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The Bloody Chaos in Brussels Is Occasion for Serious Reflection

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The Bloody Chaos in Brussels Is Occasion for Serious Reflection

Originally appeared at A-specto, translatd by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

The blasts at the airport and subway of the Belgian capital were again subject №1 in the world’s media. The average person is flooded with an avalanche of details which “drown” the main reasons for the bloody chaos that is called “global terrorism.” Naturally, the main questions are: what do we Europeans, do now? What are the causes for the blasts in European and other cities? What is the outcome? Is there one at all?

Europe is populated with dying nations. Such are those, where the birth rate falls below a 1.5 ratio. On the continent such countries are around 30. In Bulgaria, the birth rate coefficient is 1.52. For the simple reproduction of a nation this ratio should be at least 2.1. Regardless of its weapons and participation in the NATO military alliance, most member states are widely “demographically disarmed”. Everyone notes that the overwhelming number of migrants who invade Europe daily are young men between 15 and 29 years. This age is called “military age”. What will happen in 2020? Then the world will have about 1 billion men of “fighting age”. Of these, Europeans will be only 65 million. Unlike Muslims, who will be 300 million.

During the 20th century, the United States increased its population from 75 million in 1900 to 300 million in 2006. If Europe had done the same for this period of time, now the Europeans would be 1.6 billion . Yes, more than China, which is officially 1.4 billion. India is 1.1 billion. From 1500 to 1914, the Western European female raised on average 6 children. For 100 years, Muslim countries exceeded twice, a tenfold increase in population, which has reached what Europe did between 1500-1900. Its not a coincidence that Yasser Arafat, years ago said that the weapon of victory of the Palestinians against Israel is “the womb of Palestinian women.” In the 20th century, the Muslim population jumped from 140 million to 1.4 billion.

Today, the men in Europe who are of “fighting age” are 9% of those in the world. In 1500 they were 11%. On the eve of World War I in 1914 Europeans of “fighting age” were 27%. The British newspaper The Telegraph, wrote based on forecasts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that at the end of 2017, in Europe will arrive about 4 million migrants. The EU, in turn, predicts that they will be at the end of the same year, three million. The beginning of 2016 is alarming. According to the International Organization for Migration, in January 2016, 1735 people a day, enter Greece. For comparison, in January 2015, 47 people daily, crossed the borders of our southern neighbor.

In the coming spring and summer it is obvious that the human flow will increase. The Greek Minister for Migration, Yannis Muzalas claims, that even in the winter months, if the weather is reasonable, the migrant flow increases. According to Eurostat since the beginning of the “crisis” in 2014 to now, Syrians are only 31% of those who have applied for asylum in the EU. It can be expected that through Greece, on the way to Europe, in 2016 will pass about 1 million migrants. In 2015, the human flow across our southern neighbor was 853,650 people. The “Entrance doors” to the old continent are also Italy and Spain. According to the IMF, in 2014 in the world, around 60 million people have left their places of permanent residence.

We quickly forgot that in 1996, Western Europe accepted 1.4 million refugees from our neighbor Yugoslavia – destroyed by NATO. Renowned political scientist Professor Arnon Sofer of the Haifa University, predicted last year that due to instability in the Middle East, the war in Syria and the emergence of DAESH, but also because of climate change, drought and the demographic boom, to Europe will come not millions, even not dozens of millions, but hundreds of millions of migrants. Let’s not forget that after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, who kept his commitments to hold the migrant wave from Africa to Europe, Africans increasingly manifest a taste for migration .

The German sociologist professor Gunnar Hayzon, who teaches military demographics at the “Defense College” of NATO in Rome, claimed that “80% of issues in world history begin in societies where young people dominate.” The problems may be different. Crime rates, coup attempts, revolutions, riots and civil wars. The term “youth bubble” is introduced because of this. A country forms this “bubble” when at least 30% of the male population is aged between 15 and 29.

If after 1945, the Germans reproduced as they did between 1900 and 1914, then in Germany would live 500 million people. Of them 80 million men would be aged 15-29 years. But to date the men of “fighting age” in Germany are only seven million. The picture in the country of Goethe is disheartening. A sociological research shows that 40% of men in Germany want to be housewives …. In retrospect of these figures, it is clear that those invading Germany, the thousands of young men from the Middle East, Asia and Africa are a powerful bomb. Europe changed its ethnic and confessional character. In France, about 15% of the staff of the French army are Muslims. In the Swiss army they are 20%. The old continent has “demographically capitulated.”

A little history. Around 1493, the Spanish population is about 6 million. In 1350 the Spaniards were 9 million. In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII issues a decree. Measures of birth control are punishable by death. As a result, the average number of children in Spanish families becomes 6-7 children. This resulted in a median (age, which divides the population into two equal parts) age of the population to be 15 years. In 1350 it was 28-30 years. According to Catholic tradition, the eldest son is his father’s inheritor. The other sons received the donkey or rooster. At that time arised the concept of “segundones” – second sons. It is them, who start to conquer the New World. The Second, the third sons. All are young, normal, good guys. They understand that it is wrong to kill and torture the Aboriginals. This is a sin. They understood very well, the difference between psychopaths, murderers and themselves. That’s why when they were about to attack, they needed a religion that explained that they are not killing ordinary and normal people, but infidels, sinners. Then their conscience is clean. That’s why Gunnar Hayzon called these conquerors and colonizers not Christians, but Christianists. The young Spaniards were not Christians, but Christianists, which was a necessary ideology to justify the terrible and brutal murders. Today, the difference between Muslims and Islamists is the same.

In this reasoning, Pierre Conesa, a senior official in the French Ministry of Defence draws attention to the terminology which is used. According to him, it is more correct to speak of a “radical Salafi movement” or “jihadist Salafism.” He does not accept the talk of “radical Islamist movement” as the term “Islamist” is too vague and too connotative regarding Islam. Connotative meanings influence the assessment that we make in the interpretation of a message.

In Germany, we observe something else which is interesting. Many “ethnic Germans”, as is customary to call them, begin to emigrate. Every year, at least 150,000 Germans leave their homeland and go mainly to Anglo-Saxon countries. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are doing everything possible to have a constant influx of educated migrants by alleviating their acceptance and accommodation. No wonder that young, hard-working and diligent people are fleeing. They must maintain not only the aging population in their country. If you take 100 young people aged 20 years, it appears that 70 Frenchmen or Germans must maintain 30 of their peers, who are migrants along with their children. This fact makes the local population in France, Germany and the Netherlands leave their countries. The best leave. The Anglo-Saxon world would require about 50 million well-educated immigrants from Western Europe, in the next 30-40 years. The conditions to solve this problem is created by the influx of migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa towards the old continent. An essential detail – the birth rate in Tunisia is only 1.7. But when this same Tunisian arrives in France, she gives birth to an average of 6 children because the French government pays her for it. The Anglo-Saxons are clever enough. They do not discriminate on racial, ethnic or confessional basis. They discriminate on a qualification principle. Not educated? Go to Western Europe! There the immigration rules are different.

What are the results so far? According to Fernando Reynares, director of the program “Global Terrorism” at the Royal Institute Alcalá (Spain), in June 2014 the Management Unit for external operations of DAESH has decided to organize an operational network for carrying out bombings in Western Europe. The outskirts of Brussels are designated as a center of terrorist activity. The municipality Molenbek is particularly suitable for this purpose. There exists a jihadi subculture for nearly ten years. In Brussels, the most common name among newborn boys is Mohammed. After the Madrid bombings of March 11, 2004 the trail of terrorists led back to Molenbek. Belgium is the country which sent the most jihadists per capita, toward Syria. In February their number was 562 Islamists. According to the Belgian special forces near ¼ of them have already returned to Belgium. The attacks on 13 November in Paris were planned in Syria by DAESH. But prepared in Belgium.

What awaits us in the future? There are several options.

The first option: a gradual colonization of Europe. The constant growth of political and cultural influence of the Muslim diaspora that, with the active assistance of European collaborators will gradually control positions in the political, cultural and economic spheres. This process is now accelerating thanks to the opportunists among the indigenous population. Each year over 50,000 Frenchmen renounce Christianity and accept Islam. Europe has fallen into a deep marasmus and lacks vital energy and the will for freedom. It is totally subordinated to the will of Washington and does not resist the aliens from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Not far is the day when the Europeans will find themselves unwelcome guests in their own home.

The second option: a direct conquest. Based on their numerical superiority and power, with a fanatical faith, Muslims subordinate European countries. Superiority in “fighting age” is entirely on the side of the Muslim world. They cruelly put down any attempts of resistance. Part of the indigenous population is forcibly converted to Islam. Others begin to pay jizya (a tax which is levied on non-Muslims). Theoretically it sounds possible, but practically there are obstacles associated with the high-tech military guarding Europe. In other words, this is an unlikely hypothesis.

The third option: a civil war. The most viable part of the European population is mobilized around the rightist parties and rises to struggle. Europe goes back four centuries, to a time of devastating religious wars. Yet there is hope. The three scenarios are built on demographic projections. Over the past two centuries all attempts to predict the dynamics of movement in population, invariably end in confusion. Demographic trends bear a cyclical nature. Nobody knows in which direction they will go in the future.

Europe has huge weaknesses. Its overwhelmed by bureaucratic rigidity, political inertia, multiculturalism, political correctness and a decadent mindset. Particularly affected in this plan are the European elites. Most likely, the Islamists will not resort to dramatic action, but will continue to build the political autonomy of Muslim communities. In the vicinity of major French cities there have already arisen about 800 Muslim enclaves, where the representatives of power and police do not have access. There the population does not live under the laws of the country, but under the laws of Sharia. The social services in Western Europe are clearly moving towards the service of the Muslim population. In Denmark, Muslims are 5%, but 40% of the costs to the Danish government on social protection programs, are designed for the followers of Mohammed.

The possible strategy of “Islamic state” in Europe will be built mainly on the political component. The organized violence in the form of terrorist actions will for now have only a tactical character. Terror will not be large-scale, it will be linked to specific circumstances and subject to the task of instilling fear in the population and governments.

A typical example of this approach are the Muslim hooligans in the suburbs of Paris in 2005. Mass “spontaneous” riots like those in 2015 in Cologne on Christmas will be combined with attacks on infrastructure, municipal factories and transport nodes. The aim is a destabilization of the economy. There will be vandalism in terms of sights and monuments to deepen the sense of hopeless and chaos. There will also be attacks on tourists in order to paralyze the tourist industry.

If we permit the realization of DAESH’s strategy, there will appear a postmodern colonial regime. A mirror reflection of the historical pattern. New and autonomous Muslim enclaves will emerge inside the body of the colonized countries (former metropolises) and the Muslim metropolises will act as logistics bases of the jihadists. European Muslim enclaves will have the task to hold local governments from taking an active part in the war against terror. The chaos created on the old continent will pump capital and skilled labor toward the Anglo-Saxon countries. This process will undermine the economic base of Europe and will lead to the disintegration of the EU. And of course it will lead to the reorientation of many, mostly Eastern European countries, to other regional unions, where they seek protection of their national interests. Interests, that Brussels has ignored for years.

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