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The Actual Truth Of Bitcoin And Blockchain

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The Actual Truth Of Bitcoin And Blockchain

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For some, the lack of transparency and traceability can serve as a disadvantage in price estimation and negotiation; for others, it can be a security concern. You can check websites like https://bitcoins-era.io/ if you want a dedicated account manager for your bitcoin trading venture. The platform has features like high compatibility with all devices, a massive range of trading tools and many more. For example, if a new mining chip is developed overseas, how do we know it incorporates safety features familiar to that region? And what if the manufacturer is known for design flaws?

Bitcoin and blockchain have been hailed as the solution to these challenges. The unique digital signatures of each bitcoin ensure authenticity using cryptography standards. It has helped make decentralized peer-to-peer commerce practical in ways that were not possible before. For example, significant reductions in transaction fees and the cost of cross-border business in banking, remittance and other fields are just the tips of what is possible.

With bitcoin handling a growing percentage of online transactions, a new ecosystem is being built around it that is reworking our notions of trust and money. Bitcoin currently represents nearly 10% of all fiat currency notes in circulation around the globe that have been placed into circulation by individuals using bitcoin. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the actual truth of blockchain and bitcoin, so let’s get started.

  1. Bitcoin and blockchain are not designed for illegal use:

Since the inception of bitcoin and blockchain technology, the biggest myth has been that these are designed for illegal activities. It is not true; in reality, bitcoin and blockchain are designed for legal uses only, and it has been used for legal purposes for many years. Therefore, it is not true that illegal activities have been carried out using bitcoin and blockchain networks.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology have given users anonymity when making transactions, but this is by design. These privacy features are essential to the future of a global financial system because there is always a way to fight illegal activities when everyone leaves behind a detailed audit trail. Blockchain technology will always remain neutral; however, people can use it illegally, just like any other technology. But neither bitcoin nor blockchain was explicitly designed for illegal use.

  1. Bitcoin is entirely anonymous:

Yes, bitcoin is anonymous and not wholly. Bitcoin is pseudonymous, meaning transactions are published on a public ledger, but the users remain unknown. Every user has a unique address that can only be deciphered by the person who holds the corresponding private key, which is like a password. Blockchain technology is completely transparent, and the ledger shows every transaction in the network. So if an audit trail is left behind, it will be possible to trace illegal activities back to the users.

  1. Bitcoin and blockchain have scalability issues:

Bitcoin and blockchain have been aligned in the same way that they are interrelated. So when we talk about scalability issues, it often concerns bitcoin and blockchain as they are two sides of the same coin.

Bitcoin is just the centre point of this discussion, and blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin, which has been referred to as a revolution in modern online payment systems. Because of its revolutionary changes in payment systems, a lot of interest in bitcoin and blockchain has been garnered by central banks, financial institutions, and other institutions all around the globe.

The scalability issue is one of the biggest challenges that bitcoin is facing. It is an issue related to the number of transactions the bitcoin network can handle per second. The bitcoin blockchain can process only 7 transactions per second which are pretty low compared to other online payment systems like Visa, which can process 2000 transactions per second. So this scalability issue has been holding cryptocurrency back from making large-scale changes in financial and other industries.

  1. Bitcoin is volatile:

Adopting bitcoin and blockchain technology in various aspects of life is revolutionizing online payments. It has led to a significant increase in popularity over the last few years, leaving it at risk of high volatility. It is because when bitcoin gets into the hype, it can experience rapid rises and falls in price. The reasons behind this high volatility are unclear. Still, some researchers have associated it with speculative bubble-like characteristics like those witnessed before the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. Then, everyone was hopeful about internet stocks resulting in massive hype and significant rises and falls.

  1. Blockchain is expensive to implement:

Bitcoin and blockchain technology have revolutionized online payments, identity management, smart contracts, security for financial transactions, etc. Because both bitcoin and blockchain are scalable, they can easily handle more transactions. This scalability has led to many institutions like banks and financial institutions adopting it for their transaction systems resulting in the rising popularity of these technologies. However, if we look at the cost of developing such a system, it can be expensive because blockchain is an open network.

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USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

All needs Internet access. Which is not for granted.

Diamonds are a girls best friends. Men could use to keep them close, too. Gold, platinum is not that bad either…


First the Blip and then the Chip; Blipcon.

Contrary to the usual hubris and arrogance of Western banksters and so-called €conomist$ the future of money is being decided by those countries that actually have physical reserves and resources and the military power to control them. For Russia and China “reserves and resources” does not mean the unpayable debt that so-called Western capitalists imagine “wealth” to be as they continue to impoverish their hostage nations with their anti capitalist cant that has turned the so called Western “democracies” into impoverished welfare ruins over run by Soros’ migrant hordes to distract the masses from the real enemy among them. One gets it or one doesn’t as the case may be but the Anglozionazi centric world is already a thing of the past.


That future does not include a “global reserve currency” style Fedcon slash Blipcoin owned by the money changers and globally imposed as the Pentacon Kissinger Saudi Mercan IOU petroscrip toilet paper dollah was, whatever about being imposed on USSAN and Europeon debt slaves only too happy to exist in their cashless, electronic gulags “all watched over by machines of loving grace” as they jab their electro thingies In lieu of using a brain to “purchase” their Latte dumbass I’m a moron five buck starschmucks zio piss “coffee”.


In a world of NSA slash CIA hacking gone mad, run as these criminal enterprises are by murderous thugs and sociopaths, how the hell can an unknown App like Blipcoin suddenly be “wealth” and how in God’s name can gold be purged from human DNA after 5000 years functioning as real money simply because the shamanic Satanic banksters in the West and the Pedophile Politburo in Natostan ghetto Brussels no longer have any and the brain dead Millennials with their prosthetic blinking plastic gizmo brains, never managed to grasp what in fact real money is? The simple answer is that actual physical money such as gold can’t be purged and replaced with fiat or blips or BS and try as the globo mob might it won’t get purged and in the end when the electricity inevitably goes out the surviving Millennials will wake the hell up or go belly up when their “survival” Apps no longer bring home the bacon.

USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

Platinum, gold, silver or Diamonds… They are all real currency.

Peter Jennings

In a short time the morons will die out, especially if they took the gov’t poison. They will literally social signal themselves to an early death. The NWO will then be faced with a hardcore population that isn’t poisoned, that sees what the western gov’ts have done to their own people, and will hate them for it.

Peter Jennings

Bitcoin is traceable. The code was there all along to make it anonymous but whoever decided to run with it didn’t bother to use this protocol. The more i see, the more i think that Bitcoin was a plant to steer funds away from precious metals and to get everyone used to the idea of digital currency. A digital currency which can be manipulated in umpteen ways by those who control it.

Demand and use cash or precious metals. In the long run you will be glad you did.

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