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Text Of Alleged Ceasefire Agreement Between US-backed Forces And ISIS In Syria Appeared Online


UPDATE [14:09 CET]: The SDF media wing has released an official statement denying any ceasefire with ISIS. The statement said that the circulating document is just a part of the propaganda campaign against the SDF.

A photo of alleged ceasefire agreement between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS are circulating online.

According to the document, the SDF and ISIS have reached a ceasefire agreement to avoid clashes in eastern Syria. Furthermore, the SDF has allegedly agreed to avoid engaging ISIS units which clash with the sides not involved in the agreement – in other words, the Syrian Arab Army.

Text Of Alleged Ceasefire Agreement Between US-backed Forces And ISIS In Syria Appeared Online

Click to see the full-size image

The sides will also establish a contact line, a hot line and a military coordination room in order to avoid clashes. The sides will also inform each other about military movement close to the contact line. The civilian and economic traffic will also be open between the SDF-held and ISIS-held areas.

A full translation of the circulating document:

Text Of Alleged Ceasefire Agreement Between US-backed Forces And ISIS In Syria Appeared Online

Click to see the full-size image



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  • Jozsef Osztronkovics

    This do show that- us isis zionisrael is one the same terror group —against —the– free world and peaceful for people, to live free healthy and bather life without terror

  • jerry Hamilton

    Which bit has changed? I must have missed it.

    • Tudor Miron

      It’s just than now they openly admit that SDF + ISIS = one and the same and promise to love each other till they die. Hopefuly SAA with RuAF will help the with the latter.

      • Larry Larsen

        Also hopefully the Iraqi government will allow SAA and allies to cross the Euphrates in Iraq to liberate the ISIS pocket east of the river in Syria. Would the US openly “intentionally” bomb Syrian forces on Syrian territory to prevent that. They are preventing a crossing inside Syria by threatening that, but would they really attack a mass assault on ISIS via land. Open question.

        • George King

          Syrian coalition has already announced that lands stolen and under control of any forces and entities other than the Syrian goverment will not stand. It was announced that Raqqa would be one of the entry points for the coalition to forge east of the Euphrates. I also think N7 through al Haska to the Turkey border is in the works to cut off weapons shipments between Kurdish enclaves from US and other sources.

  • Zainab Ali

    approved by lucifer’s advocates, ameritards’ coalition

  • Jasminko Grdic

    The only answer to US Coalition is that Iraq Army get into Syria and start to fight all that are against “the parties not part of the ceasefire (Against SAA)” together with Turkey in Nord(i’m Against Erdogan, but now..)

  • Rodger

    The way the SDF marched into ISIS controlled territory already proved they weren’t fighting each other.

  • Let’s kiss and be friends. Its a cop out.

  • Bob

    Surprise, surprise, no sign of either regular pro-SDF Jens Holms and/or dutchnational on this one…

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    I see that ISIS and Jewish run nations have diplomatic relations.
    My guess is that ISIS will be opening up a diplomatic consulate in NY and Tel Aviv and London in 2018 as ISIS is rebranded a civil rights organisation for the advancement of Jews and Blacks and Arabs living in other peoples lands.

  • Fernando Silva

    Fake document haha

  • Hezbollah86

    Very fucking nice u both Sunni scums why you don’t make deals to fuck each-other daily! Just keep making deals just keep giving us your real face you scum of Kurdish pigs

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    I think it rings true. It would be consistent with SDF encountering no IS resistance to their “advances” in Dier Ezur (sp?).

  • George King

    “All oil wells under ISIS will remain under the control of ISIS”. Really, that was pre 2015 and the entry of Russia into the coalition, the existing Kurds agreements with ISIS and other zio agents for safe passage of stolen oil transport through Kurdish territory to Turkey and further points, ie Israel for cheap prices.

    I don’t need to print the pictures of just how Russian aviation through search and destroy wiped out this funding source for terror on the nation state/s it was stolen from. This is why Kurdish independence was a non starter in Iraq and proven dead on arrival as well as we shall see in Syria soon.

    Any entity that has reached any such agreements are not worth the paper written on. In fact it is an act of treason to the state and will be regarded and punished as so. The local Kurdish clans have sold their soul to outside Kurdish and zionist terrorist forces and whether there can be a separation for them to maintain citizenship is becoming doubtful with out full atonement.