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Terrorists Plan To Stage Chemical Attack In Northern Syria: SANA

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Terrorists Plan To Stage Chemical Attack In Northern Syria: SANA

IMAGE: REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah, archive

TASS reports (source):

Terrorist groups active in northern Syria plan to stage a chemical weapons attack to stop the Syrian Army’s advance, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Monday.

According to the agency, terrorists and “Turkish mercenaries” have begun preparations to stage a chemical weapons attack on civilians in the western part of the Aleppo province. SANA added that militants would try to draw the international community’s attention to the incident in order to stop the Syrian army’s advance.

On Sunday, Syrian troops carried out an offensive, taking control over important heights south of the city of Aleppo. The troops will now be able to move towards the settlement of Khan Tuman, located along a highway connecting Aleppo and Damascus, which is held by terrorists from the Jabhat al-Nusra group (outlawed in Russia).

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As usual, if these fucking terrorists feel pressured, they will kill innocent civilians and then accuse SAA of doing it. Your tricks won’t work this time. Try it .. Just keep doing it until the green light for MOAB is turned on.


A MOAB could also catch any western ‘advisors’ in the area as well. A double whammy.


That’s right, as was done by the Kalibr missile a few years ago which was covered up to the public and not reported in western media. The difference is if the MOAB is in action then those underground bunkers will not be able to save these “western advisors”.


That was in the Afrin mountains I think, during the liberation of Aleppo ?


This is a “coordinations operation room for foreign officers” in the Dar Izza region in western Aleppo near Mount Sam’an, killing 30 “western advisors” including officers from the US, Britain, Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Its about time that officers and men in NATO refused to be involved in totally illegal operations in Syria and elsewhere.

Knowingly supporting and aiding the worst kind of GENUINE terrorism is a crime against humanity.

Xoli Xoli

This chemical attack by terrorists are well known by UNSC,USA,British,France and Germany as a scapegoat for their direct interference.Know Syrian government forces and allies should forcefully liberate the areas occupied by terrorists. The first option is to close airspace and declare emergency regime.

Concrete Mike

Haha why would saa use chemical weapons while winning?

What a half assed plan, wont work, KILL ALL TERRORISTS .

Not only are you sabotaging every ceasfire, now this!

Time to take out the trash!!!

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan uses terrorists infiltrating escapees as reason to pressurise Germany,France,British and USA to call ceasefires or else opening borders.In return Erdogan train terrorists to take strategic zones were his interests is over.Just like the deals which he signed with Libya terrorists GNA extremist.All NATO trained terrorists proxies should be advise to deal in all negotiations with legitimate government of Syria and abandone Nato I’ll advise of terrorism. Then peace will prevail.

Peter Jennings

The chemical attack will occur just as soon as the OPCW has written the narrative and fed the parrots in the UN.

The OPCW have a golden opportunity to shine……..and use the incident for shedding more integrity and honourable staff.

Arch Bungle

Quick! Call in the OPCW!

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