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Thailand Islamists Continue Their Attacks Following COVID-19 Ceasefire

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Thailand Islamists Continue Their Attacks Following COVID-19 Ceasefire

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In recent days, Thai Islamists appear to have gotten an impetus and have ramped up their attacks.

On July 15th, ten people were injured in the explosion of a roadside IED.

It was activated when Thai soldiers drove past it on motorbikes.

Four civilians were injured, including two children.

The targeted soldiers were from the 42nd Ranger Task Force patrolling in the village of Bang Maruad.

Another IED also exploded earlier in the area of Mei Lan. The target of the attack was, once again, the Thai Armed Forces, who were accompanying school teachers on their way to work.

One soldier was killed in the explosion.

Based on the fact that both explosions took place in the southern province of Pattani, the National Revolutionary Front (Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN)) group, which operates in this part of the country, was accused of terrorist attacks.

Earlier this year, the militants began peace talks with the Thai government. The negotiations were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 3rd, the Islamists announced a temporary ceasefire as a result of the pandemic.

However, it is believed that the recent attacks are intended to remind the authorities of the existence of a threat from the BRN and to obtain more favorable positions before the resumption of negotiations. It is expected for negotiations to resume in August.

The Lowy Institute analyzed the temporary ceasefire announcement and said that it wasn’t all it was chalked up to be.

“In its 3 April announcement, BRN was careful to avoid using the terms “ceasefire” or “cessation of hostilities”. In their press release following the January talks with Thai authorities, BRN used the terms “Patani,” (referring to the territory of the former Sultanate of Patani, which lost its independence when the Thais annexed it in 1902), “armed conflict” and “political resolution.””

Bangkok, which wants to avoid losing what it has come to regard as its inalienable territory, uses terms such as “the southern border provinces” rather than “Patani”, and “peaceful solutions” instead of “political resolution”.

There was little activity since April 3rd, both from Thai Security Forces and BRN, but it appears that it was, in fact, really only a temporary measure and attacks are ramping up.


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Allahu Akbar! Suffer infidels!

Free man

Are you a Sunni Islamist bastard or a Shiite Islamist bastard?
In any case you usually make your Muslim brothers suffer not the infidels.


If you feel pity for the infidels, you become like one of them, remember this!


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Jan Lavicka

just a dumb puppet of pedophiles, Rockefellers :)


A “Believer” are you Robot, our just a machine.
Who is the real infidel here.

Your “campaign” has yielded one dead Thai soldier, four wounded civilians.
Your Sunni blindness stops you from adding to life, you can only detract.
Sad for you and your people.


A dirty kaffir like you has no right to say what is right and wrong for a Muslim, soon our sword will reach your neck!


What is right or wrong remains constant for all under Heaven.
Dirty or clean will be judged by Heaven, not by you or your sword.


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Unhappy “believer”, .. Not a chance.

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