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The Afghan Army And the Taliban Ramp Up The Fight, As Turkey Primes To Join In

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You can read this article in German: LINK.

The knot in Afghanistan is tying up ever tighter, as clashes between government forces and the Taliban are happening throughout the country.

Generally, the Taliban come out on top, but on July 8th, in Badghis it was different.

On July 7th, Taliban fighters stormed the capital city – Qala-e-Naw, expecting to easily “liberate” it.

The fighters stormed key government buildings and freed around 600 prisoners from the provicial central prison.

However, the group met with heavy resistance from government forces.

Qala-e-Naw is currently in the hands of government forces.

Clashes with Taliban fighters are still ongoing in the city’s outskirts.

According to the Afghan Defense Ministry, 69 Taliban fighters were killed and 23 others were wounded in recent operations in the outskirts of Qala-e-Naw.

Loads of weapons and ammunition were also captured from the group.

The rest of the province is in Taliban hands, and likely it is just a matter of time until the capital falls.

Government forces have lost many of the contested districts in recent days, with the Zendah Jan district in Herat province falling into the insurgents’ hands.

Clashes between the Taliban and Afghan armies were reported in the Nawur district in Ghazni province, which is still heavily contested in the central region.

Iran is attempting to assist the negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban, by hosting a meeting between both delegations in Tehran.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif called the talks “substantive” saying that no impediment remains for Afghans of all political stripes to chart a peaceful and prosperous future for the next generation.

In a six-point joint statement issued by Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem, the two sides agreed that continuing the war was dangerous for the country and all efforts must be made to find a peaceful solution.

However, as far as Turkey is concerned it is ready to throw a wrench in those plans.

On July 6th, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Ankara was preparing to send Syrian militants to Afghanistan.

What role they will fill remains unclear, as Turkey is currently priming to provide security to the Kabul airport and nothing more.

Turkey appears to be heading to a military adventure in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has already warned Ankara against keeping any troops in the country after September 11th.

Judging by Turkey’s recent operations in Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh and its successive operations in Syria and Iraq, Ankara is unlikely to listen to any reason or warnings.

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Roddney Loder.ts better this way

Turkey is NATO say Taliban’s most recent statements, the NATO policy of attrition has failed, Turkey is not welcome , this is a God (swt) send for Syria, a bit like Covid and strengthens Saudi position agsinst UAE – the apostates of Islam.

Dirty Judens thats what UAE is maggots and swune, Allah (swt) will have a great punishment for them , dont worry, God (swt) is greatest.

I eat faith. Say yes to Faith

Oh very informative and accurate

Marco Polo

The Taliban is bad, it isn’t our business and out countries shouldn’t be involved.

We need to fight subversives at home, not foreigners abroad. We are already ruled over by foreigners, the various jewish banking dynasties such as the Rothschilds among others.

http://www.bitchute.com/hashtag/avpquestionable-actors/ – Devilish Dugin: “We must Repopulate the West with Eurasian Nomads” – Dugin Embraces Satanist Aleister Crowley, 1995 (thelema, wicca, theosophy, hermetic tradition, kabbalah, alchemy)

Last edited 1 year ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo



Last edited 1 year ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

Is Academia “Right Wing”? https://odysee.com/@ApollonianGerm:a/is-academia-right-wing:9

What Marx Thought About Race https://youtu.be/Z7NkILyjV2g

Karl Marx’s Ancestry and Elite Connections: thuletide.wordpress.com/2021/03/05/karl-marxs-ancestry-and-elite-connections-what-is-being-hidden-from-us/


[The modern Globalist worldview is based almost entirely upon the myth that “racism” (also known as ‘ethno-centrism’ or ‘in-group preference’) is a modern, fabricated “ideology” or a “learned behavior,” rather than an inherent attribute of human nature — chimps live in ‘communities’, wolves live in ‘packs’, humans live in tribes and nations.

Leftists and Globalists (themselves ardent ideologues) argue that the “ideology” of “racism” was invented by European colonialists in the 1700s, as a retroactive justification for “the oppression, persecution, and exploitation of People of Color.”

All of that is complete nonsense, of course. This propaganda, in its modern, refined form, was cooked up by the scheming Western Marxists who currently dominate Western academia.]

• Marx and Engels, Communist Manifesto http://archive.vn/UtFPO “The working men have no country. […] National differences are daily more and more vanishing. […] The supremacy of the proletariat will cause them to vanish still faster. United action, of the leading civilised countries at least, is one of the first conditions for the emancipation of the proletariat”

• Lenin, Cultural-National Autonomy http://archive.vn/HNzk6#selection-669.1-669.452 “Marxism is irreconcilable with nationalism. Marxism puts forward internationalism to replace all forms of nationalism, the fusion of all nations into a highest unity.”

• Lenin, National Culture http://archive.vn/HNzk6#selection-559.1-559.404 “he who does not fight against all forms of national oppression or inequality, is not a Marxist [but] a petty bourgeois nationalist”

• Trotsky, What Is National Socialism? http://archive.vn/VEcep “On the plane of politics, racism is a vapid and bombastic variety of chauvinism in alliance with phrenology.”

• Stalin, Conversation Between I.V. Stalin’s And Romanian Leader http://archive.vn/qhoef “racism leads to fascism.”

• Stalin, Marxism And The National Question http://archive.vn/f60d9 “A nation is primarily a community, a definite community of people. This community is not racial, nor is it tribal […] but a historically constituted community of people. The only cure for this is organization on the basis of internationalism. To unite locally the workers of all nationalities of Russia into single, integral collective bodies, to unite these collective bodies into a single party – such is the task.”

• Description of the New Soviet Man (Wiki) http://archive.vn/GCcBl “He also has lost any nationalist sentiments, being Soviet rather than Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, or any of the many other nationalities found in the USSR.”

• Hitler, Mein Kampf “Marxism’s ultimate goal is and always will be the destruction of all non-J*wish national states. […] Bolshevism represents the J*w’s twentieth century attempt to gain world domination just as they tried by different, though closely related means throughout history […] Today, Germany is the next great objective of Bolshevism. We will need all the strength of a young missionary idea to again rescue our nation from the entanglement of the international serpent “

• Hitler, Mein Kampf “How can the German worker come to understand that Bolshevism is a damnable crime against humanity when we choose as our allies the very organizations of this evil plan and acknowledge it as an equal? […] How can we condemn a member of the broad masses for his sympathy toward a world philosophy when the leaders of the State choose the representatives of that World-Concept as an ally? The struggle against the J*wish effort to convert the world to Bolshevism requires that we clarify our attitude toward Russia. After all, we cannot drive out Satan by using Beelzebub.”

• Goebbels, Communism With The Mask Off “Bolshevism is not merely anti-bourgeois; it is against human civilization itself. In its final consequences it signifies the destruction of all the commercial, social, political, and cultural achievements of Western Europe, in favor of a deracinated and nomadic international cabal which has found its representation in J*daism. This grandiose attempt to overthrow the civilized world is so much more dangerous in its effects because the Communist International, which is a past master in the art of misrepresentation, has been able to find its protectors and pioneers among a great part of these intellectual circles in Europe whose physical and spiritual destruction must be the first result of a Bolshevik world revolution. Bolshevism, which is in reality an attack on the world of the spirit, pretends to be intellectual itself. Where circumstances demand, it comes as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But underneath the false mask which it here and there assumes there are always the satanic forces of world destruction.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Marco Polo
Fog of War



Icarus Tanović

Yes they are, but Erdogan is snake breeded from the same nest as Talibans. They’re same.

Marco Polo

At least the Afghans won’t have such a drug epidemic under Taliban rule, how much different would it be than prior to their king’s abdication in the late 1970s? They seemed more modern under him than the Taliban.


And when snakes fight snakes, good wins.


The best possible outcome for Iran is if we make these basturd sunni/ wahabbi muzlim fight one another! Half the battle is won already then………we must ensure a fight between the turkish moghal guppu vs the wahabbi dalit……..you gettin the drift?……..this is the prize!

S Balu

Ahson Indian Dalit boy What happened to your Dhoti Brigade that you going fight against TALIBAN AS USUAL YOU ARE FUNCTIONING WITH HALF DECK AND YOUR DHOTI IS FULL OF BROWN STAINS


you will lose as a wahabbi. No matter what. Just like the last 40 years no?……..lol

Roddney Loder.

Don’t know how my name change came about, I suspect a dirty trick campaign – another one – anyhow I’m now on the lookout for this kind of skull-duggery, please disregard my last title.

Rodddney Loder.

Yeah you must be the real one, can’t even spell your own name. or am I?

Rodfddndeydy Lodert

I don’t think we will ever figure out who is the real one…

Icarus Tanović

He’s name is Del boy, not Rodney aka Dave as trig used to address him.

Chess Master

Turkey needs to continue their great drone program. Any war is opportunity for testing the new toys. If they don’t work, Turkey lose nothing. If they work in Afghanistan like they did in Nagorno, Turkey becomes a superpower.

L du Plessis

Turkey will supply the Afghan Gov with mercenaries.

Chess Master

The drones will do the heavy lifting.


Whose taking care of the Jews’ US Tyranny’s Z(C)IA’s poppy fields?!

Marco Polo

There are even more poppy fields in Australasia.


Turkey is sending their Syrian terrorists to be slaughtered. It saves having to keep paying them and these lowlifes are certainly no match for the Taliban. Qala-e-naw will fall to the Taliban. The Afghan Ministry of Defense propaganda has ensured the previously ‘victorious’ government soldiers will be shown no mercy. TEP.

Icarus Tanović

If he take sides with anyone in Afghanistan, that’s his demise. So Americans just wasted time and fuck around, so Satanic Sultan will beat them like a drum. Not going to work.


Oh please, Ottomans please bring your drones, and your Syrian bitches or your ottoman army, but hey Jingis Kan failed, Mighty Soviet Union failed (cuz of US stingers supplies), the very US was 20 fucking years there, you cannot kill have the country, if Afghan gov, holds 50% and scoring to reports Taliban hold 50% of the territory, jeez, I really want to see you IN. LMAO, I am LOL. Just what are you going to do there, oh damn I forgot they will help the Taliban, damn how I didn’t see that, that whats Ottomans do, just support terrorists everywhere. Sure go all in, please.


but you don’t say da same on pdf forum no? how come? over there you try to fit in wid da dalit muzlim sentiment?

Arch Bungle

Turkey wants to spend another 20 years in Afghanistan before they pull out in defeat.

Arch Bungle

Very smart of the Taliban to take all the border control points. They can squeeze Americas Satraps to death with little effort.

Leif Sachs

After the Soviet Union and the US, Turkey is going in for sloppy thirds.


Turkey will split up, the Afghan people, and turn them against each other. Just like in the U.S. and Europe and Africa.



Killer Angel

turkey’s caliphate needs to go bye bye for good.


Turkey’s back got itchy.


Even Belgium or Austria are more powerful as Russia hahahhahahahaha hahahahhahahahha hahah


Russia is called in the West – oh no, mustwe again help russian soldiers? hahahhahahahahhah hahhaha

Last edited 1 year ago by TomSawyer

NATO lost 1700 soldiers in 20 years – guess how much the soviet lost in only 10 years hahahahhahahhahahhahaha

Last edited 1 year ago by TomSawyer

hahahahhaha huhuhu hihihihihi


The entire world is laughing at Russia, like always hahahaha


Who is funding the Taliban?

Colonel Dolma

note that Erdogan will AGAIN use syrian mercenaries(aka al qaeda spinoffs from fake zio/USA war on Iraq) for his pan turanism war ambitions… after he bilked Europe for BILLIONS of euros to not flood the continent with them he now has the funds and the religious commonality to send these killers worldwide….. of course most of the stupid bastards never see a penny of the $2K promised to them as they are blown up like cannon fodder. This Erdogan could never proceed without the anglo zio controlled NATO, zio infected CIAand NSA and the zionist hideous entitity itself greenlighting this murderous agenda. A Genocidal nation of mogoloid killers allowed so much power in this world… all for the sake of Eretz Israel and their cousinly Greater Khazaria… two nations one brotherhood.

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