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The Commonwealth: A Non-existent Empire (Infographics)

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A colonial empire of the postcolonial world.

The Commonwealth: A Non-existent Empire (Infographics)

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Written by Monna Lita exclusively for SouthFront

Geopolitics is not a game of the new. The result of such game is conflicts, revolutions and wars. Russia, for example, has played a dynamic role in the game for some 300 years. The adversaries and objectives of the game also continue to remain the same.

What, do you ask is the objective of such a “game”? It is to have dominion of the world.

So then who creates all these conflict and wars? The answer may not be obvious at first. Some of us who consider ourselves to be aware and awake to the reality hiding behind a sea of lies presented to us daily by mainstream media sources may reply that the U.S. is the hegemon. Let us say that the U.S. is like the main actor in a film called How To Bring About The New World Order, but an entirely different power directs or I should say controls the world.

For several centuries the British Royal Family has been controlling the world. This may not seem like a plausible idea on the surface, but dig deeper and one may find that it is so.

England is a monarchy. Queen Elizabeth the II is the current monarch and the queen of England. She is also a queen or the head of state in 15 other countries, which means that those countries are monarchies as well. Although today we consider these nations to be independent and having different monarchies, but a fact remains, and that is that the same queen is the head of each of those states.

Here is what the queen has rights to do. The queen has the right to declare war without first checking with the Parliament, and she is the commander-in-chief of the British Armed Forces. The queen has the right to bring forth the dissolution the Parliament and she is the commander-in-chief of the British Armed Forces. And to top it off, Queen Elizabeth II has the right to exercise these powers also in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the rest of the 15 countries.

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At first glance, it may also seem that the British monarch is not taking advantage of these powers, but perhaps we should look again and we may be able to see things in a different light.

After the second World War, Great Brittain could no longer sustain its present face as the great colonial empire due to some “mishaps” that took place on and around its borders. Also, other powerful nations such as the US and Germany were suffering economically. In 1931 the British Empire produced the “Statute of Westminster”, which provided a legal cover for Britain to have power over is colonies under some new conditions. The foundation for the Commonwealth has been laid.

From the economic perspective, today Prince Charles is in control a club that includes 4000 oligarchs from the countries of the Commonwealth. On top of that, 117 out of 500 biggest corporations in the world have their headquarters in London. The owners and heads of most of these corporations are also members of House of Lords. House of Lords is the Upper House of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Interestingly enough, the lower House of Commons members are elected through vote, but the Upper members end up in their seats by inheritance. The Upper House of Commons are none other than the House of the Lords.

From a war perspective, Canada and Australia did not need to participate with the English in the two World Wars. But since the English monarch exercised the right to declare war, a war on Germany was declared on behalf of Canada and Australia. In 1939 a war on Germany was declared by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Great Britain itself, among others. How big of a threat was Germany to those far off nations? For example, Germany was not a threat to Canada and Australia by any means because of their proximity to Germany, and one cannot imagine that citizens of those countries wanted to be involved in a war with someone who was not a direct threat to their nation. However, British colinies had to participate in the war becase the Monarch decided.

So, the British Empire didn’t stop to be an empire. It just evolved and learnt to hide its real face.

Editor’s comment: If you want to know more about the UK’s place in the contemporary balance of powers, write comment to the article. After 20 comments, SF will start to work on the new article.

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