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Terrorists Retreating from Mushrifah and Northern Part of 1070 Apartment Project in Aleppo

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Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (a new brand of the Al Nusra Front terrorist group) and its allies have withdrawn from the northern part of 1070 Apartment Project and the village of Mushrifah in southwestern Aleppo.

The Jaish al-Fatah terrorist alliance (includes Al Nusra Front as the main striking power) has been withdrawing from various areas in southwestern Aleppo since September 4 when the Syrian army and its allies recaptured the strategic Ramouseh Artillery Base and besieged the militant-controlled areas of Aleppo city for the 2nd time.

Terrorists Retreating from Mushrifah and Northern Part of 1070 Apartment Project in Aleppo

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shubham isadkar

Unless we find a way to rashidin 5 or ramouse artillery base the corridor won’t be a secure one


They need to get back to their original positions, along the M5 highway.

shubham isadkar

To get to the highway they need to capture ramouseh base which will time consuming ,but in west except 1070 apartment project it’s roughly a open terrains that will be comparatively easy for army to widen the gap so that jihadists won’t attempt to break the siege.whilist operating along a road or to establish a fire control will be a hard job to get done in a short time

Richard the Slav

Yeah, overall they should defeat the gains made from southern Aleppo rebel offensive that happened before the current one.Only then will SAA will be safe from any sudden attacks that could link the rebels again.


I’d like to see them move north of Ramouseh district, take the territory on the west of the river, rather than risk rebels from inside the city break the siege again. The stalemate in the city needs to end, they’ve got to ramp up offensive operations once they take the 1070 apartments and such.

shubham isadkar

But that will result in a disruption in the word of amnesty given by Syrian govt to the rebels or terrorists to be precise as continuous advance to ramouseh will trigger a panic amongst the jihadists to go on all out offensive & further stall in the ongoing advance in the peace deals across the country. As it is stopping the bloodshed in the country


“Word of amnesty” and “peace deals” WITHOUT unconditional surrender are meaningless, and will merely prolong the struggle indefinitely. These are basically nothing more than temporary ceasefires which may “decrease bloodshed” for a short while, but solve nothing. Amnesty should only be given to those militants who are willing to surrender unconditionally and accept government authority – and even then, the jihadi terrorists who have committed heinous acts should never be included!

shubham isadkar

But we must keep the word so that the minority of them who are willing or have been forced to work with rebels will get a justice .although in many regions the deals have failed but successes like darayya can’t be undermined . The govt side must & will keep the word ,cause that’s the reason why they are jihadists/western moderates & we are the well u get it what we are . Cause we are there for people & they mustn’t suffer at any condition.

Divesh Kumar

SAA need to open small multi fronts and remain on the offensive to avoid gathering of the militants. They should not stop till they widen the corridor as much to avoid any direct shelling.


The Russian contingent arrived a few days ago – now the jihadist positions are collapsing. Good timing, or cause and effect?

Richard the Slav



I think it was all rebels could produce. Now SAA need only time to watch how besieged rebels will surrender. Rebels will regroup and attack again obviously. But tkis time they dont have enough fresh reserves I believe. Besides ISIS is not pushing anymore so SAA can bring more reinforcements when needed. Aleppo wil be back to SAA in couple of mounths..


Again, I agree with you Asil. My thinking here is they really expended what they had to work with, the rebels, and have lost badly. I don’t think they can take the pounding from the air they are going through and get anything major done anymore.


These stupid terrorists died in their thousands for nothing and are now back where they were 5 weeks ago

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