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The Battle Between Two Worlds

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The Battle Between Two Worlds

Written by Dr. Yordan Hristov; Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

Today we live in a time of dramatic global conflict. The two warring camps are clearly shaped. One camp is headed by the United States and the other one by Russia. So, where are the roots of the conflict and what are they fighting for? Many people are confused because it is not entirely clear. To understand the essence of the events, we need to know that, as always in history, there is a clash of ideas before the battlefield. There is an incompatibility of vision on what the order in the world and the future of humanity should be. This applies to the events of today.

Let’s look at some widely circulated explanations before we find the answer. According to some, the conflict is between the presidents of the US and Russia. However, this is not serious. Others argue that we are witnessing a war between Christianity and radical Islam. Or, that it is a battle of the progressive forces against terrorism. These statements do not correspond to the truth. Essentially, today’s conflict is neither religious nor national. Religious, national and ethnic differences between people are only a means to prevail over the opponents. The logo for the war against terrorism is also a cover for achieving certain goals. More truth lies in the assertion that there is a clash between the global policies of the US and Russia, but this response also slides across the surface. The policies of these two countries are simply an expression of the ideas and interests of different forces. Another opinion is that in today’s world there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. The battle is between the oligarchs and the robbed, between the enslaved and the tyrants. There is some truth in this, but we have to clarify. It is about the struggle of ordinary people against the power of the big-bank-capital and powerful transnational corporations. It is true, but it does not completely reach the essence of things. The truth is that today the world is burning in an epic, titanic conflict. Two diametrically opposed worlds grappled in a fierce battle of life and death; the battle for the minds of the man of the future. It is the most important battle in which all methods and means are allowed. How we live and how our descendants’ generations will live after us depends on the outcome of this grand battle. But what are these worlds??

The contours of the first world are already outlined clearly. This will be a world in which the world’s population will be placed under full control: people will be monitored, wiretapped and spied on in various ways. All national, cultural, racial and other differences between them will be erased. Everything human will be irretrievably broken: 99% of people on the planet will be reduced to their animal functions. This gray mass will serve a corporate planetary ‘elite’, limited in size, out of touch with reality, that will rule forever. George Orwell in ‘1984’ has described precisely this world order: “A world of fear, treachery and torment, a world in which you trample others and they trample you, a world that in the process of improving will be not less but more ruthless. The progress in our world will be progress towards more pain. The past civilizations claimed to be based on love and justice. Ours is based on hatred. In our world there will be no other emotions except fear, rage, triumph and self-abasement. We will destroy all the rest, everything. We are already destroying the mentality from before the revolution. We broke the bonds between parents and children, between a man and another man, between man and woman. No one dares to trust a husband, a child or a friend. In the future, there will be no wives and friends. Children will be taken away from their mothers at birth like the egg is taken from the chicken.” And again: “There will be no love, except the Big Brother love. There will be no laughter, except for triumphant exultation over the vanquished foe. There will be no art, no literature, no science. When we become omnipotent we will no longer have a need for science. There will be no distinction between beauty and ugliness. There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always – do not forget this, Winston – always there will be the intoxication of power, which will gradually grow and develop. Always, at any time, the excitement of victory will dominate the sensation of trampling the hapless foe. If you want to imagine the future, imagine a boot, smashing a human face – forever.” But Orwell was wrong about one thing: the described world will not be built on socialism as he had predicted. This world will be built on capitalism because capitalism enshrines selfishness and greed and tears apart relationships between people. Does it look terrifying?? You think that all this cannot happen? You are mistaken. Most terrible things happen precisely when no one believes they will happen; when no one assumes that people are able to fall below the level of the animals; when the good people do nothing. Now, think about this. When was the last time you spoke to your parents? Do you know the neighbor living on your floor? How long ago did you read a book? Have you recently done something good without expecting anything in return? Can you not see that today we are all like sleepwalkers, clinging for survival? Can you not see that the connections between people have largely been broken, even marriage has turned into a mutually beneficial deal? Do you still think that everything described cannot happen?? Not only is it possible; this world is materializing before our eyes. And there is no magic in achieving it as powerful corporate interests are doing everything possible to make it a reality.

The second world is the complete opposite of the first. The people in this world are different. Cultural, national, religious, racial and other differences, however, will not prevent people across the planet to live in peace and understanding with each other. People will help each other and be empathetic to others’ pain; respecting each other. The natural human bonds between parents and children, between spouses and friends will be honored. People will feel love for the clan and the country, for his family and everyone else. Greed, selfishness and arrogance will not be tolerated. This will be a world in which the words ‘honor and dignity’ will have meaning. The managers of this society will not seek personal gain but will work for the good of all people. All important public issues will be resolved through direct democracy and respect for the views of every member of society. In this world, there will be relatively poor and relatively rich, but no one will die from hunger or cold, no one will be exploited. There will be equal opportunities for all, everyone will have access to free education and health, and the natural resources of the planet will be used wisely and with consideration for the future generations. This will be a world that will develop art and a taste for the beautiful and the good. There will be a difference between beauty and ugliness, between talent and banality. This world will develop knowledge and science to make people’s lives better and not to devise methods of destruction and keeping fellows under control. This will be a world of high technology and high morale, a world in which the people will live like brothers and wars will be left in the past. This world can become a reality. Its creation is not as impossible as people make it out. But in order to have this world, we must first ask for it. We must ask to live in this world and we should be ready to fight for it.

These two worlds now fight for a place under the sun. If you look around more carefully, you will see elements of both. Sometimes the dividing line is very thin as any group in a cafe may belong to a different world. However, this cannot continue forever. Whether we want it or not, only one world order will remain. There cannot be and will not be a compromise. This is where the conflict of our time lies. It is still not yet clear who will be the winner, but it is clear that in this battle, no man shall remain unaffected. Today, everyone must make a choice. Each of one of us must choose which of the two worlds to support and for what future to fight. I made my choice. It is time for you to choose yours.

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Thanks so much! This is so very true.

Pavel Pavlovich

Indeed, the other world is headed by Russia. But actually there are 4 centers of power, so it’s about more than two civilizations. However, there is truth in that it’s unipolar vs multipolar world.


clash of civilizations on the way!!…but only one is the real enemy: Occident!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olayinka Abdulgafar

Very poetic and full of hope to live and to die for, the only shortcoming is the simplistic way of dividing the world into two pole though indirect. Bipolar has already failed the world and honestly I don’t see what Russia has to offer the world in terms of culture and religion (I stand to be corrected), historically Russia’s influence in these sphere – especially religion which is a major vehicle of influencing opinions across the globe today – has never gone beyond her immediate region, militarily yes she got a lot to offer. Basically its a period of the emergence of multi polarity, may it usher in the reign of peace and tranquility for the human race.


People are getting this wrong. It isn’t about the U.S. versus Russia. It’s about a worse world and a better world. As simple as that.

Rodney Loder

Ultimately each of us is a replica of everything and the Universal Laws clearly state every contest must have a dimension of place, that place can be a competitive agent, but it can’t lose and the competition go on, the Soviet Union marked the beginning of mutualism ensuring sustainable resource value, China US India and Europe all have a vested interest in undervalued resources, threatening Civilization as the article points out, Russia leading the resource rich Nations is the only hope.

chris chuba

The U.S. believes in a rules based world order governed by the U.S. where rogue states like Russia need to be punished if they venture outside of their borders, or have the capability to do so. In order to benefit from this ‘rules based’ order, the U.S. has to have military dominance in every theater of the world explaining our need to be able to defeat the Russians 50 miles from St. Petersburg, the Chinese in the South Chinese Sea, and dictate all matters in the M.E.

Any state that questions our ability to do these things is by definition, a threat to the abundant peace, prosperity, and stability the a U.S. based and led world order has brought and a rogue state. This includes all attempts to trade outside of the U.S. banking system because the U.S. must be able to prevent trade between other countries to punish roque states, sort or like being able to control international sea lanes but without a navy which we also have.


As all people are important , and so all actions , we can only proceed with as much consciousness , as we can muster , and bless our actions with dignity and honor . “All for one , one for all “.

Valhalla rising

Why are you so shy ? Why not calling them (((Globalists))) ? :-))))

Alexander Hardy

The battle between humans is as old as humankind itself. There is something flawed in the human brain. It recognises the benefits of cooperation, yet seeks to live competitively. There are always humans who want more than they need. There are always humans who seek escape through drugs. Addiction, whether for wealth, drugs, or power over others, is a flaw of the human brain. imagining things and believing them to be true is a flaw of the human brain. The author of this article simply recognises the dichotomy that exists among humans. It has always been so, but one thing has changed – humans now have the knowledge and the means to destroy life on earth. They can do this in a variety of ways, but all motivated by greed, lust for power, and the competitive urge of not wanting to be defeated, or bested, by other humans. The name for this is VANITY – another weakness of the human brain.




‘…les gens seront surveillés, épiés et sur écoute de diverses manières … ‘qui est une vérité incontournable et il existe même une connivence avec la populace qu’en croyait défendre de la tyrannie des pouvoirs dictatoriaux en place à savoir les 23 pays arabes et en particulier le Maroc où ce pays évolue très rapidement de l’écoute aux spycaméras et donc le citoyen qui en général est un dissident politique est vite ridiculisé et les images sont transmises dans les différents média pour ne pas dire à qui demande ces vidéos !. L’ennui est que les récepteurs ne font aucun effort dans le sens de la délation mais préfèrent être chatouillés par cette transmission hors la loi et même la solidarité arabe est inexistante . Le dissident pour une république marocaine se trouve charrier une populace qui n’est intéressée que par le présent et donc cette populace(et pas toute la populace heureusement , mais ceux qui sont facile à manipuler et en pourcentage est de l’ordre de 1 personne sur 3!!) aide le pouvoir en place pour obtenir des subsides ridicules et font tout ce qui est dans leur pouvoir pour détruire les dissidents qui n’ont pour but que de rendre ce monde plus démocratique au sens économique du terme ,mais aussi sociétale…et la populace croit à ce qu’elle voit si toute fois ,par n’importe quel moyen ,il y a une république marocaine ,toute cette populace qui était des simples exécutants de politique de ‘bergague’ demanderait leurs jus ,leurs gains …alors que cette populace a fait tellement souffrir les dissidents .donc ,il faut juger cette populace ,une fois la république fait jour car il n’y a pas d’autre moyen d’assainir le nouveau monde sans assainir le passé tumultueux; de telle sorte ,le nouveau monde commencera par le bon pied. Certes,les pouvoirs dictatoriaux dans les 23 pays arabes mais aussi dans le monde dit par excès ;autrefois;tiers monde …et pour exemple en Thaïlande ,le nouveau roi est toujours lointain pour ne plus se faire remarqué ni par l’armé ni par un peuple qui exige sa peau à la vindicte comme Louis XVI en France;le roi qui est lointain cherche aussi un asile et préfèrent s’exiler et de ne pas affronter ni l’armée car ces quelques officiers sont comme ces officiers russe de 1917 qui sont devenus des simples conducteurs de taxis à Paris … ni un printemps arabe puissant et déchirant… car il doit répondre du retard de la société et pourquoi encourager les ministres et des fonctionnaires à atteindre ,par le vol,les 2 milliards de dollars dans leur fortune personnelle et le peuple est pour la question irakienne “ .من أين لك هذا..”le général Chan O Cha comme le maréchal Sissi en Égypte sont pour assainir la société et tout régime car il y a une différence énorme de servir un régime et de servir l”État car tout régime traite les militaires chevronnais par des hommes des coups de main pour se débarrasser d’une ombre alors qu’ils sont des simples défenseurs de la société ,quand le général Oufkir disait dans une interview qu’il existe un seul citoyen qu’il porte l’uniforme ou en civil montre que son état d’esprit est de défendre toute la société…il est évident, les coups d’État militaire sont aujourd’hui un des recours de tout un peuple pour trouver sa souveraineté et être enfin considéré comme un être humain. Le printemps arabe ,par exemple est aussi une voie mais il semble que les conséquences des pouvoirs dictatoriaux en place ,ont beaucoup détruit et portaient donc atteinte aux bases mêmes de l”État qui il faut donc reconstruire et pas avec cette populace qui n’a ni instruction, ni religion …c’est pour cette raison l’armée devrait être ce pont entre une dictature et une démocratie ,donc sous contrôle de l’armée. Heureusement leur nombre(de cette populace qui croient à leur boulot de ‘bergague’ )est limité et, le peuple peut enfin ,donc vivre sa démocratie sans entrave …et donc pas de politique de ‘bergague’ et, donc vivre le deuxième monde de cet article sans arriver à tout socialiser au sens politique du terme . Donc ceci est u prolongement du livre ‘1984’ car il est basé est sur le socialisme est sur le capitalisme ,tout est donc dosé. Il y a un proverbe arabe qui dit’خير الأمور أوسطها’ pas d’exagération ou d’absolutisme en politique et sans dogme pour se faire entendre et donc un realpolitik est le mot de passe sinon l’image contraire de “… la ligne de démarcation est très mince comme un groupe dans un café peut appartenir à un autre monde “ serait une mission impossible;homogénéisation. les pouvoirs dictatoriaux font et fabriquent et évoluent le désordre sociétal cette ligne de démarcation est pratiquement inexistante quand il existe une mixité sociale par exemple un qui ne mange pas à sa faim avec un autre qui est à l’aise et offre un spycaméra au pauvre pour suivre l’aisé chez lui et le déstabiliser car pour la mafia qui est derrière il s’agit d’une pierre qui peut toucher deux objets à la fois et le pauvre s’excite devant la vie de l’aisé et peut réagir sans commande et de ne pas manifester comme dans les pays qui ont une tradition de droit et de demander à l’État de corriger leurs souffrances et d’un autre côté l’aisé est donc la victime qui sert d’exemple à d’autres dissidents… mais aussi d’offrir aux études psychologiques,aux centres d’études,un cas pour manipuler la pensée des dissidents ou autres(chefs d’États ou autre …). Cette mafia,constituée d’une populace et dans la définition peut être la suivante ,très succincte est que toute personne qui n”arrive pas à faire la différence entre le réel et l’imaginaire qui le stimule et se considère comme des fous qui ne veulent rien comprendre donc de ne pas être responsable de leurs actes car la mafia est là pour les protéger et utilise la religion ou le droit civil y compris le droit coutumier, qui se dirige négativement,en psychologie… vers le plus aisé . La question qui s’impose est de savoir si le monde est robotisé ? d’où la première république marocaine pour corriger ces anomalies de la société ici marocaine et donc rendre un peuple libre et aussi dans les 23 pays arabes et dans le monde en voie de développement…le monde dit civilisé…


What I find when I look around is that people who think they are the 2nd group are behaving like the first. This is the whole paradox. They think they are fighting for a multicultural society but instead create a parallel one and at the same time destroiing their dream and the dream of others.


There only one thing that must not be forgotten, ……. Israel state and jews lobbies.

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