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The Armed Forces of Ukraine Began to Demining their Minefields, Opening the Way for the Advance

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine Began to Demining their Minefields, Opening the Way for the Advance

This article originally appeared at Rusvesna, translated from Russian by Anonymous Info Agency exclusively for SouthFront

The army of Ukraine starts cleaning its own minefields in the area of Golmovsky town(the town is 56km from Donetsk in the territory currently occupied by the Ukrainian forces) and is toward the line of contact for a direct attack on positions of DPR – said today deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense of DPR Eduard Basurin to journalists.

“Demining of minefields using UR-77 “Dragon” has been observed in the area of Golmovsky towards the contact line to open the way for the offensive of the AFU personnel stationed in area of this settlement” – said Eduard Basurin.

According to him, the AFU continues under cover of the night to pull heavy weapons and personnel for the attack, as evidenced by facts obtained by the DPR intelligence.

“In the territory Kostyantynivka, at the psychiatric hospital, the arrival of self-propelled howitzer “Gvozdika” has been marked. In the neighborhood “Novator” of village Dimitrov the arrival of 40 units of armored vehicles including Self-propelled artillery and military personal of AFU has been noted – also said deputy commander.

He noted that in the direction of Nevelsk from Netaylovo moving column of weapons systems and military equipment up to 15 units has been observed.

“At 8 kilometers from the line of contact, northwest of Nikolayevka is the whereabouts of a tank squad with – 3 tank units, a rocket launcher “GRAD”, 4 units of self-propelled artillery and 10 units of military personal. “

According to measures implement in the Minsk Agreement which was signed by the Contact Group on February 12, artillery of 100 mm caliber and above should be withdrawn from contact line by 50 km, rocket launchers “GRAD” above 70 km and heavy rocket launchers like “Tornado”, “Hurricane”, “Smerch” as well as the ballistic rocket “Point” – above 140 km.

Both sides of the conflict must withdraw their weapons at equal distances, Kiev – from the current line of contact, and the DPR and LPR to a line fixed in Minsk memorandum dated 19th of September. Nevertheless settlements of DPR are still under intense shelling from the Ukrainian army forces, including a self-propelled artillery and heavy rocket launchers.

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