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The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

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As you already know, picking the right niche is the most important step for the establishment of your channel. For this reason, it is important to take your time and decide what kind of videos you want to create and which users are the most suitable for. Once you do that, you can figure out how to get subscribers on YouTube. Stormviews is a website that can help a lot in the beginning as it offers your valuable subscribers, views, and likes.

Nevertheless, this strategy can only be successful with the right niche. Therefore, make sure that you check the top channels of each one of the popular niches. The channels will give you ideas for what type of content you need to create. Below, you will find the two most popular channels of the 7 hottest topics on YouTube.

#1 Gaming Niche


The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

PewDiePie has a YouTube channel that cannot be categorized into a single niche. However, it did start as a gaming channel and many users still consider it as one. Of course, the well-known YouTuber hasn’t forgotten this niche and he often plays games to share with his viewers.


The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

JuegaGerman is the best gaming channel in Latin America. Germán Garmendia established his gaming channel in 2013 and since then, his videos have gathered more than 11 billion views. Success like this doesn’t come easy. For this reason, you need to figure out how to get subscribers on YouTube and visit Stormviews to realize your dreams.

#2 Cooking and Recipes


The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Tasty is the most popular cooking channel that has recently celebrated 5 years on the platform. Tasty’s videos are known for becoming easily viral as they feature quick and easy recipes. If cooking is your niche, then you can learn how to get subscribers on YouTube from it. However, make sure that you also get subscribers from Stormviews to make your channel grow faster.

Jamie Oliver

The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Jamie Oliver is one of the most popular chefs in the world. His TV shows and books become bestsellers all around the world. So, it’s natural that his YouTube channel has over 5.22 million subscribers. On the channel, the chef shows recipes taken from his books and shows, as well as other recipes. In addition to the chef, you can also watch videos from a big team of cooks.

#3 Travel Vlogs

Mark Wiens

The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Even though Mark Wiens is in the travel niche, his videos are all about the food of the countries he visits. As you can see, he is the top travel vlogger and this shows you that the audience likes to watch this aspect of traveling.

The Food Ranger

The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

The Food Ranger is another travel vlog that mixes traveling with culinary exploration. The channel’s creator, Trevor James, visits countries all around the world and tastes the local dishes and the most popular street foods. This channel is a great inspiration on how to get subscribers on YouTube. Once you know how to do it, visit Stormviews to make it happen.

#4 Animals and Pets

Brave Wilderness

The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Animal channels aren’t all about pets. Brave Wilderness is a channel that takes you on adventures outdoors. On the videos you will find here, you will get closer to wild animals and learn more about nature’s dangers. The results are thrilling and will get your heart pumping with adrenaline.


The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Nevertheless, some of the most popular animal channels are all about pets. Maymo is a cute beagle that has 9.85 million subscribers and over 3 billion overall video views. In recent videos, Maymo has also got a companion with the name of Potpie. This channel shows you how to get subscribers on YouTube on this niche. If you follow their example and visit Stormviews, you can see great results quickly.

#5 Humor and Sketches


The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Smosh is a well-known channel on YouTube with a long history. Right now, it might have 25.1 million subscribers, but some years ago this number was enough to make it the most-subscribed channel on the platform. Today, there are still going strong, releasing plenty of new comedy sketches every day.


The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Nigahiga is a channel established by Ryan Higa. At first, the YouTuber focused only on posting lip-syncing videos, which brought him a lot of fame. However, with the passing of time, the channel grew and now you can also find sketches, podcasts, and vlogs, among his videos.

#6 Top 10 Lists

Watch Mojo

The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

The best type of content for users on the Internet is the Top 10 Lists. Watch Mojo is a channel that capitalized on this fact with great success. Right now, this YouTube is the best one of its niche, with a great subscriber gap with the rest of its competitors. The content that Watch Mojo posts focuses mainly on movies and TV series. In addition to this channel, it also has the channels Watch Mojo Gaming and Miss Mojo.

Most Amazing Top 10

The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Most Amazing Top 10 is another well-known Top 10 Lists channel. On this channel, you will find new content daily with lists that focus on weird, scary, and creepy things. This content, along with Stormviews, teaches you how to get subscribers on YouTube.

#7 Life hacks and DIY

5-Minute Crafts

The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Life hacks is a niche that dominates YouTube and social media in recent years. The best and most successful channel of all is 5-Minute Crafts. Apart from 68.4 million subscribers, it also has earned more than 18 billion video views. Its success is mostly due to the fun and easy-to-watch videos that are attractive even to users that don’t like DIY.

Troom Troom

The Best YouTube Channels of the Top Niches

Troom Troom is another channel that follows on 5-Minute Crafts’ footsteps. This channel created entertaining like hacks videos that are very creative. Furthermore, Troom Troom is also posting prank videos that are equally fun and entertaining.

The top channels of each niche show you how to get subscribers on YouTube, no matter the field of your interest. Once you know what you want to do, visit Stormviews to get views, likes, and subscribers.

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