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The Corruptness of the Social ‘Sciences’: It Prevents Democracy from Functioning

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The Corruptness of the Social 'Sciences': It Prevents Democracy from Functioning

Illustrative Image: Ukrainian radicals light flares during a rally outside the Russian embassy in Kiev, Ukraine March 14, 2020

Written by Eric Zuesse

A striking example of the corruptness of the social ‘sciences’ is the results from web-searching the phrase “UNDERSTANDING THE RUSSIA-UKRAINE CONFLICT” (just click onto it here — or else copy-and-paste that quotation into a search-box — to see the results from that web-search).

Virtually all of the sites that come up present political ‘scientists’ (and a few sociologists) offering their theories, no investigative historian presenting relevant and incontestable historical facts (which type of facts constitute the only empirical basis for actually understanding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, as a scientist would need to be the basis, in order for that person to be understanding it as a scientist — an authentic social scientist — would). Only if the public are presented truths — no lies — (and these truths are inevitably historical truths, not theoretical, at all) can democracy actually function. Democracy cannot function on the basis of lies (or any other type of falsehoods). If voters are voting on the basis of lies, then the public are being manipulated, and that can’t be a democracy.

Here are some examples of sites that prominently come up from this web-search:


a sociologist: https://asiatimes.com/2022/03/understanding-the-russia-ukraine-conflict/

three political scientists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynGKCgllZ18

more political scientists: https://educate.apsanet.org/understanding-the-russia-ukraine-conflict

several other academic propagandists: https://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/articles/understanding-the-russia-ukraine-conflict/

a former Finn Prime Minister: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhwfC_Vh4DI

I am an investigative historian, and here is my main article (devoid of such ‘theories’ or hypotheses) on this topic: https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2022/04/19/history-of-the-ukrainian-war. I’ve also provided, separately, a timeline of this war. (Neither article comes up in a web-search for “UNDERSTANDING THE RUSSIA-UKRAINE CONFLICT”. But that’s what I was addressing, in both of those articles. Neither of these articles is offering a ‘theory’ that’s based on ‘theories’, as social ‘science’ articles do. Each instead offers as its basis only historical facts that are relevant to this topic. Any political or other social ‘science’ which fails to do that — and this is all of the articles that come up in that search — is no authentic “science,” at all.)

One thing that I find quite striking is that in none of the web-pages that come up when web-searching “UNDERSTANDING THE RUSSIA-UKRAINE CONFLICT” have I found any of them that use the word “coup” to refer to what incontestably was the coup that in February 2014 grabbed Ukraine for the U.S. (As those links show, that’s an empirical statement, a historical fact, no mere hypothesis.) Instead, all of them start with the false implicit assumption that it was instead a ‘revolution’ there, and that Russia was the aggressor against Ukraine during 2014 and seized Crimea from Ukraine, and that the Donbass (far eastern) part of “the Russia-Ukraine conflict” was (and was ONLY) a Russian invasion of that part of Ukraine, and that those two alleged ‘grabs’ by Russia had started this war between Ukraine and Russia. But NONE of that is true. They’re all historically false. Russia’s role in this matter was instead in reaction to America’s immediately prior coup grabbing control of Ukraine, which nation has the longest of all European borders with Russia — it’s as-if Russia were to have couped Mexico, on America’s southern border (instead of America’s having couped Ukraine on Russia’s western border), and then social ‘scientists’ were blaming America instead of blaming Russia for its grab of Mexico via that coup. Rather than recognizing and acknowledging this fundamental and extremely relevant historical fact (and, as the head of the ‘private CIA’ firm Stratfor admitted, what happened in Ukraine during February 2014 was “the most blatant coup in history”), they all start with the implicit and rabidly false assumption that Russia was the aggressor against Ukraine during 2014 and — without provocation — seized Crimea from Ukraine, and that the Donbass part of “the Russia-Ukraine conflict” was (and was likewise ONLY) a Russian invasion of that part of Ukraine. But NONE of that is actually true; it’s entirely false: Russia’s actions were self-defensively provoked by America’s seizure of Ukraine to use it against Russia. America was the aggressor there; and its installed stooge-regime promptly became the aggressor against the many Ukrainians who communicate with one-another in the Russian language — ethnically Russian Ukrainians (who now became “second-class citizens” and commonly called by the newly installed government, “terrorists”, or were even burned alive, if they criticized or rejected the new government). The U.S.-imposed regime was/is rabidly anti-Russian. But pre-coup Ukraine hadn’t been like that.

In fact: During 2003-2009, only around 20% of Ukrainians had wanted NATO (America’s anti-Russian military alliance) membership, while around 55% opposed it. In 2010, Gallup found that whereas 17% of Ukrainians considered NATO to mean “protection of your country,” 40% said it’s “a threat to your country.” Ukrainians predominantly saw NATO as their enemy, not their friend. But after Obama’s February 2014 Ukrainian coup, “Ukraine’s NATO membership would get 53.4% of the votes, one third of Ukrainians (33.6%) would oppose it.” Even Ukraine’s own national polling organization, Razumkov, found in 2016 exactly the same thing“If a referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO were held, relative majority (44%) would vote for accession, and 26% would vote against. 31% of respondents remained undecided or would not take part in the vote. In 2007, 19% of respondents were willing to vote for accession to NATO, and 54% would have voted against. … With regard to the issue of support for Ukraine’s accession to NATO, the years 2014-2015 represented a turning point.” That 44% for joining NATO was down from the 53.4% in October 2014, but remained far higher than the 17% figure in 2010. Consequently, Obama’s coup succeeded in transforming Ukraine from having been America’s enemy before the coup, into being Russia’s enemy — on Russia’s very own border — after the coup.

In other words: social ‘scientists’ start by assuming theories that are based upon false ‘history’ that is implicitly taken to be authentic history: they start with lies, and ‘reason’ on that basis. It’s merely propaganda.

Obama’s successful grab of Ukraine installed a regime that was so extremely hostile toward Russia, so that Ukraine’s oligarchs, who own and control the ‘news’-media Ukrainians see and hear, were able very quickly to turn public opinion there, from the prior 17% wanting NATO membership, into 53.4% wanting NATO membership (and, subsequently, 44% for joining NATO, versus 26% against it). How can a fact like that be even so much as even merely discussed (not even to say explained) by today’s social ‘scientists’? It simply CAN’T (without disproving their ‘theories’). So, it ISN’T. And that’s NOT the way any authentic science functions. No science can function by censoring-out reality (true history) — especially censoring-out the basic reality regarding its alleged topic.

So: this is how corrupt the social ‘sciences’ are: they are propagandists, who base their ‘theories’ on false assumptions. Rabidly false assumptions. And it’s not ONLY Ukrainians who have been fooled by this enormous systematic con about international relations. Ukrainians’ country was taken from them by this illegal coup, but publics in America’s other vassal-nations (or ‘allies’) have also been used as fools to believe the U.S. regime‘s account, and to support nazis in Ukraine (about which, Ukraine can only lie, and lie repeatedly, to deny that Ukraine’s nazis have major power there), right up to and including Ukraine’s President Zelensky himself. Those are pretty big lies, and almost all social ‘scientists’ either explicitly endorse them, or else don’t point out that they are lies, at all.

What ‘scientists‘ are today’s “social scientists”? None, at all. They have been prostituted, by their paymasters, to promote lies, instead of  to  expose  them. The one thing that’s not tolerated, at all, in a democracy, is lies — especially lies in the news-media, and in the policy-sciences (the alleged “social sciences”). Although censorship cannot coexist with democracy (but is instead always a necessary servant to dictatorship), proven falsehood that is alleged to be fact is punished in a democracy, and punishing it serves actually to achieve the goals that censors merely (and insincerely) claim to be their goals in their censorship. This is why, in a dictatorship, both lying and censorship are rampant: all of the important truths are censored out, by the censors. And this is the way that the corrupt social ‘sciences’ are. They are built upon the lies that remain, after the key truths (such as these) have been ‘cleansed’ out.


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Majority Rule (“democracy”) always fails because no one will vote for their own self-discipline except for a tiny few of noble character.

The world run by Twitter mobs has all the instability described by Aristotle 2000+ years ago.

Perhaps 10 to 25% of people should vote, maybe.

Last edited 10 months ago by Afterthought

You cant fix something that is inherently self destructive.


Written by a commie social scientist.


Regardless of whether the article was written by a Greek philosopher, a Western imperialist, an Eastern communist, a Martian or a three-headed dragon, is the article correct or incorrect!?

stephan Williams

JHK, You can always be depended on to submit the most brain dead comments ever. I mean – “written by a commie social scientist” ?!?!?!?!?!?

That’s just stoopid.


This is one of the BETTER analyses of the current situation.

Michelle Robinson

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Last edited 10 months ago by Michelle Robinson

The only perspective that accurately describes why the war in Ukraine between Russia and NATO is happening comes from the international Trotskyist movement.



If you don’t do as Vladolf Putler tells you he will come to your country in a strap-on dildo and probe you in your ass until you quote Marx manifesto in high pitch boy choir voice. I know that this’s fantastic good news for Putlers boy fanclub here!

Mariupol Is 100% Liberated by the Russians

The organizers of Eurovision replaced the scores set by the jury members from Romania, giving the highest score to Ukraine instead of Moldova — the head of the Romanian delegation The lying West is constantly lying for the sake of its dirty politics.


Exceptions can be made. Ukrainians automatically have refugee status in EU for example. West are willing to give people a chance, also to build their home nations. I don’t know what you stand for, Zombie executing civilians?


100% truthful article Eric Zuesse. Great job but here my take on all this at this time period now.

The only reason they (Biden, Pelosi, others, Boris Johnson, Macron and Zelensky) are making a big deal about Russia and what happening in Ukraine is they are all freaking out Russia is stopping and will expose all the evil and illegal things that been going on there by the deep state, crooked politicians from all over the world and the neo Nazis. Who are the ones really running Ukraine as the deep state foot soldiers.

That the real reason Russia went in beside to stop the 8 years war the neo Nazi Ukraine’s government was conducting on the Ukraine citizens who was against this type of government and what they were doing.

Already word is out that Putin and Zelensky were ready to meet and talk a deal about ending the fighting. When out of the blue Boris Johnson shown up and tell Zelensky Biden said no deal on ending the fighting and to call off the talks.

This is Benghazi all over again, but instead of Hillary and Obama. Its now Biden, Boris Johnson and others. Instead of a few getting killed to hide their crimes and what they were doing plus a country getting torn apart. It’s now in the thousands and climbing and they want a war between America and Russia to tear down both countries and to again hide their crimes and what they are doing.

However the white hats knew of this and with other white hats around the world. Have been for years and are now fighting the deep state and all their puppets world wide. Which now is in the end game part. Just watch the news. For soon a lot is going to happen no one thought would ever happen and a lot of people worldwide will be expose and face judgments for their crimes. A lot of them famous one way or another. Some will step down from their job sudden like. Others jail for life and the special ones will go out swinging at the end of a rope.

U.S. active troops will not set foot in Ukraine to join the fighting against Russia. Only the few in the deep state’s pocket or idiots who don’t know what really going on playing mercenary will. Also When stolen election not POTUS Biden took office. He was never given the codes for the nuclear weapons system so he can’t start a nuclear war even if he was told to do so by his masters. These two things the deep state wanted but they will not happen. Russia will win this in the end.


Last edited 10 months ago by Whiskey1Bravo

If you want to be cynical your explanation make sense. If you look into the actual situation and actions taken I think you are incorrect. There are no secrets revealed by Russia that sticks since krimlin have made fools of themselves expressing their Second World War “Nazi” paranoia. Krimlins actions over this paranoia far overshadow any wrongdoing from the west.

Of course no president themselves fully have control over the military’s equipment.

Your conclusion, I don’t see it happen at all. The determination that Ukraine makes their decisions, not Russia for them, is a pretty fundamental. It is so fundamental that it was the pure reason Finland and Sweden decided to apply to NATO. There is no end in sight for the sanctions at all. On thé contrary, the EU zone has switched energy politics and even Putler have understood it already. EU on the hand have already understood that Putlers war is about Soviet nostalgia and there is no end to the land snapping it would mean.

Johannes Ekhman

As much older than most of other readers here I can confirm that Europe was much more stable in 1975 than now. The “wet american dream” has largely destroyed soul of Europe. Most studies are suggesting that European young generation now has lower IQ than it had 40 years ago. It hurts to say but Europe is a sunset continent.


No wonder, forced migration and destruction of families done it’s job.


Agree. Putler in the other hand demands multiculturalism otherwise it is “nazism” and Putler invade.


The first casualty of war is always the truth. Don’t expect history to offer any hope as history is a pack of lies that a lot of people agree upon.

Lies are so pervasive nowadays that even spending millions of dollars and years of investigation ( Trump investigation or hunters laptop for instance ) they can’t definitely prove exactly what happened ( or are unwilling to prove as Hillary and the top democrat leadership would be in jail as would Hunter and Joe )

Captain Hohol

In my opinion once you realize that leftists think “democracy” is just mob rule and corruption (as we saw with maidan) you start realizing that you can either have leftists or you can have democracy, you cannot have both.

Putin is right for reserving a lot of control over Russia, he is protecting it from being turned into the wretched cultural wasteland that is the U.S.

Watch, I’m not joking, the U.S will descend into leftists and constitutionalists fighting, leftists are like satanic zombies and they must be purged from this world because you can’t have anything good while they exist.


Democracy IS mob rules. It is liberalism and it is anti god.

Democracy empowers the “leftists”. Sooner or later democracy will allow liberals to control everything in every country that adopts it.




So many here call for a nuclear strike- are you guys fucking braindead? Do you even have a clue how fast this can turn into a global nuclear war that will destroy all of us? For fucking Ukraine? really?


ukraine must be destroyed utterly. NaTo has decreed it with the plege of unending support. Time for Mr Putin to mobilise everything and create a dead zone in western Ukraine.


No, better make the dead zone west of Ural mountain to Eu border. Ukraine included in EU of course.


Not for ukraine Mr braindead.

But then you probably don’t understand the truth of this world and are happy with being a slave to degenerates.


Yes for fucking Ukraine it would be worth it. I will never let Putler take my ❤️🇺🇦 from me!


I studied political science in the 90’s in Finland, that’s 25 years ago or something. It was noteworthy that during this turbulent period the whole study field changed. A teacher told us that no more historical references or analyses should be allowed, and that to study there you should pass rigorous tests etc. The books that we were supposed to read changed as well, some of the best teachers left etc. The emphasis was on doing study on things that were as little as possible to do with normal life, such as the naming of streets as a political issue, identity politics of bisexuals etc. All of this happened during a period when Finland was in huge societal pains. It was quite smth. You could not get a good grade if it did not fit the agenda.


That’s liberalism. Liberalism goes against reality to push unsustainable fantasy. That is what democracy is founded on and why liberalism always wins in democracy.

You want some proof? Consider these words:”We hold these truths evident, that all men are created equal…”

Nowhere in history has this liberal claim been Evident. It is just one of the liberal lies that democracy is based on.

Michael Droy

I cal it proof by psychology. Generally it then runs by using the psychology to interpret the facts in a wild way, and then the wildly misinterpreted facts to confirm the psychology.~ Like Putin wants to expand Russia, so Putin attacked Georgia (rather than the reverse) and so Putin is an aggressor and a land expander. never mind Georgia attacked S Ossetia and Russian peacekeepers and oddly Russia chose not to grab S Ossetia or Georgia. Desperate stuff.

Von Tzu

I studied ‘social sciences’ one was actively cultivated to feel superior to society, it took years for me to de-nazify myself, I am glad Russia stepped in to de-nazify the world


You people are perpetuating the problem by trying to blame everything, except democracy, for the failure of democracy.

Democracy is the problem and is why the world is degenerating morally.

Democracy is the satanic end time religion prophesied in scripture. It rose out of the sea, the whole world wants it and it is a complete rejection of God.

Yet you blame all problems on a lack of democracy. How blind and deceived this world is.


Democracy = mob rule. Anything that helps to disrupt democracy/marxism/communism, etc. is a good thing.

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