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Texas Guardsmen Shot By Heavily Armed Cartel Gunmen At Border

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Texas Guardsmen Shot By Heavily Armed Cartel Gunmen At Border

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Originally published on ZeroHedge.

Heavily armed drug cartels are becoming more aggressive along the Texas-Mexico border amid President Biden’s immigration crisis. Last week, Fox News’ Bill Melugin captured cartel members shooting over Texas Guardsmen stationed at an observation post. Now Melugin says cartel members are shooting “at Texas National Guard soldiers.”

The latest incident occurred Thursday night in Roma, Texas, when suspected cartel members fired “two shots across the border at Texas National Guard soldiers,” according to Melugin. He said this is “the same area where cartel gunmen have been seen taunting the soldiers in recent days.”

The Fox News reporter tweeted a video of suspected cartel members firing machine guns over a National Guard observation last week.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) said, “two shots were fired across the border from Mexico into Texas, “believed to be aimed at Texas National Guard personnel.” They stated, “Texas Rangers responded to the scene” and confirmed “no injuries,” adding that an “investigation into this incident” is underway.

Responding to DPS’ statement published on Facebook, many users were disgusted how “sleepy Joe Biden’s world” is falling apart. Some suggested Guardsmen and all law enforcement fired upon by cartel members should “shoot back.” Others said this is an “act of war.”

“Force should be met with force, you do not have to wait until the bullet hits you to protect yourself, it is called Self Defense!” someone said. 

Another said, “they need a reaper drone out there.” 

While the Biden administration seemingly ignores the border crisis, Texas Governor Greg Abbot has continued increasing Guardsmen along the border as he warns of “increased caravans attempting to cross the border caused by Biden’s open border policy.”

The latest leg down in Biden’s polling data may be derived from all the bad press surrounding the border crisis.

Texas Guardsmen Shot By Heavily Armed Cartel Gunmen At Border

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Biden’s choice to ignore the southern border crisis has been a godsend for Republicans ahead of the 2022 midterms, who can now use the immigration angle to highlight how the president was ill-prepared.


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so they want a more direct action against mèxico but no a real fighting against cartels? do they have fear against people who does not have a very real military training and easy to rid off? are they expecting a false flag?


“been a godsend for Republicans’…yep, that’s how it’s supposed to look. Just more divide and conquer. Did Mexico ever say who the 23 they arrested for human trafficking were? Gee, I wonder why. Gee, Trump never did either. Is it getting any clearer?

Putin the poodle

drone them


The cartels who are poised to seize power in the US of gAy are far worse than the nomadic steppe people who conquered much of China, eastern Europe and the middle east.

Unlike middle-eastern jihadis, who seem rather dispassionate about chopping heads, cartel executioners are nearly orgasmic about mutilating and torturing living victims, including women.

Aztecs gonna aztec.


depending on how the cartels play they might be able to take texas back to mexico and iam not even kidding

The end

It depends from who is or was a temporary visitor to these lands…

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Fuck that shit, the cartels are not the same people who the land once belonged to


the cartels lack heavy arms but they have masses who they can arm and they corrupted all of america and turn america dark if they want for years they can make things hard for america


america has to pay mexico more or america will give mexico texas that is how things work pay up or we take what is yours america should know cartels since it pays them so much that they are the toughest guys in mexico and took basically control of it all they obviously dont feel treated well by america still

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

its so absurd how america has created by its violence and hostility a sort of christian daesh on its border which is out of its control these cartels are a result of american sadistic violent behavior as a neighbor they thought they can create the same in west asia but it costs them still to this day to sustain even a little of chaos those miserable tools can cause it isnt even sustainable in their dreams but with america as neighbor it is and so they used it for decades

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Who made and supply cartel with tactical gear? Everybody talk about stopping cartels and yet they use USA guns, cars, tactical gears, save money in US dollars in USA banks….right?


It’s normally the zio terrorist attack dogs US military shooting and murdering inhabitants in their own country. It is good the chickens are home to roost. Indeed some should of departed in body bags as they have done to others either directly or indirect by support. Eg… The zio terrorist jew scumm in isrealhell sniper who killed a Syrian official in his border town in Syrian lands from occupied Palestine, called isrealhell.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

What an absolute fucking joke joe biden is, and his complete lack of care for the southern border, the old geezer needs to be impeached or resigned ASAP!!!!!!


Its quite obvious to outside world what is currently happening with US border. Whoever actually runs Biden WH is openly allowing a mass surge of illegals into US for a set period of time. Theses illegals are now being dispersed across the southern Republican states, for future electoral reasons. Biden will eventually try and pass some kind of amnesty type citizen and electoral pathway Bill so these illegals can vote, and voila, it will bend those red states towards blue. The aim is to alter the electorate demographics, with a base that are totally beholden to Democrats, and near permanent voting allegiance. Aim = more Democrat power.


How many Mexicans were murdered by americans in the last two centuries, as an example.

Now a few shots are fired from Mexico and it is suddenly a tragedy. Ironic and sick.

Frank Frivilous

Exactly who would benefit from armed skirmishes on the Texas border?

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