americunt Losers

The stupid morons are the only country or a failed state with a declining life span, even the average white redneck now can barely live to 78 years and worse than most developing nations. US banana republic police state is the only OECD country without universal health care and the Jew owned big pharmaceutical companies rip off the idiots with the most expensive medicines in the world. The beggars have to go to Mexico and Canada even to buy basic medicines.


Wait half of America is jobless is that what you want to say

Americunt Losers

In reality even more. Half have just given up as even low paying burger flipper jobs have disappeared. The stupidcunts don’t produce anything but junk weapons that lose wars. Imagine if the idiots had invested the $15 trillion on education, health and human development instead of destroying other poor nations and their shithole failed state.


It is worse than you think but you are on the right trail. I live in America and personally I think once you live here for a bit you can begin to understand why. People have an idea that something is wrong but they do not have the words for it because they were never taught them nor how to think. They have a basic understanding in the abstract but are in disbelief in examples that you can prove, or worse, they will defend the system if you give them a concrete example. Pouring money into education wont help. It is sad to see. They are a lost people.

Now on the medical side, no matter how much money you pour into medicine, the problem is so bad at this time, it is like pissing on a fire.

Cosmo Kramer

i agree, US is doomed if nothing changes

Cosmo Kramer

what should the average americunt do about it?

A clown like you

It is a landlocked country…it would cost them much more to take it with them, those yanquis assets left there would be handed to Afghani Army/Afghani government.
Also, those vehicles, Radar and etc didn’t ship to Afghanistan in one day but over 20 years.
Most of those are old and useless anyway why not give it to Afghani and say shi* like “we help them”…LMFAO

Man of few words

All I can say is that Americunts are world class dumass LOSERS and this was expected :)

Tommy Lee

The Russians managed half as long as we did, so what does that make them?

Americunt Losers

USSR did not spend trillions on a lost cause or invade with 52 puppet loser nations. The Americunt cowards killed million civilians. The average Afghan has a high respect for Russians who fought with honour and bravery.

Monte George Jr

“…so what does that make them?” Smart enough to know when to quit.

Jim Allen

Smarter than you.

A clown like you

“The Russians managed half as long as we did”
What are you evening saying?

Russians understood that would cost them and wouldn’t achieve anything, so they left.
Yanquis are like children…it is so true, yanquis didn’t achieve anything but bolding Taliban after 20 years of “war”. 1,000s died and 1,000s fuked for life and how many of those soldiers killed themselves?

LMFAO for what those soldiers died? Nothing, they died for Zion and pigs banks.


All this *could* be interpreted as a way of Amerikastan covertly arming the Taliban in order to use them in future to attack China or Iran. Amerikastanis are deluded enough to believe anything.

Americunt Losers

The Taliban are Paki Frontier Force mostly in mufti. The Pakis are too financially dependent on China and can’t afford to piss off their new masters. However, the dumbass Americunts will keep arming their ISIS headchoppers. Russia, Iran and China need to keep the Corrupt Pakistan military in a box and warn them of the consequences. I think the Pakis are now aiming at Kashmir now and will leave Afghanistan alone as China will not tolerate it.

S Balu

American LOSER


this is the usa fighting against afghanistan which is kinda a fragment of what iran is so the usa can call itself lucky that it never went into a war against iran and when it comes to afghanistan i dont see anything happening that cant be handled so the usa just better get lost fast since they cant handle anything


The iranian forces wouldn’t survive even one day – but why should we free them, most Iranians are against the evil regime of the Shah and his minions and will end someday. And there is nothing you little troll can do about it ^^

Last edited 21 days ago by TomSawyer

hahahaha sure man you know iran very well it seems after all you try to explain to me my own country and i repeat the usa would miserably fail we would blow up the white house pentagon all american dams and oil infrastructure gas infrastructure burn the entire place down basically so keep dreaming you losers you couldnt even defeat the smallest fragment XD

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat

btw you talk about the evil regime of the shah which shows how high on drugs you are because you meant the “mullah” regime i guess but go on smoke your delusions in your pipe and tell me how reality looks like XD


Soon you will see these in the news sporting either taliban or al quaida flags.

Lone Ranger

Slow clap…


So my logic says there has to be a new big player in the poppy industry somewhere in the world… Any guesses?

Americunt Losers

Some of the ex-Soviet stans are being groomed by the CIA as next narco states, Ukraine and Colombia are always eager pimps for drug trafficking.


Inshallah that cia plot fails miserably

JC Denton

wonder if the Taliban will ban poppy production/export again, like before 2001?

Charity Colleen Crouse

What is up with the airport in Kabul? Have you heard the “concern” about the “Hoover Dam?” The Kabul airport turnover was pegged to a muni bond for Las Vegas…really…this is a set up…is it supposed to be part of the “pension system” payout that came on the hedging from that article in December of 2019 about how NO ONE (including Rumsfeld, mentioned in another article on this site) had any idea what the strategy for Afghanistan was? Does it have to do with the recent SCOTUS cases regarding “Arkansas” and how that bond that Lassater set up for Clinton for the State Troopers and their “radio project” got parlayed into Raytheon deals to liquidate journalists in Pakistan and Honduras for decades while no one said anything? What about the new “airport” in Saud Arabia? Can I claim this for my COVID vaccine? My “intelligence strategy?”


Mighty US empire defeated by taliban.


So many white pickups.. You sure it is not picture of ISIS base?


Nice to see US tax payers $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ flushed down the Bog.


Don’t worry, the Jews’ US Tyranny wardog has poppy field tracking satellites.


Anyone that has read the Jews’ Protocols understands that the goal was NOT to win, but to plunder and kill both Afghans AND the Americans and Europeans swept up in another of the Jews’ plundering and destroying wars.

Protocols 2:1, 7:1, 7:3, 7:6, 10:13

“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers.” Maurice Samuels, “You Gentiles,” p.155


a parting gift to the afghanis hahahaha


Vietnam 2.0. The US created Afghan security forces use US helos – so in reality when US are gone so are US maintenance contracts and spare parts. Thus, the Afghan security forces will invariably lose their one major tactical advantage – air superiority.

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