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JUNE 2021

Terrorists May Use Explosive-Laden Boats Against Russian Warships In Syria

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Terrorists May Use Explosive-Laden Boats Against Russian Warships In Syria

Pyotr Veliky missile cruiser makes port call in Tartus, Syria. Sputnik Photo

Terrorists in Syria may use explosive-laden boats operated by suicide bombers or drones to attack Russian warships, the Russian state-run news agency TASS reported citing experts.

“Today, it is vitally important to be prepared for comprehensive threats as we cannot rule out suicide bombers’ using motorboats to attack Russian warships and auxiliary vessels calling at Tartus,” TASS  quoted Igor Korotchenkov, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine.

Korotchenkov recalled an incident in the Persian Gulf when suicide bombers used a explosive-laden motorboat to ram the US destroyer USS Cole. He added that “drone attacks on Russian diplomatic facilities” were not ruled out either and noted that it is necessary to reinforce “security systems with electronic warfare support devices” of the Russian embassy in Damascus.

TASS also refered another expert, editor-in-chief of the Arsenal Otechestva (Homeland Arsenal) magazine Viktor Murakhovsky.

“An unmanned boat is no problem either from the commercial or the engineering point of view. Any motorboat can be equipped with a control system, then be loaded with explosives and be driven into a target. Such a system can be mounted on a motorcar or aby other transport vehicle,” Murakhovsky said refering to the case when the Yemeni Houthis have used an unmanned boat against Saudi Arabia’s vessel. “Such explosive-stuffed boats can well be detected by optical and radio radars and destroyed by machinegun and automatic gun fire.”

During the night on January 6, militants used 13 armed unmanned aerial vehicles to attack Russia’s Khmeimim air base and Tartus naval logistics base. The attack was repelled by Russian forces. MORE DETAILS HERE

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They’ll do it whenever the empire is uncontrollably angry with Russia, which seem it is now. But regarding the method of attack, I doubt if they go into the trouble Yemenis went. As long as Wahhabi ideology is dominant in terror groups there are members willing to perform suicide attacks which is cheaper for their leaders (and owners) and provides more control.
The same thing they do with VBIEDs.


Well it’s a bit far fetched.. there aren’t much motorboats in Syria.. and all coastal area’s are under Syrian control.. terrorists can’t even get close.

Pave Way IV

Terrorists? Like in “Saudi-Wahhabi terrorists funded by Saudi/GCC oligarchs?”

The US approach would throw billions (more) at defensive fleet terrorism protection, completely ignoring the source and sponsors of the terrorists like they do now. Russia seems to take a bit more of a direct approach once they get pissed off enough.

Hide Behind

And the May use pigeons loaded with firecrackers to attack farmers markets.
They may stop buying Toyotas and buy Chevrolets or Ford.
They may buy all non Kosher foods from he’ll where in ME can they find a Safeway?
Hey they may has a million possibilities and be worth Billions of US $’S no matter what they may do.

Solomon Krupacek

zircon solves this /jesus/

Igor Dano

Russia has to go assymetricaly:
-arm Houthis with MANPADS against Saudi zealot fanatic moslems
-arm Hesbollah and Palestinians against (((them)))
-arm Syria with swarm of drones against CIA.

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