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The Axis Of Resistance On The Offensive. Or Not?

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You can read this article in German. LINK

Escalation in the Middle East appears imminent, due to various incidents that took place throughout the reigon.

On February 25th, the Israeli-owned vehicle carrying vessel – MV Helios Ray was rocked by a heavy explosion, but didn’t sink. According to the owner of the vessel, it wasn’t known what had struck the Helios Ray, but likely it was “missiles or a mine placed on the bow.” It took two days of investigation to reach an obvious conclusion – Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that Iran had carried out the attack.

Israeli TV reported that the assessment claimed that the Iranian navy had fired two missiles at the Israeli-flagged ship. Israeli Experts were allegedly on the way to the UAE, where the ship was anchored. There is no confirmation nor denial from Iran, as of yet, but Israel is already using this presumed attack for a potential escalation.

In recent weeks, Tel Aviv has been pushing to form a military security pact with Gulf States against Tehran. While having its interests targeted in the Gulf of Oman, Israel is still carrying out its usual activity towards Syria, and immediately responded to the alleged Iranian aggression.

On February 28th, Syrian air defense forces over Damascus were activated to repel an Israeli attack, launched from above the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The Israeli Air Force likely targeted alleged Iranian targets, but Israel provided no comment on the matter.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Israel was taking action “almost weekly” to prevent Iranian entrenchment in Syria. However, this is not just any action, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again claimed that Israel “was winning the war” against Iran.

Another informal Israeli ally – Saudi Arabia is currently suffering at the hands of the Axis of Resistance.

Yemen’s Ansar Allah – the Houthis – announced that their Air Force had carried out a large-scale operation in the Kingdom on February 28th. The operation, dubbed “Deterrent Balance 5,” targeted military positions in Riyadh. In total, a spokesman for the Houthis, said that a Zulfiqar ballistic missile, nine Samad-3 loitering munitions, and six Qasef-2K drones struck a network of Saudi military positions. This was likely in response to Saudi Arabia’s increased airstrike activity.

A February 28th warplane raid left 5 civilians, including a woman and a child dead. In Yemen, on the ground the fight is continuing in the Marib district.

Marib City and the Dam are currently beyond reach, and Saudi Arabia carries out increasingly more airstrikes and violations of the al-Hudaydah ceasefire. There are heavy clashes between the Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces in the Talaat al-Hamra, Hamajira and Balaq mountains, with the Houthis purportedly taking the upper hand.

The situation is reaching a critical point, with the Axis of Resistance attempting to push on the US, Israel and their other allies on all fronts.

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Glad there is resistance to the Saudi, US, Israëli agression at all! Heil to the axis! 🍻

Icarus Tanović

British and French too.


“AXIS OF RESISTANCE” with ZERO resistance to the latest U.S. attack on pro-Iranian troops in Syria ! So whom they blame?! Russia of course (as usual) for not defending their cowardly arses ! Nov they do not talk about that “phenomenal” new Iraian air defenses like “Bavar ” that they claim to be “better than S-400” !!

So they were bragging so much about bringing those to Syria to defend their bases and their soldier ! Finally nothing happened ! No famous “Bavar” that is “better than S-400″…. The only thing that exist is their big mouth in bad mouthing Russia though.

Assad must stay

i dont get it either, every military outpost needs to be protected from air attack


There are so many things that are not logical in this Syrian war… It is obvious that some things are secret and that we will not get answers from newspapers either…

Assad must stay

agreed mister hiand

Jens Holm

I have been reading You for years. You not even try to learn vitals for whats going on there.

Assads dont have the capasity to cover that big areas – hardly anyone would.

And You have the many things on standby too.


“AXIS OF RESISTANCE” with ZERO resistance to the latest U.S. attack


I did not hear PMU blame Russia, they never got defensive air cover from Iran or Iraq. Iran is not going to deploy batteries of Bavar on Iraqi teritories, Iraq needs to buy air defenses to defend its sovereignty and paramilitary units among other things.


“Iran is not going to deploy batteries of Bavar on Iraqi teritories” why Iraq or Iran?!?? I as talking about Deir ez Zor and Iranian presence there that needs their proper air defenses. It is not the 1st time that they are attacked there They have brought tons of missiles in Syria but have no air defenses?!? why?!!

P.S. They(many people here …even Jew “tzatz”) keep accusing Russia that blocks SAA from using S-300… (with no proves of course)


The incident in question happened at the Iraq Syria border. In Deir Ezzor al Bukhama axis there are some Russian elements with their air defenses, I heard Pantsir, S300, I suggested S350 might be a good choice. Russia is managing the conflict in the area to avoid being drawn in a regional war against its wishes.

Raptar Driver

Putin believes he is managing the situation. What he is doing is hastening the march to war. Did we learn nothing from Chamberlain, Hitler & Stalin?


That is always the danger yes, but look at it from actual perspective…are the attacks political gestures or changing things on ground?

I think the political commitment is not 100% but Russia fulfills those promises it makes..so the question is one of policy not military technics. More forces in early 2016 might have saved the whole of Syria east of Euphrates as things turned-out, but in early 2016 there was still a chance of a political settlement, in fact one WAS signed by Kerry eventually, but cancelled effectively by Pentagon with big attack on DE on Sept. 16 of that year. So hind-sight you might be right. Russia/Putin make similar mistakes about agreement capability of EU (Maidan/NS2/Minsk etc.).

Raptar Driver

Well thought out comment and mostly you are right. It is possible that these strikes are changing little on the ground however that is not the intent of the strikes.


The intent is to show “we are in charge” as it were, even when done in minimal way, there is no danger of a questioning media coverage about the grand-0standing, that can increases the PR to reality ratio by a factor of 10,000 in some cases, for example, recent attack by one F15 on site right at Iraqi border at Al B. (no chance of intercept thus) will get 100 times the press coverage (or more) of 100 RuAF strikes in Idlib earlier in the week (unless false flag there is planned (THEN media will talk about “last hospital in Idlib”), so PR ratio for US will be about 100, with RU at about 1/100 in media-scape, or at least the Oceanian media-scape).


In startegic terms also, best Russian play has not changed since Stolipin from BEFORE WW1.

erwin vercauteren

yeah we learned about the lies and cooperation of the anglo saxons with Hitler and his Zionist jews he shipped to palestine in 1933 THE BRITS ARE THE REAL FASCIST SCUM HERE AND COWARDS in all aspects


That is not comparable, you suicidal freak !! Chamberlain, Hitler & Stalin didn’t have thousands of nukes sufficient to destroy a planet! Chamberlain could afford to make mistake but Putin can’t afford mistake ! Russia is not in the mood to destroy Russia and hole planet because of Syria !! NOT WORTH IT !!

Tommy Jensen

I said 5 years ago to both Lavrov, Putin and Xi that Russia should give Assad the S-300 he bought in 2009, as I saw through the whole scenario and realized this was the key to peace in the whole of ME!

First today in the back mirror everybody can see I was right about it. Just imagine what would happen if Assad got S-300 the day tomorrow?

Stop for everything in Syria, no more Israeli attacks, no more US fiddling around with “losing/gaining a little more influence”, no more Turkey Air-fighters, domino effect ISIS gone, refugee camps liberated, the Kurds wagging again, sound relationship with Iran and Lebanon again, Israel secure, peace!!

All because Kremlin was shitting in their pants over Israel’s high bet poker game.

I admit it was not easy to go against the whole NATO Coalition + Israel at that time. It requires a real man with nerves of steel, who can kick arse and smoke a cigarillo at the same time to see it, and to do it.

Jim Allen

Syria has it’s S-300. What’s more, it’s integrated into the Russian S-300, and S-400 systems at the Russian air base, and the Syrian S-200, S-125, S-100, etc.. When IAF stupidly got the Russian Il-20 shot down, and really pissed off MoD Shoigu, he sent the latest version of S-300 to Syria with the Not For Export technology to integrate it with the entire “S” system. These are designed to work as an integrated system, not simply as stand alone systems as the export systems do. Russian “S” systems are integrated, and use the S-400 radars, soon S-500 radars. Russia used these systems a week, or so back to stop something, and was successful. Yes, IAF is making all kind of attacks, but there’s not shit getting through. Don’t get all caught up in this emotional bullshit, that’s troll play. Cool heads prevail. Jensen, you can go suck a rope.

Tommy Jensen

Ok thanks for info. Just wonder why the 200 airstrikes/year continue as if nothing changed.

Jim Allen

Why does it matter ? These silly-ass pinprick attacks are completely ineffective. Despite Western claims Syrian Air Defense Forces are extremely efficient in knocking down IAF missiles. Further, to date Israel has failed to present a target worthy of launching an S-300 missile at. The S-200, Panstir, (upgraded) and other existing missile defense systems have more than adequate to deal with the attacks. Russia did use it’s S-300, and S-400 systems, and others 2(+/-) weeks ago against something. The February 28 attack was completely stopped, nothing got through. Look to geopolitics for answers. You’re aware S-300 can reach out, and touch Tel-Aviv from their position, right ?

Jens Holm

Ha aha. I see it as cutting gras on my laundry. If I dont, it will be a jungle and maybee with trees as well.

I aslo clean my house. Its the same thing. If I did not we would be in big trouble all over.

Jens Holm

As many here You write by knowing nothing and creating the rest. Those S400 could be plastic. They are not meant as You assume.

They are not even owned by Assads. Everything – or almost everything – is given Russian good and bad leftovers and controlled by the Russians.

RIgnorance of Abu Kemal is here. Some even bring Israleian nukes to Dubai.

People like that kind not even deserve a country. There is not a single sign of anyt devellopments supporting any future.


a Russian S300 is not the answer – a HOMEGROWN (Iranian) system is. If the BAVAR 373 is half as good as the S400, it will be dark days ahead for Israel.

Tommy Jensen

Talking the talk since 2015.


“Russia is managing the conflict in the area to avoid being drawn in a regional war ”

I never had impression that Iran cares much about what Russia wants. You all keep repeating the same bullshit ( with no proves) to stick responsibility on Russia. So why don’t you explain at least where are the Iranian air defenses, why is everything Iran does so perfect in your eyes?!?

“I heard Pantsir, S300” Nonsense ! There are no Russian S-300 there ! S-300 V4 are in Tartus. If there, Pantsir is short range, hardly sufficient to defend Russians, let alone anybody else.


Keep your panties on HiaNd. The Syria – iran air defence pact was signed just a few months ago…its all in the works. – A real Syrian Air Defence system is the last stop to attacking israel – from then on, its allllll the way downhill for ZioRats.


glad to heat that! it was about time !


IAF attacks are all Hollywood shit made for Israeli sheeple audience. Thousands of Israeli attacks but Iranian missiles keep pouring into Lebanon and Syria????


I wish that others discover those facts and stop complaining all the time…


That will change – re: Navalny sanctions on 2 March 2021. Russia will forcefully support Iranian-Syrian-PMU effort to step up anti US attacks in Syria.

Russia’s 2nd option is to supply the Taliban with Strela AAM or something better…..


Russia will cut off relations with EU telling them to get lost, the same way Iran did to EU and US.

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

there is not much info about the details of this attack, where did they fire from, what missiles used? is it known if the resistance has air defenses in Deir Ezzour and how effective? what type? how integrated. it cant be compared to air cover of Damascus area or Iranian coast (yet) . But i do recall an attack earlier in the war by Americans at al Tanf against resistance forces, the aircraft came low out of Jordan but a Shilka opened fire which led to America breaking off attack.


From what I know in the attack was 2 U.S. F-15 with 7 (gliding (?)) 500kg bombs – attack was from IRAQ

Rhodium 10

Russia cannot do anything more!..they have given to Syria enough air defense system and MIG 29M…other thing is the qualification and competence of the Syrian troops and crew….Russia has deployed troops in Al Bukamal close to IRGC and PMU…therefore Israel and USA warn Russia of an incoming attack and in the 2 last attacks launched by Israel and USA only 1 PMU have been killed and caused small material damage as we have seen!…why is the reason of that few damage?..could be the use of air defense or the EWS?…I remember you that Russia helped Iran to Jam the RQ 170 sentinel and after Solemaini murder someone posted photos of Russia EWS vehicles in a road close to Caspian sea.

Fog of War

He’s not European, Look at his photo. Hes from one of the ” stans ” most likely.

Jens Holm

I can only see thats irrelevant. Its about what its all about.

Jens Holm

Manu here are dioasporas. The Iranian one is estimated from 1,5 to 3 millions but they integrate or even assimilate too.

Tommy Jensen

Russia also gave Assad a lot of Bukh missiles they had in surplus from Ukrainian storages.

Rhodium 10

People think that Russia dont allow Assad to use some weapons….sorry but it is not true!…when Turkish drones were flying over Idlib attacking SAA…SAF took 3 days to deploy some MIG 29 in Shayrat base to confront TB2…of course if SAF send MIG29 to patrol Lebanon coast…then Israel would attack from Golan…If SAF send MIG 29 to Homs desert is a risk be shot down and captured by ISIS….but SAA have long range rockets and artillery to respond from Quneitra and Dara each time that Israel attack Syria!…what are the reasons?…fear of an Israeli attack?..if they are attacking everyweek since 2 years…fear of an Invasion?..Israel would need helicopters and jets flying over Syria which turn them in a easy target for air defense….

Jens Holm

Thats correct. Russia run the businees in those matters. Another thing is that was the Syria actually had no good airplanes to send up. They now have at least some.

Jens Holm

You dont know which damages there is or not. There could be from a lot very hidden to nothing. Those Iranians has been very unclver not digging them deep as umber one.

Thats a simple military fact. Now they semees to do it better. That very needed, when You are under attck by accurate and strong bombardments.

Rhodium 10

Israeli airstrikes are useless vs Syrian military resources…only have the propagandist purpose because most of the people dont know how Israel attacks Syria…from which part…what kind of weapons use..etc…

Jens Holm

If so, You should be happy about it and remember to write “Thank You very much” cards.

Rhodium 10

It is more valuable the training of SAA and testing air defense weapons beside to examine Debris of Israeli missile and drones than some agriculture warehouse damage as consecuence of these attacks!…of course some soldiers have been killed but surely is because his recklessness than the airstrike itself!…because SAA is the same army that sent 40 soldiers in a bus through Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway knowing that some ISIS cells are active there and just 2 terrorist with AK rifles can kill 25 of them…

Jens Holm

Who ever cares about Your oppinion about that. The relations among those are big wide and old.

Some almost nothing even taking home grown nukes as hostages against them and us makes no difference.Our European relations with and without USA as today has its ups and downs, but they are there.

Russia would not be alive, if we didnt buy oil, gas and food food in the low rtech from them and upgraded it. In the otrher hand Russia need almost everything and dont handle it well – but they doi buy – and they do pay as well.

Iran here is ZERO and some local power and only important because of the oil. What else do we need there? Maybee daded for Christmas some cats, goats and expensive nice carpets.

So we vcut the grass – so to speak.

We as europeans anytime could make much better and more weapons then the Iranians – BUT WE PREFARE WELLFARE.

We choose. You dont.

Wll actualy You do. Just as fx Russia, You spend all money made into military eqwuipment to keep Your own population poor and in fear for an enemy made by Yourself by well done propaganda with no options from Navalnev to Krasnodar and Qaum.

Assad must stay

haha you and me both Ali, inshallah we get the girl soon

Emad Irani

cry me a riverrrrrr idiot hahaha

you shouldn’t talk about Middle East anymore because you are just an Idiot in this case. Thanks


Iranian loser. Do your “Cray Brand” bot number, that is the only thing you are good at. You Iranians have only big mouth. You couldn’t win even against Saddam.

Jens Holm

A link from Faisal should be minimum…

Jens Holm

Poor You. I almost cry. There are zionists in billions all over and they for ni reason´dont like You:) Sniff sniff.

Maybee You should wish You a girl, which has cleaning as a hobby. But the start would be You did Your half Yourself. Very good internet cant send small yeat.

Being attractive to a girl is both ways. Iranian women has less rights then cars and mobilphones.

I will remind You Europeans always has had mixcted relations to each other. USSR has collpased themself twice the last 100 years big expansions, they by very good reasosn could not keeep – all the way west of Berlin.

Even so we have traded each other some or sometimes very much, so using ” eauropean ass loves Russia” is a non commen with no coments about what it is all about. We ó ghave sanctions. USA has harder sanctions and manybee because they need them less.

So a minimum would be to expain.


Iran claimed they did not attach a mine to Israel tanker. It is probably Mossad. From a Turk Opt writer who stated the USA is funding and arming up the PKK, YPG. Iran said the Sauds need to stop being a bulldozer for Israel. The new Dept of Defense leader is suppose to be an expert on Iraq. Look to the U.S. Senate. Realize all Jews are in Biden’s adminstration. Married to Jews. Harris’ husband is a Globalist Jew.

El Mashi

Having Zionist in the US government is like putting the gas peddle to the floor on your way to Hell.

Tommy Jensen

Yeah, they are really hell bent to go down.

Pave Way IV

WC-135 Constant Phoenix nuke sniffer looking for something upwind of the Port of Dubai yesterday. Well, I guess we’ll soon know what kind of illegal nukes that Israeli ‘vehicle carrier’ was transporting to/from Saudi Arabia. Hope the Iranians didn’t put a hole in something explody. BDS Nuke Sanctions: ON!


Icarus Tanović

That’d be cool to see that ship goeas up in flames with nuclear explosion included.

Servet-i Funun Literature

On February 25th, the Israeli-owned vehicle carrying vessel – MV Helios Ray was rocked by a heavy explosion, but didn’t sink.

Ja,ja,ja,ja..rocked indeed,nice jedi mind-trick.Sinking 199 meter lenght vessel with 21000 tonnes carrying capacity needs a 2 torpedo minimum or 3-4 anti-ship missile.Keep fooling yourself.Both-sides will continue this game in low-intensity,manageable ways.


STC (Emirati mercenaries/South separatists) didn’t let Saudi mercenaries get into Aden while asking Biden to help partition Yemen.

Where are they supposed to go now?

Hasbara Hunter

Israeli Experts of the investigation team have found a fragment of the missile used in the attack on the MV Helios Ray.


Joao Alfaiate

Probably brought them with them

Hasbara Hunter

Well yeah to be honest that is actually ofcourse yet another possibility….but nevertheless Iran did it!

Fog of War

Would it matter if they did or not ? The result is the same.

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

Russian statements today reported by “Novosti” news agency close to Russian military that the Israel air raid on Syria on 28th Feb was 100% failure and not a single missile got through. This has been confirmed by various sources including British based Syria observatory.


The anti Christ is a Khazar Joo no doubt


The asymmetric war wage by Iran and his allies have the zionist running scared, their only way to respond is to murder scientist and bomb enemies in absolute inferiority, since Hezbollah is in charge of the Lebanon defense they do not dare to put a foot in Lebanon and their defense strategy change to military exercises to show strength, now their dogs want to engage in negotiations with Iran once they have failed miserably in the military field and the proof is that Iran have military presence right on the israhell border and the hutties are punishing their other lapdogs…


Its all lose-lose for fake Joo land thieving baby killers and ZioSaudia. Waiting for Iranians to flick the switch and watch ’em cockroaches scurry all the way back to brooklyn

Tommy Jensen

Where would the world of today be if we were not sniffing WMD’s and nukes all over the planet? All humanity would have blown up in smoke, gone! Dont ask what America can do for you but also what YOU can do for America. For your own sake!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The situation is reaching a critical point, with the Axis of Resistance attempting to push on the US, Israel and their other allies on all fronts.”

And when the US, Israel, and all their allies really push back as they will eventually, Iran as we’ve all come to know it will cease to exist. Only nut jobs and religious fanatics believe Iran can take on most of the rest of the world and win the fight, because all that oil and gas located in Iran is just an enormous prize waiting to be divided up between the victorious conquerors, a good excuse is all that’s needed to claim that prize. Might makes right and plunder replenishes the war chest, that’s the way it’s always been, so unless God decides to intervene and help the Iranians, because no one else will, Iran’s just inviting it’s own destruction.

The Objective

Yeah, keep spewing this nonsense to appease your humiliated resistance fans. Iranians will still claim victory even if their fighters lay dead at the hands of their enemies. Let me repost a reply I gave to one Iranian who also thought the so-called resistance is winning. I argued that they are being dealt with and have lost so many fighters and leaders without inflicting any meaningful damages on their enemies. READ BELOW:

I said losses, but you say numbers. Anyway, I’ll give you numbers and then losses: 1. “Between November 2012 and 2017 Iran lost over 2,100 men, including 418 ranking officers while more than 7,000 Iranian “defenders of the shrines” were also wounded. Unofficial estimates for the losses of non-Iranian fighters, mostly Lebanese, Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani, recruited and led by Iran, show several thousand casualties” https://english.aawsat.com/…. 2. “According to estimates by Iranian researchers using a survey of “funeral notices” published by the Lebanese branch of “Hezbollah,” the Iran-controlled militia led by Hassan Nasrallah has lost at least 1,400 men in combat in Syria. That is more than twice the number of men that “Hezbollah” lost in the 2006 war with Israel.” https://english.aawsat.com/…. 3. “Western intelligence sources put the number of Iranian and Iran-led fighters in Syria at over 25,000. Thus, the losses they have sustained are far bigger than the classical military measure of “decimation” used to indicate the worst possible military performance” 4. “An Iranian General Is Killed in Syria. Commander Hossein Hamedani died at Islamic State hands” https://www.theatlantic.com… 5. “10 Iran-backed fighters killed in Syria attack” https://www.aljazeera.com/n… 6. Iran’s General Qassem Suleimani wounded in Syria https://www.thenationalnews… 7. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh: Iran scientist ‘killed by remote-controlled weapon’ https://www.bbc.com/news/wo… 8. “US kills top Iranian general in Baghdad air strike. 8 others died alongside Soleimani” https://www.voanews.com/ext… 9. Economic losses due to “terrorist sanctions”: According to Javad Zarif, US sanctions inflicted $1 trillion damage on Iran’s economy” That could be an exaggeration, by it symbolizes the level of economic damage Iran incurred despite fulfilling its commitment under the JCPOA. https://www.aljazeera.com/n…

There are so many other losses on Iran, but I guess the few I’ve listed will help you do the math. Now, you give me the losses on America’s side.

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