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The Brand-Spanking-New Space Race

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The Brand-Spanking-New Space Race

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The brand-new space race is upon us.

It moves into two directions – who will reach Mars first, who will colonize the Moon, as it is nearby. Resources need to be extracted, and the US wants them to be available to it and its corporations.

The second aspect of the race comes down to who will be able to establish the most military and reconnaissance infrastructure in space to have the upper hand in harvesting resources.

Currently, if the United States is asked, Russia and Beijing are working rapidly to militarize the cosmos, while Washington is sitting idly.

After all, the first deployment of the US Space Force was to Qatar. The US is the party that keeps involving private companies in its space endeavors and changing its legislation to militarize formally ‘civil’ and ‘private’ space projects.

In order to compete, and live up to the constant accusations of Washington of “militarization of space”, Beijing and Moscow have joined forces to reach Mars.

Currently, the most reliable way of reaching space are Russian launch vehicles, and SpaceX is attempting to match it and provide its technology to the US government.

Elon Musk’s efforts are still short, as the latest test showed.

Another setback to US efforts is that as a result of the constant accusations and claims of militarization, Russia withdrew from the American lunar project Deep Space Gateway.

Washington has proven itself as a disloyal partner when it comes to sharing the glory and resources of space.

Shortly thereafter, Russia and China announced a project to create an international scientific lunar station. Not a Russian and Chinese one, but an international one – those who wish to cooperate are welcome.

Roskosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin has spent no effort mocking the landing of the Mars rover, saying that when Washington is ready to land humans on the red planet, they would be greeted by Russians there.

Other countries such as India, Israel and others also wish to partake in the space race, but they are still far behind in terms of their capability.

While spreading the loudest claims of its adversaries militarizing space, the United States is attempting to do specifically that. Even if the US statements regarding numerous Russian attack satellites in orbit were true, and every nation’s space infrastructure is under threat, how can it even be considered that Washington is not moving in the same direction?

The United states actively attempts to take control and impose its “democratic will” across the globe, in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. How unlikely is it that it attempts to do the same in space?

The space race is yet another field in which Washington’s sanctions, accusations and antagonism have forced its competitors into partnership and closer relations.


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Assad must stay

Whole world needs to work together and share their knowledge and expertise, otherwise its just much harder and longer than it needs to be

Ivan Freely

There’s no race. China is moving at their own pace and within their comfort level. Russia finally got tired of being treated like second class partner and left the project probably for the better. Seeing the economic collapse of the US also played into Russia’s calculations as NASA would not have the funds to complete the project and or the incompetence of the contractors were too much to bear. To make things worse for NASA, they were told of funding cutbacks for future Mars mission.

Just Me

Yes, but China is not USSR and loaded with cash as US a$$holes are bankrupt.

Just Me

The US a$$holes will be losers in space too. lol

johnny rotten

Hyperinflation will kill the Yankees by depriving them of the only real weapon that still works, the dollar, after which the rest of the world will share them, like an ox carcass, a piece to you, a piece to me and so on.


As of end 2019 the cost of US involvement since 2001 is $6.4 Trillion. US deserves what’s coming to it for not spending that on its own space program and other civilian technological research and the corruption of pork barrel projects where the project is dragged on long enough for the politicians in on the deal to get a cut out of it.

Elon Musk’s projects are either cancelled or failures especially after Trump left. Because the communists have taken over through Biden and will ensure the destruction of the US is complete.

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