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JUNE 2023

The Bottomless Pit of War Spending

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The Bottomless Pit of War Spending

Illustrative Image. Source: German newspaper Titanic

Written by Manlio Dinucci. Originally published by GlobalResearch

The European Union is giving Ukraine €5 billion in exceptional macrofinancial assistance. Another 9 billion has been provided by the EU-sponsored fundraising campaign. However, this is not enough to cover the budget hole; Zelenski is immediately asking for another 55 billion euros. The US and EU have already donated 100 billion euros in military supplies to Kiev.

Add to that billions more spent by the EU on training and arming Ukrainian forces, plus those spent for the same purpose by individual EU countries. In the U.S., a bill is passing in the Senate that allows the Pentagon to purchase, without specific congressional authorization, huge quantities of weapons for Ukraine directly from the war industries-a colossal business for the military industrial complex, which will further increase its profits with NATO’s Ten-Year Plan to arm Ukraine by repurposing its war industry.

These huge funds, coming directly and indirectly from our pockets, serve to fuel the war in the heart of Europe. The risks are growing. The NATO nuclear war exercise directed against Russia is taking place in Europe: 14 countries are participating under U.S. command with 60 aircraft, including F-35 nuclear attack fighters, including Italian ones, which will soon be armed with the new U.S. B61-12 nuclear bombs, and U.S. B-52 strategic bombers armed with nuclear cruise missiles.

At the same time, the most important strategic report released in recent days by the White House-“U.S. National Security Strategy”-leaves no doubt about Washington’s pursued goal: “Around the world, the need for American leadership is greater than ever. Our armed forces are the strongest the world has ever known. America will not hesitate to use force when necessary to defend our national interests.”

Manlio Dinucci, award winning author, geopolitical analyst and geographer, Pisa, Italy. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).


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White House is treating really the whole humanity ! They will see soon what Rusia-China-India are capable to do to such a statemente.


India will not give up it’s position between both sides and china is only concentrating on their own plans.

As long as russia does not fall and a pro western leader is installed to block russian oil and gas to china, they do not care. Which means they would only care if nato crosses into the real borders of russia and then send in troops to help just like in the past in asia. Crimea and donbas are part of ukraine in chinas eyes cause they hate separatism everywhere. Thats why china will not tolerate the russians to use nukes to defend those places.

Tom Bombastadillo


WT Baker

there is a fissure in the continuing support for this “bottomless spending” approach. Thirty members of the US Congress (all Democrats) have broken ranks and signed a SCHILLER Institute (on Myotrovets kill list) letter calling for negotiations with Russia!!!! White House in panic mode held press conference in quick step for damage control proves this has created a major crack in neo liberal war drive.


Money for nothin’ and the chicks for free !

emanuel fernandez

Why southfront.org deletes and disappears my messages on the site? What is the point of financially supporting southfront.org if it is not impartial and ends up acting just like the European and American puppet news sites? Please stop deleting my posts and behave like the southfront site I’ve known for years.

Pig Kebab Lover

Awwwww…. Your bullshit vomit gets deleted. What a tragedy!!!

Bigg Chungus

If Putin leaves any Ukrainian rump state in his wake, it must never be permitted to join NATO or build its own armaments. Otherwise the Nazis will ensure that this war happens again, on Russian territory.

Florian Geyer

Well said, Slava Russiya.


Oh well, I don’t see anyone doing a damn thing about any of it. The Kike money printers run our lives and we are too passive to revolt.


The EUSSR is rushing ever faster to its doom. Thank God for Zelensky and his juice rump Ukrapper mafia ushering on the inevitable destruction of basturd Natostan and the evil EUSSR.

Uschi Van der Lyin for the Nobel (explosive$) piece priZe just like faggy Barry O Bomber before her.

Meanwhile in the real world Odessa awaits liberation.


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