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The Curious Case Of USS Ross: U.S. Warship Appears In Russian Territorial Waters, And Then Vanishes

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The Curious Case Of USS Ross: U.S. Warship Appears In Russian Territorial Waters, And Then Vanishes

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The cyber command of the US Navy intervened in the work of the international automatic vessel identification system (AIS), creating a dangerous precedent, according to reports on December 4th.

This was reported by Russian media.

According to reports, on November 26-27th, the US Navy cyber command, by substituting data in the automatic vessel identification system, grossly distorted the situation in order to present a civil vessel as the American destroyer Ross. At the same time, the civilian ship was identified in the system as a violator of the Russian state border, and the destroyer Ross itself was in the port of Gdynia (Poland). Russia, which has the multi-level tracking system for ships, especially military ones, likely immediately identified the real cause of the situation and the Russian military did not report any violations.

Nevertheless, there remains the fact that the US military intervened in the international system of vessel identification with the aim of grossly distorting the situation, which could lead to a dangerous situation.

Russian military experts immediately pinched in on the situation.

Military expert Mikhail Timoshenko commented on the messages of Telegram channels about the US missile destroyer USS Ross, which allegedly violated the Russian border in the Kaliningrad region.

This information appeared a few days ago. However, there was no official confirmation from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Tymoshenko pointed to oddities that cast doubt on the reliability of the information. He noticed that in the event of a real penetration into this area, the ship would be clearly visible from the land:

“This is the sea, there’s no waves, no ships.”

“If it entered – at least eight miles, at least eight kilometers – into the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, it would be visible from the Pillau pier, now Baltiysk, this is the base of the Baltic Fleet. It would be visible with the naked eye! Where did the ship go? Was it even there? ” the military expert asked.

He also provided a second argument, which indicates that these messages are nothing more than another informational stuffing.

“Next question. Then we start digging for the sources of the foreign press. If this ship really entered our waters, then – mother dear! – our Polish friends would have choked with saliva. Moreover, it allegedly left the port of Gdynia. That is, in fact, from around the corner. as if it came out. But no publications, which is surprising. So, it’s a fake. And what a capital fake!” summed up Tymoshenko.

The initial report that all of these refer to is the following:

The American missile destroyer USS Ross violated the Russian maritime border near Baltiysk. The ship, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, entered the territorial waters of the Russian Federation at a distance of about 7-8 kilometers, on November 27th.

“The American destroyer USS Ross, visiting the Polish port of Gdynia, about 13 hours ago deliberately invaded the territorial waters of Russia opposite Kaliningrad (see lines on the map), violating everything that is possible and that is not allowed,” reports said.

“The Russian Defense Ministry has not yet commented on the invasion of the missile destroyer.”

There’s also a map showing the presence of the ship.

The Curious Case Of USS Ross: U.S. Warship Appears In Russian Territorial Waters, And Then Vanishes

Click to see full-size image


Evidently, the warship wasn’t actually there, and it could be that the US Navy’s cyber command did meddle in the AIS. Or the US Navy has invisible warships, and it is obvious which one is more likely.

As a result, a question should be asked, if the US is capable of meddling in the AIS, and making it seem like warships are present in positions they’re not, how unlikely is it that it could also influence the information about flight positions, and the reporting information that’s presented?

In this context, and purely in speculation, one should recall that back on January 8th, 2020, Iran downed a Ukrainian passenger plane.

Iran admitted its mistake, and it even said that the passenger plane suddenly appeared on the tracking equipment and that they thought it was an enemy warplane, somehow in their airspace.

The incident was also riddled with suspicious circumstances. Immediately after the incident was reported, there was a video showing the first missile strike the plane.

As if somebody, somehow, knew exactly where and at what time to point their phone towards the sky and shoot a video.

It appeared as if the person shooting the video knew what he was looking for, and it appeared that it prompted no form of emotional response, which is likely to be caused when one sees a missile hit an airplane.

At the same time, media outlets then reported that US special services had detected radar activation and infrared flashes.

In short, long before the wreckage was revealed, the narrative was already set – that Iran was guilty.

Finally, one could potentially ask themselves the following question: if such capabilities are employed in daily life as with a US destroyer suddenly appearing in the middle of Russian territorial waters, then could it be possible to provoke a tragedy in this way?


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It must be the USS Eldridge in a more successful Philadelphia experiment!

cechas vodobenikov

like much that does not exist in the USA, this is an example of their Star Trek phantasies

Harry Smith

In this context, and purely in speculation, one should recall that back on January 8th, 2020, Iran downed a Ukrainian passenger plane.

This is a great danger. Every civil plane or vessel has its transponder. If Americans can shut it off, every civil plane or vessel becomes a legitimate target.

viktor ziv

setup a patcy. no comment on this.

Harry Smith

What patch, dude? The system is under full USA control.

viktor ziv

My mistake mate, setup a patsy, typo. Like Oswald killing JFK, or german Faschirmjagger in polish uniform attacking Reich border guards.


The Russians have been openly spoofing GPS for years now. You can get “white” sim cards that can spoof any phone number on the black market. I think we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg of the shenanigans you can get up to in the EM spectrum. The days of objective verifiable facts are gone.

Harry Smith

By spoofing GPS or cloning a SIM card you can not make A2AD systems to shoot a civil plane or coast guard to sink a civil vessel.


Actually you can convince a ship or aircraft it’s in a different position than it’s real location by spoofing it’s gps coordinates. You can run them aground for instance or navigate them into hostile waters.

Militaries have been spoofing radar since the 1960’s …. I’m sure modern EW systems can do much more than that across the entire EM spectrum

Harry Smith

Of course they can. The question is little bit other. Every vessel has a transponder, which says to militaries who is who. If a vessel approaches the state border without transponder, then it is a legitimate target. If American firms control the transponder and US navy used them to test Russian defense, that means that Americans could shut the Ukrainian plane transponder off. And this means that Iranian A2AD system detected the plane as legitimate target and shoot it down.
So the conclusion is that every single civil vessel can be used by USA as cannon fodder.

Colleen Crouse

You know what the BIG threat is?

“Charity Navigator.”

I spent years on the streets homeless watching people get “pinged” to make all sorts of electronic transactions on their cell phones to correlate with big deals for the local pension system. The “charities” that provide services for the homeless all have all sorts of electronic accounts now with our information. You know how and when I get “pinged” to sites that use the “Charity Navigator” feature? I mean it…they traffic homeless people IN THE U.S. for black ops like they are maritime vessels all the time. I believe they do it “In Rem.” Not only that, but in Houston in May of 2017 they passed a law about homeless people under the bridges and a “container” that they were required to keep their stuff in. If you added up 100 of those containers then you got what could fit into a revised standard maritime shipping container.

Now, this was SUPPOSED to be ACTUAL “intelligence” about potential violations of maritime safety matters, but I was stonewalled by ANYONE in anything close to a national security role because I refused to engage acts of prostitution with someone who claimed to be an “attorney” with former State Department experience while pretending to be a “spy for Putin.” Or did he mean “PUTIN?”

True story…but the U.S. re-appropriated the “destroyers” in 1999 to be “submarines.” Under whose flag?

John Brown

I am sure everyone can do this. The USSA is now showing how desperate they are and that they have adopted their Israeli masters policy of hiding behind civilians.

Harry Smith

Not quite. As I heard, the transponders are controlled by American firms.


American firms operating IN the USA also monitor the two way driving cameras of many trucks IN the UK.

One of my friends is a truck driver and she said ‘Fucking Idiot’ whan a car overtook her truck dangerously. She was alone in her cab and the car did not stop. Her cab windows were closed.

The following day she was warned for swearing :)

Harry Smith

Big brother wants you to be polite. :)


Only if one is white. :)

Harry Smith

And white who must be polite.


I am always polite, even my comments may seem ‘edgy’. :)

Harry Smith

There is an expression in Russian: a laugh through tears. Means laughing while crying.


In the UK there is a similar saying, ‘ I laughed until I cried ‘.

I love the video clip, thank you.

Harry Smith

Please pardon me for being boring, but “a laugh through tears” means that you still possess your ability to laugh even in a very sad situation. This song is kind of the case, at my point. I am sorry if I were too boring with my explanation.



Another language can be a minefield. Especially with colloquialism’s.


That’s why I never had a toll transponder in my truck. Because the scales can look it up and see when you were where. So unless the scales had license plate cameras in use 24/7 even when they’re closed. Going by a closed scale wasn’t problem as long as your log was legal when it got checked. And you could look up which scales had license plate cameras.

Assad must stay

US does nothing but instigate and stir up trouble, what a sorry country


Delinquent kids with too many defective toys

Assad must stay


Colleen Crouse


No. This is from the “Eye of Jupiter.” It was a campaign hedge set up in 2016 that came due, what, around late January of 2018? Yes…it was around the time of the electronic waterfall…you know, when someone makes a cheap knock-off of your wife and then lets you know what he sold her for.

This was described in a book, a novel, about an investigation of the history of the Knights Templar. In it this counter-terror specialist that is working with this woman professor of antiquities discusses the system for radiography that was set up at the maritime ports after September 11 that can “x-ray” every ship coming into port, including getting specs on their containers. What if, I asked, there was some contractor that had deals for multiple harbors and they had a means by which to “swap” out radiographs from one port to another?

Then, there were the “scrubber” deals that NO ONE has talked about that have been happening ALL YEAR. With COVID-19 and all…well, priorities. Like NOT the kind of priorities that ask what and how these companies are going to cut emissions by THAT much in THAT amount of time…but, then there was the whole deal about swapping out the electronic trackers that maritime vessels use, so that at sea, it would appear as if it were one ship rather than another. Do you have ANY idea how good the holographic technology has gotten in the last few years?

Good enough for “COVID-19” to work?

Ah…is this “market intel” to cover someone’s LLC set up for a kickback…to who?

No…in ten days there’s a deadline SPECIFIC to Customs and Border Patrol…they AGAIN refuse to apply an appropriate federal budgeting process so they are spying on internet usage to acquire posts and probably get some redactable “intelligence” report to then use to waive off the taxes for their campaign funder. You know, I ACTUALLY went to the office of a member of the ACTUAL Senate Intelligence Committee with the info I had on this stuff AT THE TIME.

All he did was hook up bad bond deals.

if his bond was any good they would not need to try to bait me through another “veterans business” like this…I wish those guys would stop with the bad “graphics.” It’s not even Charlie Hebdo; it’s more mules in Plano.

Colleen Crouse

Whatever else anyone wants to say (which they won’t because they haven’t for years and now it’s too late) this was connected to information that was part of long-standing security deals the U.S. had with other countries that it intentionally sabotaged. This information should have been permitted to be received and verified and provided secure process and accountability but unless you slept with who you were supposed to at the time I really don’t think you are even allowed to have a job anymore so they wait until they waive a tax connected to a default onto you and see where and how you post it. Someone somewhere who has sex with who they were supposed to have sex with when they were told to gets “credit” for being, what, an “intelligence analyst?” Level II…an “officer?” What else would be qualified for something like this?

A “RN?” A “med tech?”

Why did the chopper from Fort Worth double back on its nightly flyover right now?

Colleen Crouse

Sorry. There WERE actually two gunshots earlier…its a police chopper…they obviously have a heightened bandwidth in effect off the radio tower down the street…why else am I “first responding” like this? And they like to use “military surplus” for that extra bonus. Whose military am I today?

Tommy Jensen

There is no curious case.
USS Navy Ross is simply stealth invisible for our enemies and can sail where we wanna sail in International waterways. We can sail into any harbour invisible, and Russia cant do a shit about it.

cechas vodobenikov

if u could make sails?
US navy so incompetent 157$ billion lost on crashed Air Force planes and 224 incompetent pilots died since 2013
if only u could fly kites


wasn’t it part of NATO Air-Defense Exercise in the Baltic?


Disappearing ships and super soldiers, fact or fiction?

Purportedly these activities in US sequestered projects go back at least until WW2.

My experience in non conventional activity is outside of these purported programs. Though I’ve met and talked with those purportedly involved with them.

I think that these programs exist. I’m investing my time in ET contact work. The ETs are probably a lot further ahead in these activities than we are. And have a better understanding of the risks and rewards involved in this type of R&D.

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