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JULY 2022

The Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Facility. The Patriot Air Defence System Failed. Why?

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The Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Facility. The Patriot Air Defence System Failed. Why?

Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Global Research

On Saturday September 14, 2019, a missile and drone attack was waged against the world’s largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia.

Yemen’s  Houthi forces from the Ansar Allah movement claimed responsibility for the attack.

Washington blamed Iran. In chorus, the media pointed to the Houthis supported by Iran or attacks waged directly by Iran.

The media consensus: the attacks were ‘unquestionably sponsored by Iran’.

There are many unanswered questions, the most important of which is:

Why did Saudi Arabia’s advanced Patriot Air defense system fail to detect the drones and missiles?  

According to the Wall Street Journal: 

U.S. and Saudi officials didn’t anticipate a strike from inside Iran, officials said, rather than through one of its proxy forces or elite military units.

Saudi and U.S. focus had been largely on the kingdom’s southern border with Yemen, where Riyadh has been fighting Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen’s civil war, the officials said. The attacks, however, originated from Iranian territory in the northern Persian Gulf, …

The absence of air-defense coverage left Saudi’s eastern flank largely undefended by any U.S. or Saudi air-defense systems, … The glaring blind spot also left Saudi Arabia exposed to a threat despite spending billions annually on its defense budget.

“You know, we don’t have an unblinking eye over the entire Middle East at all times,” Marine Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters near London on Tuesday. (emphasis added)

These are nonsensical statements.

The whole Persian Gulf defense apparatus which includes strategic US and allied military facilities is based on “anticipating” strikes from Iran.  Saudi Arabia’s Air defense is coordinated by the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces (RSADF) which constitutes a separate branch of the Armed Forces.

The Eastern flank of Saudi Arabia is not “undefended”. Quite the opposite: it is protected by the US multibillion dollar Patriot Air Defense system. Western defense analysts know this inside out.

Moreover, that Eastern flank of  Saudi Arabia is heavily militarized. It includes several important US and allied military facilities in Saudi Arabia (as well as in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman). The Gulf is  among the most militarized regions on the Planet.

The Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Facility. The Patriot Air Defence System Failed. Why?

The Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Facility. The Patriot Air Defence System Failed. Why?

According to reports, US and Saudi officials were taken by surprise. Again a nonsensical statement.

They did not expect that the attack would come from the North. According to the Saudi Defence ministry spokesman Colonel Turki Al-Maliki,

“The attack was launched from the north and unquestionably sponsored by Iran,  …  We are working to know the exact launch point. … This is the kind of weapon the Iranian regime and the Iranian IRGC are using against the civilian … facilities”

Why did the air defense system fail? The underlying statements intimate that the air defense umbrella so to speak was geared towards defending Saudi Arabia solely from attacks coming from the South. A totally absurd proposition. The North-South issue is irrelevant. We are dealing with an advanced computerized military structure including a sophisticated and integrated air defense network.

At the same time Coronel Al Maliki at the press conference contradicts his own statements, stating that the Houthis did not have the capabilities of  attacking them from the South beyond 700 km.

Listen carefully to the Aramco press conference: Colonel Turki al-Maliki. (17’00) (Al Arabya, published September 18, 2019)

When questioned on why the air defense system failed, Colonel Al Maliki stumbled. (17′.30″),

“Mark Stone from Sky News. With respect, this is quite an embarrassing display for the Saudi military because it’s quite clear that your air defenses failed incredibly badly that so many missiles and drones were able to penetrate deep into Saudi Arabia”

He did not answer the question. He pointed to the very large number of ballistic missiles and UAVs which had previously been intercepted (since 2015). But no mention on the number of missiles and UAVs intercepted on September 14: 

“We are pretty proud about our air defense. Our air defense has intercepted until now almost 232 ballistic missiles [no details provided]. There is no country in the world [which has] been attacked with such [a large] amount of ballistic missiles and no attack to any country with 258 UAV. Our air defenses with the ability we have and our officers, NCOs and the community we have as air defense to locate as a tactical disposition on the ground. We save our nation. We save our country. If you think they are (INAUDIBLE), we are very proud of our defense. I’m sure the Saudi nation, they are pretty proud about our air defense.”  (emphasis added)

Failure of the Air Defense System?  Or Was the Patriot System “Disabled” on September 14?

Why did it fail?

There is of course the fashionable thesis that the US Patriot System is flawed in comparison to Russia’s state of the art S-400 air defence system. This assessment is correct but is it relevant?

Other reports point to the fact that the cruise missiles and UAVs were flying at low altitude (and could not be detected by the radar system).

“These were low-flying cruise missiles. They were coming in far below the engagement zone for Patriot. So you wouldn’t have tried to hit them with Patriot.”  (CNBC)

But this does not explain the total failure of Saudi Arabia’s air defence system on that particular day. The Patriot system (PAC) is extremely versatile and advanced. The apologetic reports on the failure of the Patriot Missile system in intercepting low-flying missiles are contradictory (focusing allegedly on weak radar capabilities at low altitude).

The US-made Patriot mobile air defense system produced by Raytheon  is specifically “designed to intercept tactical ballistic missiles, low-flying cruise missiles and aircraft.” (I24news.tv, May 10, 2019). It uses an advanced aerial interceptor missile and high-performance radar systems.

The attack on Saturday September 14, was made up of a total of 18 drones (UAVs) and seven missiles.

Strategic targets had been carefully selected. An early report on the 14th of September suggested that the Patriot air defense system could possibly have been   “disabled by the rebels” (as occurred in previous attacks):

“the rebels have flown drones into the radar arrays of Saudi Arabia’s Patriot missile batteries, according to Conflict Armament Research, disabling them and allowing the Houthis to fire ballistic missiles into the kingdom unchallenged.”  (CNBC, September 14, 2019, emphasis added)

This report intimates that the Patriot Air System might have been inoperative on September 14, which suggests that drones or missiles were not detected or intercepted.

The data on the interception of missiles and UAVs in previous attacks against Saudi Arabia is routinely reported. No “official” data, however, was released with regards to the September 14 attacks. Nor was the issue mentioned in the press conference.

Whereas the Wall Street Journal acknowledges the failures of the Patriot System while blatantly “inflating” the number of missiles and UAVs launched, the data on how many were intercepted is simply not mentioned:

U.S. and Saudi military forces and their elaborate air-defense systems failed to detect the launch of airstrikes aimed at Saudi Arabian oil facilities, allowing dozens of drones and missiles to hit their targets, U.S. officials said.

How many were intercepted? Defense specialists are mum on the subject and official statements have carefully avoided discussing it. Visibly that information is being withheld.

That leads us to the smoking gun question.

Was the Patriot Air Defense functional on September 14? This matter has to be investigated.

Was it the rebels (operating inside Saudi Arabia) who disabled the Patriot system (as mentioned in the CNBC report) or was it something else?  Was there an explicit order emanating from US and/or Saudi officials not to activate the air defense system on that day?  

18 drones and 7 missiles were launched. Major strategic targets –which had been carefully selected– were reached without impediment.

In other wordswhile it may be premature at this stage, we should not exclude the possibility that this was a False Flag with major repercussions on energy and financial markets.

The financial reaction was immediate. Saudi stocks fell, the oil prices rose, then settled and later fell again. It was an immediate reaction of major banks’ algorithmic speculation with about 10,000 operational hits a second. A trial for larger things to come?  (Peter Koenig, Global Research, September 21, 2019)

Colonel Turki Al Maliki’s Press Conference

Aired September 18, 2019 – 11:00   ET






AL-MALIKI: Thank you.


AL-MALIKI: Thank you. Will you please. I am controlling the press conference. Have a seat please.

MARK STONE, SKY NEWS: Thank you very much, Mark Stone from Sky News. With respect, this is quite an embarrassing display for the Saudi military because it’s quite clear that your air defenses failed incredibly badly that so many missiles and drones were able to penetrate deep into Saudi Arabia. First of all, why did your air defenses fail? And secondly, what will the response of Saudi Arabia by to quite such a substantial attack?

AL-MALIKI: Thank you. We are pretty proud about our air defense. Our air defense has intercepted until now almost 232 ballistic missiles. There is no country in the world been attacked with such amount of ballistic missile and no attack to any country with 258 UAV. Our air defenses with the ability we have and our officers, NCOs and the community we have as air defense to locate as a tactical disposition on the ground. We save our nation. We save our country. If you think they are (INAUDIBLE), we are very proud of our defense. I’m sure the Saudi nation, they are pretty proud about our air defense.

The other question. Right now, we are working as I mentioned to determine the exact position of the launch point. Either that it launched from Yemen, launched from somewhere else. Those people, they will be accountable and this is the decision of the political level in our country and we are just a military tool. That’s for the — I cannot say exactly what’s the decision would be taken and that level for a spokesman for the ministry of defense.

STONE: But just to clarify, you did say that they definitely were not launched from Yemen, correct?

AL-MALIKI: Yes, thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) from NRV TV. Colonel al-Maliki, I mean, it’s obviously that the world is suffering from terrorism all around, whether it’s from wish of countries and governments. And you’ve asked for the international community to acknowledge and take action towards these militias and the government which are attacking and provoking the area and all the world. What actions are you looking for? What actions are you hoping for?

AL-MALIKI: Thank you so much. I do agree with you. We know the terrorist act, as your friend here, he asked before, the terror act just needed tools. When terrorist act or terrorist group, they have conducted an attack in Europe, U.K., Spain, South Asia, United States, Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t mean there is a system had been failed. But those mind of ideology, they’re trying to go from the system and to do such terrorist attack to the civilians and they don’t believe in (INAUDIBLE).

The threat that we are facing, all of us, as I mentioned in the beginning, not just for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Iranian regime, the lion activity has been around in (INAUDIBLE) and also the Africa and they are working to support the terrorist group around the world. One of the things that we’re working — will not allow such capability and we have seen the Iranian regime or the IRGC, have given such capability to the Houthi and they are using it against the civilian people and the Saudi or the GCC.

I think it’s their responsibility for the whole international community to stop Iran from the blind activity to put accountability on them from the United Nations, the Security Council and that threat that’s not just for Saudi but are attacking Saudi Arabia today. They are supporting other terrorists’ groups in Lebanon, in Syria, in Yemen and around the world. So it’s their responsibility for the whole international community. Thank you.

The last two questions, please.


AL-MALIKI: Would you please move close to the mic.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sir, could I ask. You say you’re trying to pinpoint exactly where these missiles were fired from. Do you believe in the end you will find that they came from Iran itself and from Iranian soil?

AL-MALIKI: I believe that we will spot the launch point of this terrorist attack.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you think that’s most likely going to be Iran?

AL-MALIKI: I am sure we’ll spot it.


And we are working and whoever is responsible about it, they will take that accountability.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In a military way?

AL-MALIKI: Next question.

IAN LEE, CBS NEWS: Ian Lee from CBS news. My question for you is Secretary of State Pompeo is going to be visiting today. What do you want to see from the Americans? What concrete steps would you like to see the Americans take to prevent something like this from happening again? The other question is we’ve seen — as you’ve shown, there’s been what looks like hundreds of attacks, many attacks, yet Saudi hasn’t responded militarily to Iran. When is the breaking point? What is the red line for you where you feel like you’ll be compelled to respond militarily?

AL-MALIKI: Thank you very much. Yes, of course, we do have a strong relationship with the United States in terms of military relationship that we’re working together to face the threat that we — it’s not just for the Saudi and for the international community. We’re working together to preserve the peace and stability in the region and to also secure our national security.

What we need, we are working together to share the information. In Saudi Arabia there are more than 54,000 American people that are living with us. Of course, we are sharing such information with the Americans first. As I mentioned, this kind of information to save our people and the people that are living here in Saudi Arabia and to know exactly the OTTB of the tactic procedure for the Iranian regime how they’re using such weapons in a terrorist attack.

It comes to the other question, it’s not — we are working right now to know the launch point. I think I mentioned it for you and for your  friends. That we are working to know exactly the launch point. And when we have it, we will have the evidence. And the decision is not at my level.

LEE: If this is coming from Iran, though, that you say all this is Iranian backed, if it’s not directly coming from Iran, it’s Iranian backed. Do you see this as — do you see there being a need to go after Iran if Iran is going after you?

AL-MALIKI: I think they are now — they figure out they have discovered that we have a common understanding about the threat that’s coming from the IOGC. It’s our responsibility all of us to stop that Iran activity. And we are working together in that aspect. The decision I think not just for the GCC country, but also for the allies because they are threatening them many time, and we know the act lately it’s been conducted in the region.

Thank you.

I would like to thank you your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen for attending this brief. We are still working on the information as I mentioned to determine exactly the launch point. And when we find the final launch point, that they are attacking Saudi Arabia. We will announce this through a press conference. Thank you again.

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Perhaps the Saud radar operators had skived off to masturbate while watching a beheading?


The next target will be the system itself, they’d better stop jerking now.

Ceasar Polar

Patriots systems were ON. They were jammed with expeditionary first drones, then they made the way for the attack drones to fly by uncontested and successfully hit targets. You will see more successful hits like these from the houthis. People forget that the houthis 4 months ago they unveiled a new drone that is similar to the predator US drone but smaller, holding 4 precision guided missiles, Yemen and the Houthis can now pull up moved like that with great success. More attacks are to come. To teach the emiratis and saudis not to pact with the devil (US/israel). With some efficient jamming US radar/equipment (Aegis, patriots, david slingshot) all become very inefficient. Remember what a su27 did to USS donald coock over the baltic sea equipped with only one jammer (Khirbny) it disabled the whole destroyer.

Rhodium 10

Could be jammed from Iran..thats why saudis aim Iran….

Ceasar Polar

Jammers can be miniature, and jamm a small area. Jammers to work from iran have to be very very very powerful and jamm a whole are of several miles square, which will be easily detected and proved that iran jammed from iran. More likely it was jammed from drones, and it not impossible to do, it s actually easier than people think. Jamming started as early as just before WW1 (1904-1905) when the japaneese jammed russian forces in the battle of Tsushima. Jamming means overriding the radars with excess signal, that is the lowest level of jamming. Today they are more sophisticated jamming, on multiple bands, but the idea is the same disrupting radar signals…

friendly anon

You mean SU-24. Besides, it could have been political. If Israeli planes claimed the airspace, they would have had to turn off their defence systems. The biggest hint for a cover up is, that they claim to know the origin of the missiles, even though, their system didn’t engage them.

Ceasar Polar

Yes SU-24. If the israelis were around that zone, the Iranians would have followed their tracks from iran, and then released radar data about israeli’s operation. This looks to me a well prepared operation from the houthis, the drones were flying below engagement altitude, thus giving no chance whatsoever for the patriot system. The jammers were for the radars, which worked like a charm. The israelis i think will not risk to make their people loose sleep in a wake of their election. The paranoid zionist-scums shit their pants anytime they see a threat at 1000 miles.

Lazy Gamer

Do the math, 10 announced drones compared to missiles, drones, recovered and 17 targets hit. lol Thia was operation deterrent balance 2. The first operation had less results

Ceasar Polar

Each attack drone was holding 4 precision guided missiles.. in the 10 drones they were some for Electronic warfare, it successfully jammed the radar, then the attack drone flew uncontested, went along with hitting targets with precision guided missile. Everything is smaller than US equipment nevertheless it proved super efficient in doing the job.

Lazy Gamer

It jammed the radar but not the other drones? The missile recovered was bigger than the drones. How sure are we that the drones have precision missiles and not bombs?


I think it’s easier than it appears. Radars were working but based on the frequency of the radar, pulse repetition time, there’s a characteristic as “minimum detectable velocity” which is a threshold that any aerial object that flies below this velocity, no matter of it’s RCS will fall into the radar’s blind zone and indistinguishable from the ground clatter. Based on this, there’s a simple maneuver that every fighter pilot knows: When there’s a lock on your jet, fly perpendicular to the enemy jet with minimal lateral velocity change (forward speed doesn’t matter) and you’ll be fine, as in invisible, but you too will lose your own lock on the enemy. Unless you’re inside a Su-57 which has radars on it’s side to be able to do this while maintaining it’s own lock on the enemy.

I couldn’t find this number for Patriot systems radars and I didn’t search thoroughly (max number is something between mach 2-4.1 based on the model, but nothing of the minimum). It’s safe to assume it’s something around 20-40 m/s. That’s the speed you need to go to be invisible from “most” of radars, specially if you hug the ground. Not all, but most. That’s what happens when you use a specialized for high velocity-high altitude air defence against low velocity-low flying threats. Not to mention Patriot radars have a fixed 120 degree detection and 90 degree targeting cone: You can sneak behind it’s back. But AEGIS destroyers theoretically don’t have this limitation and they were stationed nearby.


Whenever I read US Coalition of Terror reports such as the following :- “we have and our officers, NCOs and the community we have as air defense —” it amuses me greatly,LOL.

The use of the word ‘community’ within military jargon is yet more proof that the Saudi spokesman has been drinking far to much US military LGBT Coolade.

Jacob Wohl

yeah try that against an F-22 and game over. F-22’s highly advanced AESA very low probability of intercept (<80%) AN/APG-71(v)1 has a range of 400km against a 1 square meter target. SU-57 has the radar cross section of 1 meters squared from the front, meaning the F-22 would spot it at 400km away (250 miles) and engage it at 80% of that distance which is around (360km). meanwhile the SU-57 could only spot the F-22 of 0.0001 meters squared RCS at <30km. F-22 wins in a landslide. also F-22s electronic warfare system is so powerful it can literally fry the electronics of enemy radars and communications devices. so say goodbye to smoky su-57 radars. F-22s also jammed the communications of the russkies attacking SDF base at conoco, which helped the AC-130s go in and clean them up :-]


I see you’re still trying to compensate for that sad little limpy thing.


Keep reading Stars and Stripes, similar to what Disney sell.


Yes but is the F22 invulnerable to bird strikes lol


Boy keep quiet. Dont you have a bottle to drink?


So you just spent five minutes cutting and pasting from Defense News then.

Ceasar Polar

The Russians also jammed US patriot system in Turkey that prompted the US military to quickly withdraw them from US Turkish bases. The Russians also jammed the USS donald duck (coock) with a single SU24 equipped with Khirbny system no missiles no bombs, disabling AEGIS radars and making screens go dark. Then passing over 12 times fly-overs “marking” them and simulating an attack, in the same time destroying mentally 27 US navy sailors that signed off from duty from the Navy the very next month. The Russians jammed US satelittes and US tomahawk missiles over Syria (70% of them fell down by electromagnetique Russian magick). A US general went public to say, Russian electronic warfare is so powerful that we are blind to it. And sooo many others that i will skip, so your F22, i highly doubt it can do anything against a ground force and an aerospace force that entirely equipped with efficient jamming systems and EW systems that beat US radars and sensors. Even the chineese know how to beat AEGIS radars. How do you think now the Houthis did it ? Others can do it, so knowledge have no borders, that they just proved it, by beating 80 patriot batteries deployed in SA, plus the Aegis radars on the destroyers at large in SA.

Ceasar Polar

Most ground radars are blind below 600 feet too. So if you are hugging the ground, unless you are spotted by a man-pad TOW, then you will be undetected by radar stations and ground based systems.

Tiresia Branding

the problem of those who systematically tell lies is that they end up believing it https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/09/21/saudi-oil-strikes-perfect-example-of-yemeni-forces-military-capabilities/


But I did live in a live sewage pipe in Auschwitz for two years Tiresia :) It is a miracle I know and its all in my latest book. ‘ The shitty life of a kike in Auschwitz’. :)

Friend of Russia

S 400s and S 300s are not better as well. How many Israeli enemy jets were taken down in Syria?

You can call me Al

2 1 x F-16 1 x F-35

+ scores of drones.

Oh sorry you said £-300 / S-400, no the above were done by Pantsir missile system and S-200. Now the SAA have the S-300 systems switched on and Russia has it’s own S-400 switched on; strangely enough the hooked noses have returned inside their walled prison and are just killing innocent Palestinian children now again.


Killing innocent Palestinian children is so much more fun, and the hit rate is a lot higher, plus it makes those swamp rats feel good when they are blasting away at proverbial fish in a tank.

Friend of Russia

Just two jets shot down whereas Israeli airstrikes are happening daily. That’s poor record


How many Israeli jets fly over Syria, as opposed to flying along borders between Syria and other peaceful nations.

Jens Holm

Israel is not allowed by the Russians to fly there. Thats why.


It fails because it sucks.

You can call me Al

I think that sums it up perfectly. No need for all this detailed analysis BS.



Zionism = EVIL

Absolutely a FACT, as I wrote ages ago even the GAO report dating back to the 1990’s pointed out that the “patriots” were epic failure. No further analysis is indeed needed after the world class Yemeni drone strike.

Patriot Missiles Are Made in America, Cost Millions and Fail Everywhere

The evidence is in from Riyadh: the missile defense system that the United States and its allies rely on is a lemon and now a once again proven dud.


Well given they have had a while to fix it, seems they can’t. Must be one hell of a kick back to the defense guys who buy these things for their countries. I am guessing dual citizenships and at least one get out of jail (and town) free card. We are so proud. Code word meaning filthy rich treasonous bastards.

Jacob Wohl

in your dreams antisemitic-bob squarepants. they never failed since they were never turned on. saudis didn’t have the coverage to protect their oil fields unfortunately


Hey… Watch your tongue bois.

Jacob Wohl

why are you liking my comment, antisemite?

Jacob Wohl's Nose

because you are a joke, a hilarious joke. funniest meme of all time. Rocket Nose :=========D

Jacob Wohl

the truth is the Patriots are supreme, no questions asked. Saudis just didn’t use them properly, that’s all

Jacob Wohl's Nose

oy vey, muh rocket nose strrroooooonk


Whatever… Saudis are idiots anyway.


You are being too generous in your assessment of Saudis.

Tudor Miron

Yeah, “no questions asked”(c) there’s no other option is it? Otherwise answers may hurt :)




You are saying the Americans delivered an advanced air defence system and just left the Saudis to it to operate the things without proper training? The Americans did not make 100% sure that the Saudis knew how to operate them? Of the 1000s of US troops in Saudi Arabia the US could not spare a few to help defend the Saudis huge oil installations?

That does not make much sense to me, unless you are telling us in a roundabout way the Americans let those installations be hit on purpose, i.e. a false flag.

So, which is it: American/Saudi incompetence or a conspiracy?


They weren’t turned on?

Crap Raytheon product, didn’t work in GW1, still doesn’t work today. Another scam from the MIC.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I believe you will be sentence soon because you are dishonest, a liar, scammer, swindler, and have been found guilty by your fellow human beings. I found one of your new scams. You use to run a site called WohlGirls.com Now it links into your new scam site https://trump.me/ where you are trying to make $15 off per visitor plus gather their personal information.

Tudor Miron

Tell that story to you granny, she may buy it. “hey were never turned on.”(c) Really? How about this? https://youtu.be/gbbx8mw_Qxo


Есть хороший русский анализ. Most US weapons are advertising gimmicks to rip off Sunni Arab vassal regimes.



I am curious: can you please explain what “antisemitism” has to do with Boycott-Israel’s comment?

Jacob Wohl

boycotting Israel is an attack on the Jewish people, their DNA, their religion, and the very fabric of their identity and Zionist ideology. Boycotting is exactly what nazis did to the Jews during pre war Europe.


1. Zionistan does NOT represent the Jews around the world, it just represents itself and the Jews living there. 2. Zionistan is NOT a person, therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE to be racist against a “thing”, a political entity. 3. There is no such thing as a Jewish DNA, as there is no such thing as a Jewish race !! 4. Zionist ideeology is a racist political ideology and has nothing to do with religion, i.e. it has nothing to do with Judaism per se. 5. Boycotting Zionistan has nothing to do with the Nazi boycott of the Jews, for the simple reason as per point 2 above. Former apartheid South Africa was boycotted for the same apartheid policies that Zionistan has enshrined in law.

Zionistan, with its racist polity, policies, behaviour, has surpassed former apartheid South Africa, and in many ways even Nazi Germany. A more appropriate moniker is Zionazistan.

Zionazistan deserves the exact same treatment as those 2 former countries, anything less is double standards, and so far Zionistan has benefited from those double standards thanks to countries’ fear around the world to be labelled “antisemitic” for any criticism.

No baby, your standard hasbara BS does not cut it anymore. The war crimes and crimes against humanity are there, in broad daylight. Luckily that sticking racist cesspool has started to rot from within.



Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, no further analysis is required about the DUD PATRIOTS, their only accomplishment so far has been to kill the Saudi morons and foreign workers on the ground by debris. Perhaps, Americunts secretly wanted to kill the Saudis as these million dollar a pop dud patriots are literally exploding the Saudi morons dumbarse. We can just hope all the Wahhabi moronic family run kleptocratic kingdoms buy some more. The Americunt lardass morons should be providing patriot duds to the Zionist scum for free to as we need a Zionist cleansing by patriots :)


Comical Ali’s cousin.

We have the best air-defence, lol.

Tudor Miron

Why??? This is why https://youtu.be/gbbx8mw_Qxo

Ishyrion Av

I have a different theory, if I’m allowed. It is almost sure Houthi’s are responsible for this attack. But the succes of the attack it may be ensured by US military, specifically that part controlled by deep state and Israel. Let us remember that, after Bolton left the White House, rumors started to say that Trump will meet with Rouhani. Immediately, the attack happen and Pompeo, Pence along with US Senators pointed to Iran. Trump came later. Afganistan. A deal was suppose to be sealed between US and Talibans. A nonsense attack happen and the negotiations were cut short. Bolton was fired on this one, so I’m sure he did it. Every time when Trump is closed to reach to one of his promises (made during the election), something bad happens and the usual enemies are pointed out: Iran, Russia, China. I’m not saying Trump is the good guy. Poor guy, he is incapable to take a stance and eliminate his adversaries. But every time when the enemy can become a less enemy, something stupid or bloody or spectacular happens and the enemy becomes bigger enemy again. I would point to Israel.

Ceasar Polar

Iran said it 1000 times, Iran will not meet with Trump (at ANY level) unless the sanctions are lifted. Trump never implied to lift the sanctions on Iran. So basically Trump wasnt even close in making a deal with Iran. Your theory doesnt match the facts. Let’s say now, if Trump lifted the sanctions on Iran, then this happened then, yes, i would agree that the deepstate is doing this to stop the peace. But Trump doesnt seem to be smart enough to lift the sanctions on Iran which will signal a clear peace signal from Washington. Firing Bolton doesnt mean anything, that zionist-scum will be replaced with another zionist-cock-sucking-scum.

Ishyrion Av

You miss the point. Iran is the rational partner here and he will do anything rational to lift the sanctions. Including meeting with Trump. Everything else is politics.

Ceasar Polar

No, they will not meet with Trump, since they saw what happened when “rocket-man” chairman Kim met with Trump. Nothing transpires from meeting Trump, only for photo-op and boost to get Trump re-elected for 2020. this is something that Iran is well aware of and they will not serve this gift to Trump, unless they get what they want, the sanction lift. So iran is the rational chessplayer, they will not lose their Queen unless they can checkmate their opponent. No sanctions lift, no meeting with Iran, no photo-op, no savior deal maker Trump for 2020 election. Iran made it super clear through their sanctioned-super-smart foreign minister.

Ishyrion Av

They already said they are willing to discuss, mate. Read this one: https://www.rt.com/newsline/469512-iran-rouhani-changes-nuclear/

Stephan Williams

I’m stunned at the stubborn single-mindedness and fundamental ignorance of the presstitutes asking all the wrong questions. They really are hired for their willingness to lie and distort the facts in order to support the “official story”, aren’t they?


The US’ excuse for their premier export SAM system completely failing in KSA – ‘they came from behind.’ Wow, just, wow.

Ceasar Polar

For people that know technical details know for a fact that they are lying to the world. Ground based radars have 360 degree detection, only patriots that have to turn around, but the eyes of the patriot is the radar. Even the AEGIS equipped destroyer didnt see anything. US equipped is not efficient against asymmetrical warfare, their radars cannot see small low flying low speed targets/drones. The Houthis proved just that!


Kind of like 9/11 we are very proud

At that point we should just fire the whole lot


All this talk about what a threat Iran is and they don’t even turn on the radar, right.

Hell there probably some Palestinian kids who could hit those plants from Iran with their slingshots and they were surprised.

Locked and loaded means you are ready to fire a weapon. Not you got locked out of the house because you were so loaded.

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