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The Dangerous Ignorance Of Germany’s New Foreign Minister

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The Dangerous Ignorance Of Germany’s New Foreign Minister

Annalena Baerbock

Written by Eric Zuesse

Germany’s new Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock came into office on December 8th without her knowing that America’s stationing missiles in Ukraine on Russia’s border, and only a 7-minute flying distance away from Moscow, would be even more unacceptable to Moscow than, in 1962, would have been, to Washington, the Soviet Union’s stationing missiles in Cuba, fifteen minutes of flying-time away from Washington, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. She’s evidently so much of a neoconservative (supporter of U.S. imperialism) that Baerbock had been ignoring this crucial and simple fact of international relations throughout her entire prior 17-year career in politics, before becoming appointed as Germany’s Foreign Minister.

She had ignored it so much so that Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, during his introductory phone-conversation with her on December 14th, found in the course of the conversation with her, that he had to explain it to her. This is rather shocking.

She didn’t even know why Germany’s leader, during 2005-2021, Angela Merkel, had — along with France’s leader Francois Hollande — established in the Minsk agreements for settling the Ukrainian war the “Normandy Format” for negotiations between Ukraine (on Russia’s border) and its 2014 breakaway Donbass region, in order to establish, at Minsk, a truce-agreement between those two sides (Ukraine and its breakaway region) and agree to negotiate between themselves a permanent peace-settlement, by which Donbass would again be a part of Ukraine and voting in Ukrainian Presidential elections, but would be granted, by Ukraine, some degree of internal autonomy (and guaranteed peace). It would peacefully settle the Ukrainian war. Baerbock hasn’t yet committed herself on whether to honor or even respect the armistice treaty that Merkel, Hollande, and Putin, had jointly achieved between Ukraine and Donbass, at Minsk. However, she has committed herself clearly on all other issues as supporting the same views that the U.S. Government has endorsed. The U.S. Government did not participate, in any way, in the Minsk agreements, and so she could come out rejecting them — or else endorsing only the Minsk provisions that the Ukrainian side had favored, and rejecting the provisions that the Donbass side had favored. In other words: she could come out seeking to replace the Minsk agreements, or even as outright endorsing a resumption of Ukraine’s 2014-2015 effort to conquer Donbass militarily and treating all residents there as being “terrorists” until those residents become conquered.

Baerbock’s ignorance serves well the U.S. Government’s long-term goal of conquering Russia (because it allows her to be the neocon that she has always been), but it disserves the people of Germany by subordinating the interests of the German people to the interests of America’s billionaires who own oil-and-gas (and other) companies that are in competition against ones in Russia, and it could even lead to another World War in which Europe (including especially Germany) would be the main battleground. This is clearly NOT in the interests of the German people.

Baerbock, in service to America’s billionaire investors in fracked gas that becomes liquefied into canisters and then would be shipped into Germany and other EU countries to replace the much cheaper pipelined gas from Russia, has always criticized Germany’s policy of buying the far less expensive German gas; but in these times of soaring gas prices in Europe, her policy is even more costly to Germans than it had previously been. She is apparently determined to do everything to prevent the recently completed Nord Stream 2 gas-pipeline from Russia into Germany from being allowed to begin operation — and she does this in order to serve American investors, who aim to increase their sales to Europe.

She also was apparently ignorant about the Minsk accords and their Normandy format and the reasons why Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande had created them in order to establish a constructive truce in the hot war that was then raging between the invader Ukraine and its former region Donbass (which people Ukraine’s Government routinely referred to as “terrorists” in Ukraine’s “Anti-Terrorist Operation” or “ATO”). And that is what is not only psychopathic (like her insistence on buying U.S. gas instead of Russian gas), but shocking.

On December 17th, NATO’s chief, its Secretary General (who always expresses the U.S. President’s viewpoint) Jens Stoltenberg, contemptuously called Russia the “aggressor” and rejected Russia’s “red lines” (national-security demands), and he especially emphasized that Russia would have no say, whatsoever, regarding whether or not NATO will accept Ukraine’s bid for membership in the anti-Russian military alliance. Since Baerbock has consistently endorsed the views that have been expressed by NATO’s Secretaries General, one may reasonably expect that she will ignore what Lavrov had said to her on December 14th. If she, on this matter, will not ignore the information she received from Russia, that would indicate a fundamental change in her expressed positions, and the likelihood for a Third World War will then be considerably reduced.

Also on December 17th, Zero Hedge bannered “German Cold Blast To Extend Into January Amid Energy Crisis”, and reported that, “the German Meteorological Service … released new data Friday forecasting month-ahead temperatures will remain below seasonal levels through the third week of January.” This will, of course, force up the demand for gas in Germany, while the U.S-&-allied sanctions against Russia, and any new sanctions that may be added during the Ukrainian war, will reduce the supplies of gas from Russia, especially because the just-completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany is being blocked from starting operating. Natural gas provided about 22 percent of Europe’s energy mix in 2019 and Russia’s role as a major supplier has been enhanced by the depletion of North Sea gas fields controlled by the U.K. and the Netherlands. Currently, the lowest-cost producer and supplier of gas to Europe, “Russia, supplies about 50% of Europe’s natural gas. Most of the rest comes from Norway and Algeria.”  Apparently, Annalena Baerbock, and her boss the new German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz — both now having displayed their neoconservative loyalties — don’t care as much about that as they care about helping the U.S. Government to conquer Russia.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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She is not ignorant about all these things, she simply doesn’t know. This lady was cheating in her CV, copy/pasted in her papers and her book without referencing, has no certified education (her certificate from the university in UK is questionavle, asshe would not have the required qualification for the studies there), and came to this position by obviousely winning the “who is the biggest moron” contest.

Last edited 1 year ago by Selbstdenker

What can be expected of a 💯%zio terrorist Jew girl?

Karl Wolfe

Extremist Neo-Cons: terrorists in Western disguise l who EXTORT the European Union by depriving them of a Free Market to purchase oil and gas . Rather similar to Mafia “extortion-protection” rackets. Should be prosecuted under RICO statues.

Peter Wallace

America wants an anti Russian German government and it appears they have achieved that. They don’t want Russia and Germany working together as it interferes with their total world domination plan. Germany to the US ” are we jumping high enough ? ” The US ” We haven’t asked you to jump yet but keep going as we will soon “

jens holm

Monsanto took You


With politicians like this downright ignorant girl, it is no wonder why Germany is still an occupied country and lapdog of Uncle Shmuel. I wonder if this moron even knows that her country has lost all of its colonies and two world wars. A perfect talking head for the diabolical, despicable, arrogant, hypocritical, condescending, murderous bastards in Washington, DC. She probably does not even know that Germany was part of the US-led defeat in Afghanistan. As they say in American ghettos “you just cannot fix stupid.”




Heiko Mass was a stupid neo liberal, this so called green is a train wreck.

Lance Ripplinger

Germans apparently like to be retards. It seems they learn nothing from their history. They just keep electing one garbage government after the next. But, what the hell. The U.S. is full of retards that elect dangerously incompetent nincompoops like babbling Biden and headboard, heels up Harris. Nobody seems to have the brain power to actually investigate who the hell they are voting in to power.


Was Baerbock elected by the population to begin with? She’s not even chancellor. Who elects foreign ministers anyway?

Last edited 1 year ago by joey_n

Zionist mafia


Very well. My original question was a rhetorical one in response to Lance’s idea that Baerbock and Biden, in their respective countries, were elected by the population.


population, exactly!


she was promoted all her life by NGOs and party grandees. She hasn‘t worked an honest and not tax-paid job at all. Pure stupidity wrapped in ideology. Like the party activists 1933-45 in Germany/Soviets and 1945-90 in communist countries.


“She didn’t even know why Germany’s leader, during 2005-2021, Angela Merkel, had — along with France’s leader Francois Hollande — established in the Minsk agreements…”

2015-2021, not 2005.


Really? Last time I checked, the press was saying that Merkel was chancellor for 16 years. How’d you come to the conclusion that she was only there for six?


The Minsk agreement was signed in 2015. You could have checked in half the time it took you to write your reply.

jens holm

She started as minister for and with Helmuth Kohl long time ago.

The Minsk proptocal was not that long time ago. Number 1 was 2014 and next try was 2015. They both were and are fiascos.

The members: Ukraine, Russia, and the OSCE

jens holm

Thats right Holland and Merkel was there in 2015.


What do you expect from stupid CIA whore

jens holm

What do we expect from a anal fabeth.

If You want to raise Your level grab a chair and You best highheels.

jens holm

Eric Zuesse works hard to get back DDR.

L du Plessis

Another Stupid US puppet!!

Lone Ranger

She is not a politician but an actress, along with other German actresses and actors mascarading as politicians. They are double digit IQ trolls. Reality is that the real govt is at the U S. Embassy. That’s why the building is 10 times the size what it actually should be. Sad but true. Germany is nothing more than a CIA/MIC run overseas U.S. territory same as Ukropisstan.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lone Ranger
Dick Von Dast'Ard

PR woman for American occupying forces.


“America’s stationing missiles in Ukraine on Russia’s border, and only a 7-minute flying distance away from Moscow, would be even more unacceptable to Moscow than, in 1962, would have been, to Washington, the Soviet Union’s stationing missiles in Cuba, fifteen minutes of flying-time away from Washington, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

Why should the Germany foreign minister care about the flying time of American missiles to reach Moscow?

Or about the Cuba missile crisis, which was 60 years ago?

How much time does a missile need to fly from Kaliningrad to Berlin?

“She is apparently determined to do everything to prevent the recently completed Nord Stream 2 gas-pipeline from Russia into Germany from being allowed to begin operation”

She rather tied its operation with Russia’s behaviour vis a vis Ukraine.

Pretty smart and reasonable move.


what behaviour? you mean the NYT reported invasion in December 2021?


Good article. Annalena is ignorant about so many things, has no formal education except of a 1-year master in intetnational something – but a very basic English.


master from the LSE – known as a Davos‘ fake diplomas issuer.

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