Thai Soldier Goes On Shooting Rampage Killing Multiple People (Videos)

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Thai Soldier Goes On Shooting Rampage Killing Multiple People (Videos) 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.

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Thai Soldier Goes On Shooting Rampage Killing Multiple People (Videos)

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UPDATE: The death toll reportedly grew to 20.


Sergeant Major Jakapanth Thomma stole an army vehicle and killed several people in a shooting rampage in the northeastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima.

There are conflicting reports on the casualties in the attack. Local media said at least 12 people were killed. The AFP news agency quoted health authorities as saying that the death toll stood at 17.

The gunman has not been neutralized yet.

The situation is developing.

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James Kira

And noone has anything to say (because it ruins their day).

(Guy goes on rampage killing kike lovers and assheadists)


James Kira


(Must be legit)

Zionism = EVIL

Looks like Assad fucked your mom or something? you have a one dimensional rant in every thread multiple times and same repetition dumbass.

James Kira

You cant debate, or reason, and you already professed you arent Muslim nor believe in Allah(swt).

Yet you profess alliance with asshead.


You seem to be a very poor example of Muslims I have known.

James Kira

Yes, we can talk about examples, such as Prophet Muhammad(saw) and Imam Ali(as).

“Mocked were many messengers before thee, but the scoffers were hemmed in by the thing they mocked.” Q6:10

assheadists are but mockers and traitors

James Kira

I try my best to promote AlQaeda because it drives both america and iran nuts (it exposes the hypocrisy of american freedom and iranian liberation)

James Kira

Yes, asshead is on a rampage, supported by one dimensional athiests like you.

My only goal is to establish that asshead and iran are allied with kufar, and therefore traitors.

James Kira

Actually yes, Im the son of an alawite and sunni, who both apostacised, so Im an orphan now.

James Kira

#asshead still on the loose

Its unfair that so many cheer for asshead so I will be nice and cheer for this guy.

Mighty Mongrel

nawwww, look how triggered you are … Assad winning must really piss you off, how adorable. hehe

Zionism = EVIL

Dr. Assad BTW, is the most educated leader in world today, in terms of academic achievement and professionalism. He is an Ophthalmologist, look at Erdogan a street pimp, Sisi a Zionist arselicker third rate officer, Putin a failed KGB hack, Trump a loudmouth uneducated fraud, House of Saud a collection of pimping retards, Nutter Yahoo a war criminal convicted fraud, the Pakistani shithead Jew pimp Imran Khan a cricketer (whatever the fuck that is), India’s Modi a totally uneducated tea stall thug, Boris Johnson a clown, and so on. This makes Dr. Bashar al Assad a unique leader in a class of his own.

James Kira

He is also Muslim, yet allied to russia, so thats a violation of his own principles of being Muslim.

It doesnt require a genius to know asshead is an apostate and on a murder rampage with his co-conspirator wife.

Toni Liu

You fucking ISIS no one accepted this tragedy other than terrorist like you, what sick desease hope your family and you die like the victim in this thai shooting

James Kira

ok assheadist

James Kira

#awaiting the capture of asshead and his conspirator and cucked wife

#they should both be dangling from the olive trees in damascus

#Any Rebels need a horse?


You are a fool and an idiot. Wake up to yourself.

Zionism = EVIL

Not even a remote possibility. Asma Assad is a very nice educated and liberated woman. Syrians are lucky to have leaders of that caliber. Hopefully. Assad’s son will take over from him in 20-30 years.

James Kira

Well, at least she cant really show her face in public anymore, like how zios americans and celebrities cant without paid security.

James Kira

Theres a Hadith that women who expose themselves publicly will be in the darkest places in Akhira.

So, I agree, asthma is educated enough to know all this.

And I also agree, asshead will try to bring his son in like prince harry, or yazid.

And also, it is said that hell will be mostly of women, especially end times women or something like that (which asthma knows).

Xoli Xoli

Maybe he has coronavirus.

Assad must stay

maybe he is a terminator


He has an HK 33 with 40 rounds mags….. What I call the German AK 47 of the 60-70s…. The best weapon for a lone gunman to break havok…

Assad must stay

why thailand got german guns?

Kell McBanned

Indons have this as well

Lazy Gamer

This is Iron Zion when triggered.jk lol Seriously though, i hope he doesnt imitate this. Chances are, he is already a candidate for a loose weapon to be placed at the right time and location.

Zionism = EVIL

Spreading Buddhist love, peace and harmony. These saffron clad bald headed fucks are in the same league of savagery as Americunts, Zionists, and headchoppers. Thailand is a corrupt shithole since the Americunts occupied Korat during Vietnam war and brought about every kind of perversion.


Why on earth these kind of people always targeting masses or crowd, but barely aim at corrupt politicians!!!

My condolences to the family of the victim.


Ah, the myth of the Lone Wolf strikes again.


Exactly! What do they want us not see that they have to send a heavily armed psychopath on a rampage.


Disturbingly, this high level of gun violence comes in the town of Korat, once the largest US base in Asia and the linchpin for the massive bombing of Vietnam and Cambodia. US violent influence is manifesting in all vassal states that host the violent US servicemen.

James Kira

I just watched Ip Man IV, the story about Ip Man overcame both americunts and chinese apostates.

Very inspiring.

I recommend assheadists watch it, because Rebels will end up being the Ip Mans of the future, InShahAllah(swt).

putin was originally raised to be this russian ip man, but ever since putin decided to bomb Aleppo, was the biggest betrayal.

putin is now sending in more tanks, like how hitler had very strong tanks.

Its time to teach putin a lesson, and put him in his place.

James Kira

You will always see me support the underdog and oppressed, and you will never see me supporting the oppressor, no matter how times change.

Its just the nature of my chivalry and character, sonething that assheadists have all but lost (and become like their very own enemies).

Kell McBanned

Oh what a shame I love Thailand, been to that town, wonder what the story is – the Thais have issues with the muslim population down south on the Malay border but it isnt really publicised over there to keep things peaceful, wonder if that has something to do with this?

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