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The CopterPack Is The Solution To Those Of Us Who Have Always Wanted To Know What To Be A Drone Feels Like

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You can read this article in German: LINK

Claimed by its developers a ‘manned drone’, a new type of personal aircraft has successfully passed its first test flight in June.

Australian company CopterPack claims that the device has only two rotor blades that may lift an adult off the ground. Each rotor has a diameter of about 90 cm. An integrated autopilot can lift its pilot up to 15 meters in the air.

The rotors are connected via carbon fiber tubes to a rigid backpack to which the batteries are attached.

Stable flight is achieved by rotating the rotors to direct its thrust, unlike drones with quadcopters, which change the speed of each propeller.

Since the device is powered by a lithium-ion battery, it does not provide the operator with extended flight in the air.

Little other details have been released regarding the technical specifications.

One of CopterPack’s main concerns is the security of their new jet packs.

Where drones with four or more rotors are able to self-stabilize and achieve control authority simply by varying their speeds, this two-rotor arrangement does it by twisting its rotors to vector the thrust.

Since the rotor blades are not covered, there is no room for error. The pilot actually risks his life, hoping that the rotor support arms do not fail mid-flight or a bird does not cross his way.

The Australians are still considering how to solve this problem as well as how to install more powerful batteries.

In construction, CopterPacks are closer to the New Zealand-built Martin jetpack than the JetCat turbine-powered devices flown by the big four personal flight pioneers – Yves Rossy, David Mayman, Franky Zapata, Richard Browning and that have been in development over the last 10 years.

The business of VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) systems has blown up in recent years, and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This includes jet packs and even flying ‘motorcycles’, both manned and unmanned aircraft, as well as autopilot systems.

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, the global market for VTOL autonomous vehicles has reached an estimated at $4.4 billion this year and is projected to reach $15.6 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 19.6% through 2027, according to a report by Research and Markets. Of that, $9 billion will be the military market.

It has been 55 years since the concept of a jet suit first captured the world’s imagination when the late Sean Connery strapped on a Bell Aerosystems Rocket Belt and took off from a chateau roof to evade enemy agents in the opening sequence of the James Bond movie “Thunderball.”

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might sound weird because jetpacks are so notorious but compared to the jetpack joke of the british the modular pack concept is actually viable specially with better materials used like monocrystal alloys

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Marco Polo

Which Kenyan invented this marvelous technology? Surely not those pesky albino cave dwellers of Europe!

Lost Wakandan Technology Resurrected!


It’s a scam. At least as bad in flight time as a jetpack (Because both lack an airfoil). More dangerous than a jetpack, as there are more things that can go wrong that will send such a craft in to a violent spin and unrecoverable fall. e.g. imagine that just one of its rotors malfunctions. Even a partial malfunction would not end very well for the pilot.

Basically, the scammers are banking on capturing enough people’s imaginations that they send alot of money the scammers’ way.

Looks cool, though.


i kinda agree to the idea that its a scam when the west claims it can do it because they are pretty much at their end they can be happy when they are not as bad as india and that they have toilets

jens holm

I see no scam. Putting “west” in at does it. We are not closer to the end the Your friends. I would say the opposite.

We have many string systems in all levels and are networking. We mainly are more advanced, so staying alive seemes to be better here.

It seemes You ignore “West” claims to do it. WRONG. They and we actually do it right now. Dont You see the meny experimentals as well as we have so many kinds of drones, which normal people can use as hobbies or tools for a lot of things.

Irts devastaing to deny things as You do. Instead o flearning fx by reading all over at the internet – or come to visit – You just breibg crap predicting thinsg based on nothing.

Life always has been a risk and here too. So its about how we have systems, which build for us or break us down.

Of course anybody can compare with India or between anyone they wish. India has its own problems and their own solutions are needed.

India fx has a GDP 30 times lower then my country and a population dentensy, where even food is enough but not more then that.

We also are much more equal in income and treat muslims much better then them. They hardly are able to decline. We are.

And yes – toilets and clean water is very important as well as cleaning everything else up, when You live there and produce sometimes nasty things. Its very visible in living age.

Danes fx lives 10 years more then Indians. is that a problem or not. So the challenges are very different.


i guess a cooperation of eastern powers which rarely happens in such a field would probably deliver the solution and it is technological possible to do this but the west claiming that it could do this is an absurdity and another star wars cold war like nonsense psy op fiction yet i still believe if the east combined its capabilities it could do it but right now nobody of them has the capability to do something serious in that direction on their own australia isnt even sustainable so this is obviously not a serious thing shown

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
jens holm

I have told the difference so many times.

If You want to do like us and not only in this, You has to build structures for it. You dont. China as the only ones does. They can in space, the moon and mars too.

Here You again and again forget Our prorities are using ressources for many more things at the same level. The military parts saving a lot of money is named as “peace dividend”.

So when some morons from several countries talk about whats possible, here the facts are we dont give those fanatics for space and spacewar anything they want.

Even Denmark could make better or same missiles as Iran, if we took our modern scientific and highly industrialized sectors and its logistics into it.

If we wanted to and could get Uranium as a priority we today could sell Iran nukes as well.

You realloy dont get “same” well. You lie here about us everyday having blindfolded Your self for facts even naming us as dark made by Yourself.

Its Your own choise Your elvels in so many things are low. I have written it so many times.

You have to restructure things a lot so You rule and share brains in trust and make possibilities by education and the routine list for an advanced country. But You dont.


i have not once ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a drone lmao

jens holm

Its not so bad. They just fill You with fuel or electricty:)

jens holm

There are so many kinds of those little ones. They do work but are no effective for any use. I wish this one well too.

I have one hope and thats they becommes less noisy. Batteries might do it.

…I would like to try. We have a slow airplane here for tourist seeing the area for money. This might be a possibility too if You can handle it.

We also has more and more small drones with camera and sometimes video and sound. The next for this “Copterpack” should be restrictions. I want no garden landings and take off here. But its fine, where there hardly is any houses and people.

I once has a Stinger on my shoulder. It was a funny feeling. They for good reasons had turned off the ignition.


Hah, James Bond in real life. Well everyone wants to be Bond….James Bond…


Figures it’s from a five eyes nation. Usually unemployed, overgrown and overfed imbeciles in the west would drool over idiotic concepts or products as described above.

Last edited 1 month ago by block
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