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The 2nd Murder In 48h: Mayor And His Two Children Killed In Syria’s Daraa

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On August 14, the mayor of Eyeb town in the northern Daraa countryside was killed along with his two children by unidentified gunmen.

The gunmen shot the mayor, Fadl Gadallah Muslih, his son Mutaz, a college student, and his 8-year old daughter, Ghufran, on a road leading to the town of al-Mudawra in the northern Daraa countryside. The three were killed on the spot.

According to local sources, Muslih and his children were on their way back from the capital, Damascus, when the attack occurred.

Muslih was reportedly in contact with Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iranian forces that maintain a small presence in Syria’s southern region.

The 2nd Murder In 48h: Mayor And His Two Children Killed In Syria’s Daraa

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

ISIS terrorists or even foreign sides, like the Israeli intelligence, may be behind the murder of Muslih and his two children.

This was the second assassination in Daraa in the last 48 hours. Sheikh Nadim Qwaider al-Miqdad, a former Sharia judge, was killed by unidentified gunmen in eastern Daraa on August 13 morning.

The situation in Daraa is slowly spinning out of control. The number of attacks targeting  government forces and local fighters is constantly growing. Necessary security measures are yet to be taken.


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Only IsraHell and their Zionist jihad friends kill children…


Suck a dick bastard.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So there’s no chance at all the perpetrators were actually ex SAA soldiers from the Russian supported 5th army corps, they could only be Isis fighters or Israeli agents could they. But Isis or Israel didn’t order the SAA 5th army corps soldiers to go and kill their own family members just a few months ago, but Iran and Hezbollah did, that’s why so many of the 5th army corps deserted not that long ago, and I’d say they still have some major resentment about the way they were treated back then, so I’d place them on top of the suspects list, not Isis or Israel.

“Sheikh Nadim Qwaider al-Miqdad, a former Sharia judge”

Was he, but I thought Syria was supposed to be non sectarian, at least in the Government held areas anyway. Obviously it isn’t just the terrorists who favour Sharia Law, Hezbollah and Iran are imposing Sharia Law in the areas they control too, but this guy won’t be sending anyone else to get a hand or head chopped off, his days of sending people to the chopping block are are over. I don’t know why an 8 year old has to die for a fathers sins, only blind hatred explains that.

Peter Jennings

You’re right, there’s no chance.

Hezbollah hail from Lebanon. Just as cosmopolitan as isreal, without the apartheid and land theft ambitions.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

We’ll all find out eventually and when we do some of us may be shocked by the truth.

Iran already owns most of Deir ez Zor and is now trying to take over Darra and Quneitra too, protest and assassination are a direct response to Iran’s overbearing presence there. Iran also tried to take over the Syrian telecom network with Rami Maalouf’s help but luckily Assad and Putin put a stop to that. Rami was also responsible for all the favourable land lease deals that Iran got in Deir ez Zor, and those deals effectively gave Iran control of most of the governorate, but Rami won’t be doing any more deals with Iran anymore. :] And did you say Hezbollah aren’t land grabbers or proponents of Apartheid, that’s not what the Sunni’s in Deir ez Zor are saying, they’re in fact telling anyone that will listen the exact opposite. Before Iran took over in Deir ez Zor Syrian kids went to school to get an education and then went to a Mosque to study religion, but now that Iran and Hezbollah are in charge the Syrian kids go to school and get the Shia faith shoved down their throats. So why don’t you find out what the Sunni population living in Deir ez Zor think about your statement that Hezbollah doesn’t uphold its own form of apartheid. Find out what Sunni businesspeople in Deir ez Zor think about paying the high road tolls and fees Hezbollah charges them to do business, and then find out if they also resent the fact the Shia population don’t have to pay the same tolls and fees. The Sunni population living in Deir ez Zor might have a different opinion to the one you have [and I do too], so it may not be racial apartheid in Deir ez Zor but it’s still a 2 tiered system, so it’s religious apartheid instead of racial apartheid. And sadly now the same things happening in Daraa and Quneitra too.

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