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Testimonies Of Ukrainian Serviceman Confirm That Kiev Was Preparing To War

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Testimonies of another Ukrainian serviceman were shared by the DPR military. Resident of Lisichansk who served in the AFU was lucky and went on vacation on February 14, 2022. 

He was deployed in the military positions near the villages of Novognatovka and Bogdanovka located to the north-east of Volnovakha. Immediately after he left his unit, his commander called him and ordered to come back. The serviceman did not obey to the order and stayed home. In a few days clashes broke out in the area and the DPR military heavilly shelled Ukeainian positions in the area.

It turned out that weeks before the beginning of the Russian military operations in Ukraine, the Ukrainian military command ordered all the Ukrainian servicemen to come back to military positions from their vacations.

This confirms that the Kiev regime was well aware of the upcoming escalation on the front line and strengthened the military positions in the Donbass and other regions. However, Kiev has made no effort to ensure the safety of civilians in dangerous areas. A few months before the Russian operations, when Kiev and Washington announced the beginning of the Russian invasion almost every week, no evacuation was announced in any village in Ukraine. Civilians were not evacuated from the cities when Moscow recognized the independence of the DPR and LPR and its involvement in the Ukrainian war was inevitable. There was no mass evacuation immediately after the outbreak of hostilities.

This confirms the bloody strategy of the Kiev regime to sacrifice its own population for the sake of fighting the Russian military in the media. Horrifying footage showing civilian casualties has been published by the global mass media. They served to manipulate public opinion in Europe and the United States, as their citizens had to pay billions of dollars for military equipment and financial assistance to “innocent Ukraine” fighting with “cruel Russia.”


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already established amerikans inferior—a decade of funding training arming 700,000 ukie troops and 130,000 Russians grinding them into sausage for zelensky Tel Aviv kosher azov sausage factory

The Galloping Gourmet

Don’t forget the Polish investors in Zel’s chain of Kosher Kielbasa Kiosks. They want their pounds of banderite flesh too.

jens holm

Thats a fatal error conclusion. The Poles wish and want for raised livingstandards for land, which for many centuries were polish. On newer maps its names as West Ukrain and also cover at least 25% of Belarus.

They active and for good reasons support people there, whic will have a better and less poor life. Whats wrong in that. I dont see any kind of wrong.

Galizia or whatever the name might be always has been very poor. So many from there has emmigrated to fx Denmark not far away and USA.

Its a reason for USA do support Poland a lot. Russia di notmake it poor. It made it remain poor. Only the germans and jews develloped anything there.

Last edited 8 months ago by jens holm
jens holm

Both assuptions arehighly incorrect. Only people insane can conclude like that.

Putting in the rest makes me hope You are no cook.


Why should the regime protect the Russian-speaking populations? Obviously, it was convenient to use them as a human shield. I think that any Ukrainian man should wake up at this point and lay down their arms and enter into a peace negotiation with Russia

Operation Storm 2.0

Better to let Ukraine marinate in its own juices for a while longer. The end result will be much more palatable.


Ukrainian men are brainwashed to believe Russia will torture and kill them after laying down their arms, they think Russians committed mass murder in Bucha and mass raped women in occupied areas, and are also told Russia wants to occupy their country and absorb them as a nation. Truth is Putin only wants Ukraine demilitarized because he doesn’t want NATO on Russia’s doorstep!

jens holm

They are not brainwashed. They have it in writings and even Youtubes and fpr Butja as well.

You lie more then 100%. Ukraine was already defined as a neutral country and even has give Russia all its nukes.

Ukra has not attacked Russia. Russia has attaked Ukraine.

If Nato was in Ukraine, there would not be a single russian foot there dead or alive. You are lied for. – again.

Its very visible You not even can see a concrite wall with barbed wire, landmines and machine guns is NO SOORSTEP.

But hey. It was not for protection against Nato. It was to keep people from going somewhere else to somewhere better.

Thats where the real lie of Yours has grown to a thorny paranoid monster of the worst kind.You not even know how things were in the Baltics even before the Vikingage.

According to most pest writers here Ukraine is driven by Nazis and even with a gredy cocain using Jew in front. Of curse they are hjelped to defend themself against that kind od animalisme.

jens holm

Of course a country should defend their own citicens. A country is all included. hat of course i s both ways but a condition.

Thats why Ukraine of Bukarest got it. There was expectations both ways. BOTH WAYS.

As its done it makes no sense to make any negosiations with Russia. Its not their country. They have hoped Ukaine would come back crying and make some kind of reunion with them as decinding colpased evil big brother attitude.

And the rest there. Many are not much better then that. If it was an old car it never will be used in a museum.

Its very visible for Russia as well as Ukraine, that so many of the plunderes has been and are locals too. Its very strange to me the many prolatars dont throw those plunderes in jail forever.

Operation Storm 2.0

The problem with storms is that they are unpredictable and can turn on a dime and reverse course.

Uncle Ho

Don’t bet on it


Talk about your weather axioms on the weather channel. This is a war, not doppler radar weather manipulation games.

jens holm

Thats right. But You can do many things to compensate for it.

Its no new thing. Noah made and Ark:)

jens holm

Typical. the prisoner face is not blured. Tomorrow we hope to see Purin with a banana in his behind.

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