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The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. EU Adopts “Digital Vaccine Passport”

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The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. EU Adopts “Digital Vaccine Passport”


Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Global Research

On March 25, 2021, the European Parliament voted 468 to 203 in favour of the Digital Vaccine Passport or “Green Pass” which requires EU citizens to get vaccinated if they want to travel, or even have access to various social and cultural activities within their respective communities.  

The EU Digital Vaccine Passport is part of  the infamous ID2020 project sponsored by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI)  which uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity“.

Ironically, this historic vote –which is tantamount to the creation of a Digital Police State– took place barely a couple of weeks after 18 European countries including France, Italy, Germany and Spain decided to suspend the AstraZeneka mRNA vaccine.  

In this regard, a collective of prominent medical doctors and scientists issued a statement addressed to the European Medicines Agency (EME) pointing to:

“serious potential consequences of COVID-19 [mRNA] vaccine technology, warning of possible autoimmune reactions, blood clotting abnormalities, stroke and internal bleeding, “including in the brain, spinal cord and heart”. (Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns By Doctors for COVID Ethics, March 10, 2021

Big Pharma, the IT Digital conglomerates, and their lobby groups not only influenced the debate as well as the vote in the European Parliament, they also pressured the EU political apparatus including the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to provide a green light to an “un-approved” and “experimental” mRNA vaccine coupled with a digital vaccine passport. 

Were Members of Parliament informed regarding the vaccine related deaths and injuries? Or did they simply turn a blind eye?

Official data compiled for three of the four major mRNA vaccine companies, namely Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. (Johnson and Johnson is not included) points to:

3,964 Dead 162,610 Injuries

The Breakdown:

Total reactions for the experimental vaccine AZD1222 (CHADOX1 NCOV-19) from Oxford/ AstraZeneca451 deaths and 54,571 injuries to 13/03/2021

Total reactions for the experimental mRNA vaccine Tozinameran (code BNT162b2Comirnaty) from BioNTechPfizer: 2,540 deaths and 102,100 injuries to 13/03/2021

Total reactions for the experimental mRNA vaccine mRNA-1273 (CX-024414) from Moderna: 973 deaths and 5,939 injuries to 13/03/2021

The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. EU Adopts “Digital Vaccine Passport”

These figures correspond to the beginning of the most important vaccine program in World history, which if adopted will indelibly result in a significant loss of human life.

The longer term risks of death and injury (autoimmune reactions, blood clotting, stroke and internal bleeding, etc.) are still unknown. They will occur over a period of several years.

A Multibillion Dollar Bonanza for Big Pharma

The European Commission has confirmed that 420 million doses will be delivered to the EU by mid-July, of which 70 million will be supplied by AstraZeneka. (France Soir Report)

The digital Passport is not compulsory. But if you don’t have it, you will be socially excluded. You will not be able to travel, and you will be excluded from “participating in important events” and “having access to public places” (e.g. sports, cultural events,  etc.), according to the EU Commission.

What is the choice presented to the citizens of the European Union.

Accept to be jabbed with a dangerous vaccine which consists in “gene therapy”, namely modification of the human genome.

Refuse the vaccine and be excluded from travel as well as a normal social life within your own country.

“Fraudulent Marketing”

Amply documented, Big Pharma’s mRNA vaccines are dangerous. In the US, a  “Green Light” to market the experimental mRNA vaccine was granted back in December 2020, despite the fact that according to the FDA, the vaccine is an “unapproved product”.

The FDA in its ambiguous statement has provided a so-called Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, namely “to permit the emergency use of the unapproved product, … for active immunization…” (see below)

The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. EU Adopts “Digital Vaccine Passport”

There is something fishy and “contradictory” in this statement. The experimental Pfizer mRNA vaccine is both “unapproved” and “permitted”. I have checked this statement with a prominent lawyer. It is blatantly illegal to market an “unapproved product”.

In the US, the Pfizer-Moderna vaccine is categorized by the CDC as an “investigational drug”. “The emergency use” clause is there to justify the launching of what might be described as an “illegal drug”.

Pfizer Has a Criminal Record. Is It Relevant? 

Flashback to 2009. In a historic US Department of Justice decision in September 2009, Pfizer Inc. pleaded guilty to criminal charges. It was “The Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement” in the History of the US Department of Justice:

American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. … have agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products, … ” (September 2, 2009)

The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. EU Adopts “Digital Vaccine Passport”

To view the C-Span Video Click Screen below 

The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. EU Adopts “Digital Vaccine Passport”


Civil and Criminal Charges against Big Pharma

How on Earth can you trust a Big Pharma vaccine conglomerate which pleaded guilty to criminal charges by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) including “fraudulent marketing” and “felony violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act”?

We are not dealing with a civil lawsuit against Pfizer. In this 2009 DOJ Judgment, Pfizer was so to speak “Put on Probation”. Pfizer was ordered to enter into “a corporate integrity agreement” with the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), acting as a de facto “Parole Officer”. “That agreement provided for “procedures and reviews to … avoid and promptly detect” (future) misconduct on the part of Pfizer, Inc.

Johnson and Johnson and “The Opioid Epidemic” 

At the height of the corona crisis, barely covered by the media, coinciding with the launch of the Covid-19 vaccine in early November 2020, Johnson and Johnson (and its three distributors) (involved in the marketing of prescription opioids)  “reached a tentative $26 billion settlement with counties and cities that sued them for damages”. The class action law suit was “the largest federal court case in American history”:

The settlement offer from opioid manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and the “Big Three” distributors, McKesson, Cardinal Health and Amerisource Bergen, potentially brings a large measure of legal closure for the companies and will funnel money to communities devastated by an addiction crisis that claims more than 70,000 lives in America every year.

It is worth noting that the US death rate resulting from drug overdose has more than tripled since the outset of the corona crisis in late January 2020.

The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. EU Adopts “Digital Vaccine Passport”


Are these legal antecedents relevant to an understanding of Big Pharma’s vaccine initiative?

Johnson and Johnson is  currently involved in the production and marketing of a Covid adenovirus viral vector vaccine which also entails genetic therapy.

I should mention that the above J & J 26 billion dollar settlement is one among several law suits against J&J.

You decide whether you want to be vaccinated by Pfizer or J&J? In contrast to Opioids, the U.S. victims of vaccine deaths and injuries cannot sue the Big Pharma vaccine conglomerates.


The Criminalization of Big Pharma, mRNA Vaccine Deaths and Injuries. EU Adopts “Digital Vaccine Passport”

Screenshot SBS Australia, o5 03 2021

“Now the court has comprehensively found that Johnson & Johnson are liable for the losses that these women have suffered,” … About 10,000 women have registered their interest in joining the class action, which Ms Jancauskas said made it the largest product liability class action in Australian history. (SBS Australia)


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klove and light

ALL corona vaccines are bs… and part of the satanic agenda..of a one world government with jerusalem as its capital………and for the 99% morons…..this also includes the russian covid vaccine u dummies………. all nations that recognize the evil satanic criminal entity are part of the agenda…..this includes usa,uk,china,usa etc….


Cheryl Brandon

is is just infleunza b with an attitdue

johnny rotten

I wonder how the perverse western elites will do when they have exterminated their national bases, they will fight in solitary, with them a few tens of thousands, against extra western countries that have not destroyed their peoples? Who like Russia and China who do not poison their own people will eventually declare victory over the West without having to shoot a single shot, in addition in the Western self-destructive process a lot of idiots, that continue to injure Putin and Xi, whos are holding out of risk own nations and the allies, see Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia and others, in the end the idiots who continue to repeat anti-Putin anti-Russia propaganda are doing their best to support the elites that govern them, And they are leading them to extinction, this could be the real icing on the cake, that the anti-imperialist front will eat to celebrate the end of the West, as it say you did everything alone, complimented.

Al Gathafi Did Nothing Wrong™

300 million Africans are waiting for the green light by Western elites to move to Europe.


Britain could become a massive refugee camp and train them for fighting the UK targets with resources to plunder. A sort of White Helmets on steroids.

A modern version of Empire.

The existing white population are largely unwanted by the state and they consume too much in benefits :)

Machines will soon make most of what is needed and the refugees could be housed in camps, whilst the ‘re-wilded ‘ farm lands become the playground of the super rich. Just as it was in medieval times. :)

Mahniti Tapir

What a funny propaganda article. Of course, completely wrong and ignorant.

Take this, for example:”Accept to be jabbed with a dangerous vaccine which consists in “gene therapy”, namely modification of the human genome.”

No, the mRNA vaccines doe not modify human genome. It’s called that way because it is made by modifying a usually harmless human or monkey adenovirus by adding the coronavirus “spike” sequence to it.

Then, when you get vaccinated, your immune system will produce antibodies to deal with those spikes, so when the real coronavirus enters your body, you’ll be ready.

And Sputnik V is made exactly the same way. How come you didn’t mention Sputnik V as risky?

And I also wonder how long will my comment stay here before being deleted…


You are very easily duped, the powers that be having you “defend” evil intent by having you “correct” others about the alleged mechanism of the vaccine. What you should be concerned with firstly is the actual need for the vaccine. Everything follows from that..


Goodbye troll.

Monte George

The addition of engineered mRNA to your cells most definitely does alter your genome. Specifically is adds to, or ‘augments’ the protein production which is the normal (and exclusive) function of your nuclear DNA. The current mRNA vaccines (or so we are told) do not alter the nuclear DNA itself, they simply mimic the DNA>mRNA>ribosome>protein production pathway to hijack/reprogram the machinery of your cells to produce proteins your cells were not meant to produce. This is similar to the technique used to make corn produce more methanol, or other crops to produce glyphosate. Welcome to the world of GMO-R-Us.

Monte George

Sputnik vaccine is not, repeat not, “made exactly the same way”. Sputnik relies on a harmless adenovirus to produce a cross-immunity against the SARS-2 virus. I.e., immune reaction to the unaltered adenovirus produces immunity to SARS-2 as a byproduct. No spike protein is added.

Tommy Jensen

Always open for new views. But from the horse mouth you can check it out yourself: https://www.modernatx.com/about-us

Lone Ranger

Resistance is Victory. Egg soft kill genocide vaccines.




I bought this 30mm gun camera for the SPR, PDW build that I have in progress for upcoming ET contact ops.

Lone Ranger

Hi Richard, no offense but do you think your weapon will go bang if needed in case of an encounter with an ET? To my knowledge they can block both your nervous system and your gunpowder in the casing. Their tech is so advanced that you can only count on the surprise element. My best advice is very long range observation, no direct contact.

Al Gathafi Did Nothing Wrong™

In that case, I think a good 9M133 Kornet is suitable for a remote observation post

Lone Ranger



Several have been shot here over the years. And our weapons are effective. It depends on who you’re dealing with and how they’re equipped. Bigfoots are usually limited to throwing rocks. Greys and reptilians with energy weapons can be a problem.

Mind control is an issue that I’ve encountered multiple times. You have to maintain custody of your thoughts and emotions and continue to function in an impaired state until it’s over.

I’m not looking for trouble. But I’ll deal with it as best I can if it occurs. Including being outnumbered and or outgunned.



Trap Is Not Gay

“He” warned Europe in 1940…



Raptar Driver

The Covidians have the mark of the beast. Go on mental people, get your mark, oh I’m sorry vaccine?


You’ll die a horrible death … the variant strikes young people … 60% more lethal … eh sluggo?

Monte George

That’s what I was told (by “reputable” “official” sources) about the original strain in March 2020. How many times do they have to lie to you before you STOP believing them?


I see the cases … I see the doctors complaining about ICU beds …

I got my 1st Pfizer shot … I’m happy

Raptar Driver

I hear a clock ticking in the background.


Yes …. it starts at birth

Thankfully …

we should ALL LEARN to ‘number your days’

Raptar Driver

So why are you afraid of a little virus that causes death only among the already sick?


It’s easily transmissible and deadly … I like my life … eh?

Raptar Driver

Okay let’s pretend the virus actually exists. According to the Covidians It kills only the already weak and sick at a rate less than influenza. So why are you afraid bro

Raptar Driver

You’ll die from the vaccine sparky Sooner or later that’s what it’s designed to do, tiktok.


Like I said anti-vaxxers fill this site

Raptar Driver

In response to the email that wasn’t posted. A friend of mine 2 weeks after getting the vaccine is now in the hospital with liver failure. Of course the dolts like you will say it is not related. Happy trails my friend


So a statistically irrelevant observation by someone who I don’t know or trust or … give a fig about … makes a comment …

Happy trails to your buddy …

I could give a sh Xt


Raptar Driver

You deserve what’s coming to you.


Did George Floyd?

Certainly Derek Chauvin got what’s coming to him … eh?


“Digital Vaccine Passport”? So, what’s the plan for those who do not have a cellphone? Tattoos?

Without your cellphones, they have nothing to work with. They use what you pay for to get you to comply and it’s easy as people refuse to get rid of their smartphones. You need a cellphone? Buy the cheapest ones that can only be use for phone calls.

I have not use a cellphone for over 10 years and even if you gave me one, I would refuse it. Sure, it was a bit difficult at first but now, I am no longer a tech slave.

Oliver Eitel

yes as you can also not be gps tracked with the old cell phones


It makes it a lot harder particularly with 2, 3, or 4G phones.


Luddite … yer off the grid for a reason


Of course! Because I categorically refuse that anyone, companies, Bill Gates, or governments can follow me around at any time of day. Today, even more so thanks to 5G as it’s a weapon that can and will be used on people thanks to the nanotech that they are calling vaccines.

Anything else you need to know?


Your computer is a GPS device as well … are YOU using an Internet cafe ?

Your email address is known … Your Internet service provider will tell … BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING … 5G and AI have us all trapped …

There is no real freedom left … it’s all downhill from here …


My computer is connected through a wired router hence zero WiFi and more importantly, it is not a smart phone that constantly emits signals that will connect to the nanotech in your body pumped in with the so called vaccines. Huge difference.

Monte George

Airplane mode (currently) will prevent your phone from sending signals to the towers – thus no tracking. I keep airplane mode ON at all times except when I am making a call or checking vmail/messages or using the MAP app. This is also better for your health.


Good point! At least you can enjoy life instead of constantly having a phone in your hand.

Cheryl Brandon

nb’ vaccines. like low dose anti coagulants, aspirin 75 mgs for over 75 years old and are all PROPHYLAXIX TREATMENTS. If you want to keep CV flu at bay.1.Take your vitamin d/d3 tablets daily 2,000 units. 2. ensure your blood group is O +ve 3. Check for antbodies., if you have antibodies, then you are protected.


Can you change blood group type?


This is insanity. The whole scamdemic is a fraud. The people running this madness are criminals. The Euros have gone completely off the deep end.


Here’s the main problem…most countries pays into the WHO and in return, they must obey whatever the WHO says. Guess who is the main contributor? Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation! Guess who will eventually take over a world-wide vaccine passport? Microsoft and Oracle.

Bill Gates is the monster behind everything.


Follow the money. Israel is paying the perps like Schwab and Fauci $1,000,000 for their dirty work. Gates and Microsoft are deeply involved with the Jews. The Jews are up to their eyeballs in the scamdemic.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_David_Prize https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/75bd70f2bdfbf5858c2f0cd644e04fd1924f1f49d4321b9ca3cb486a5cb43b00.jpg

Frank G

astra-zenika is not rMNA based it is an adenovirus viral vector vaccine

Tommy Jensen

This means lawless societies in all European countries. The present Law is suspended. There is no law about a digital society anywhere in place. There is no legal responsibility for the casual moving around with medical information, records or fines or punishments nor any human rights.


Chomsky is a Jew who is completely silent on the Jew’s and Israel’s nexus and responsibility for much of the evil that he’s critical of.

Colleen Crouse

“The European Commission has confirmed that 420 million doses will be delivered to the EU by mid-July, of which 70 million will be supplied by AstraZeneka.”

When in July?

Before or after the World Bk declares another default on its “catasytrophe bonds?”

Oh wait…they did not exactly announce it like that did they?

Colleen Crouse

Important because one might wonder if they are expecting some sort of delivery a month ahead…that happens…especially if they are expecting a stock issue from February:


One might look into following up on what was going on in Japan last August…

Steve Edward

Criminal Pharmaceuticals have conquered governments around the world. Rebellions by people in their own nations to arrest and detain heads of Pharmaceuticals in their own nations along with the criminal heads of governments that have criminally obeyed these criminal multi national corporations in their own nations are now essential to stop the criminal enterprise worldwide.

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