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JUNE 2023

Terrorists Launched Counter-Attack To Recapture Jarjanaz. Suicide Bombers Employed

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Terrorists Launched Counter-Attack To Recapture Jarjanaz. Suicide Bombers Employed

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In the evening of December 24, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Turkish-backed militant groups launched a counter-attack in an attempt to retake the town of Jarjnaz in southern Idlib from the Syrian Army and its allies.

Clashes between militants and government forces erupted near Jarjnaz itself and the villages of Ghadfa and Abud Dawha. At least one suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device was used by militants.

Pro-militant sources that “rebels” destroyed several pieces of military equipment belonging to the army and captured an armoured vehicle and a battle tank.

The situation is developing.


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Karen Bartlett

Oh, the terrorist-supporting source is exaggerating, I’m sure. Probably SOHR.


Caged rat is very dangerous, and the ‘rebels’ are experienced. We however have the TIGERS.

Liberal guy

So there last stand in marat Al numan for this chirstmas


Don`t these Terrorist know that TURKEY SOLD them OUT .They should Surrender or DIE


“Die” is much better because permanent solution.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

And a SURE (certain) solution!

Simon Bernstein

the rebels have been able to recapture Jarjanaz from the butcher regime apparently

Concrete Mike

Yup just like your airstrikes.accomplished something.last night

Enjoy the lump of coal santa brings you. Be thankful its not a lump of lead.

Paciullo #Gilet vert sarde

Regime of IsraHelL?


And how you treat your rebels, zionist? Whole world hates you….every f.ckin body! Why the heck is that?

John Wallace

Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean your day job is finished . A toilet brush still get used today so back to work and flush as you work. Time for some more bristles on your head as it is looking worn out.

Peter Jennings

President Assad was never a butcher. He was an ophthalmologist in Britain. You should worry about the thieves and murderers that you have been voting into power since the jewish lobby used the deaths of millions of europeans to acquire a little squat in Palestine. Just as the US empire is to close early, so will isreali influence cease. Prepare to lose the Golan Heights.

God (xmas edition)

who are you, just out of curiosity. If you are israelite why ith would you be against your protector number 1, Assad


HaHa these are not rebels they are jihadis and they will lose all of Idlib in 2020 – merry xmas

Willing Conscience (The Truths

To all you people who actually think you’re corresponding with a Zionist Jew when you respond to Simon or any of the other posters that have Jewish sounding names, you’re not, not one of them is a Zionist Jew, they’re all in fact paid for Turkish trolls working for Turkey and Erdogan. If these people were really Jewish they’d be more opposed to Turkey’s intervention in Syria and be condemning that instead of slandering Assad, but all they do is rile up the readers with anti Assad rhetoric. So whenever you see a Jewish sounding name on a post and they’re saying Assad’s a war criminal in their comment, they’re Turkish not Jewish, DON’T fall for the Turkish propaganda. Since Erdogan started losing in Idlib we’ve had a huge influx of posters with Jewish sounding names posting on SouthFront, they started off with the usual pro Zionist rhetoric, but lately have all been changing the narrative to “Assad the butcher”, which coincidentally is exactly the same thing the Turks say. But if you read any Jewish new sites like I do, you’d know the Israelis are much more concerned about Turkey’s illegal occupation of Syria than they are about Assad remaining in power. So when you see a Jewish name attached to a SF comment, don’t assume the poster is Jewish, it’s much more likely his name is Mustafa and he gets his paychecks from the Turkish government, the Turkish propaganda machine has embedded itself on the SF comment board and has an objective to fool you, don’t be fooled, pay attention. Simple comments like the ones these Turkish trolls make may seem unimportant but they’re not, they’re specifically designed to cause certain emotions and garner certain responses in people, for example, They always make Assad out to be the bad guy, They force people to question why Russia’s allowing the Israelis to bomb Assad their ally, They always say the moderate opposition is on the right side without mentioning Turkey, And they always stir up anti Jewish sentiment, This is what the Turkish propaganda machine is doing now on SF, and many of us are still being fooled by them, but I’m not anymore, I’ve finally realized who they are and what they’re doing, hopefully some other SF readers will begin to realize the truth as well, and then help me get them all the sack for their ineptitude.

Karen Bartlett

Hm, interesting comment. But why would the Israelis be “much more concerned about Turkey’s illegal occupation of Syria than they are about Assad remaining in power”? If that’s the case, why is Israel constantly bombing Syria?

John Wallace

Israeli News Live is a youtube news show by a Jewish Christian who is ex CIA . He does have a lot of rubbish but he does say some interesting things . About 8 mins in on this he talks of the latest Israeli bombing and clearly states that Israel want to build a pipeline through Deir Az Zoir and will not stop until they control the route. America control the other side and the oil so ??? . Also somewhere , I didn’t listen/watch all of it he does also state that while Lavrov and others support Assad Putin is a Jew ? not sure if that is what he said and will support Israel so don’t expect him to stop the bombings. Found that bit at 10 mins in . Putin is in the Kebab ?? pocket and Israel all the way..

Karen Bartlett

He doesn’t actually say that Pres. Putin is Jewish. He basically says that Pres. Putin is in Israel’s pocket. I have no idea what he bases that opinion on, but I don’t believe it. If he’s ex-CIA he will have some views of theirs. Perhaps because Pres. Putin practices diplomacy w/Israel, his CIA “contacts” believe that means that Pres. Putin is “in Israel’s pocket”.

John Wallace


Karen Bartlett

Am watching right now.

Karen Bartlett

Btw, President Putin isn’t Jewish. He is Orthodox Christian. He was baptized as a baby into the Orthodox Church, snuck in by his mother because his father was a communist and an atheist. But his mother and her family were Orthodox Christians There is a video on YouTube about how he was snuck into the Church to get baptized but I couldn’t find it. There are tons of videos about him as a Christian, though. Here is one: https://youtu.be/ih3Cxp1U19E?t=7

Augur Mayson

A Jew, a crypto-Jew or open Jew, can be a Christian. Jew is an ethnic group. Christianity is merely a belief system and it is open to all races and peoples. I’m not saying Putin’s Jewish. I’m just saying there’s photos of him shaking hands with rabbis and that after a few years in Syria he never positioned troops to prevent Israel from launching airstrikes inside Syria without facing an armed response from Syria’s alleged ally Russia.

Karen Bartlett

Sir, why shouldn’t he “shake hands with Rabbis”? I think I may have shook hands with a Rabbi myself once. Secondly, Mr. Putin’s agreement with Syria was never to attack or counter-attack Israel or even the US. It was to fight ISIS.This agreement between Syria and Russia is a legal instrument and Russia won’t go beyond its scope, Further, Russia having been invited by Syria to help against ISIS, Russia would ask permission of Syria before engaging in any attacks against anybody-that is the nature of legal agreements between sovereign countries.

Finally, Judaism is a religion, no more nor less, according to the Traditional Rabbis, who opposed Zionism. Generally it is Zionists who claim Jewishness is based on genetics. Here is the definition according to a Rabbi:https://youtu.be/-I9O9RWqdgk?t=548

Augur Mayson

Judaism is a religion, yeah. But Jews are a race. Only half of Jews practice Judaism so what the hell are the other half of Jews if not… Jews?

Karen Bartlett

I’ve watched his videos before. He is a Hebrew Christian, that is, a Jewish Christian, but they are pretty much Evangelicals. Some things on his program are good, but some of his statements I don’t agree with. Syria isn’t “trying to take over” (or whatever he said) Deir Ezzor, which is already Syrian territory. Syria is trying to get its territory back from the US, the Kurds and ISIS. This gentleman also thinks he understands prophecy about the End Times, which is an Evangelical trait. They are privately interpreting Scripture, which is warned about by the Apostles.

John Wallace

Yes I don’t bother with his religious stuff as it is as you say prophecy which I can’t be bothered with . I just like getting an alternative view and see how it stacks up in time. With Putin there has been some talk of him appearing to allow Israeli attacks on Iranian / Syrian forces and not allowing them to fire the S 300 in defense. It is just something to keep an eye on in the future . Of course Putin wants sales of military equipment to Israel so he is not going to do anything to hinder that. He has also said in the past of US ( CIA ) complicity with ISIS which no one else in the US says , of course.., Just good to have alternative views ..

Karen Bartlett

You mean Steven (Somebody) says the CIA is complicit with ISIS? Wow! You’re right, NOBODY says that! Very good to know. I don’t pay attention to his view of religious prophecy, either, but if he is telling the truth about the CIA then I’ll watch him more than I have.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Two different issues that although seemingly conflated by dissecting interests, are not really conflated at all. 1, Iran’s security threats to Israel by the deployment of equipment and personnel to Syria, this is the only reason the Israelis bomb Assad. 2, Israel’s political stance on Assad, it changed in June last year [so did the US’s], from “Assad should be removed from power” to “Assad can remain in power”.

I won’t explain number 1 because it’s pretty obvious but number 2 is very complicated and I’ll try. First look up Israeli/Turkish relations to get an idea where to start from, they went from a very good relationship a decade ago, to a very fractured one now. Erdogan for all his other faults [millions] has been the most ardent supporter of the Palestinian cause [his one good trait], and if not Israel’s most vocal opponent [Iran’s louder and nastier], the most effective one bar none, even the Israeli’s themselves say Erdogan’s done more harm to their international relations than anyone else ever has, and that’s despite the fact they have many economic and security ties. So Erdogan [NOT TURKEY] is Israel’s number one enemy now and has been for over a decade, Iran’s in the media a lot because of its military threats to Israel but fiscally, diplomatically, and militarily the Iranians are pretty easy for the Israelis to deal with, they have the US and Russia to help them, but when it comes to Erdogan, the US’s and Russia’s hands are tied. OK that’s the diplomatic part of the equation but there’s another factor and it has to do with why this civil war originally started and then nearly ended in June last year. The Arab League [AL] who helped Turkey and the US initiate this civil war in the first place, finally came to a realize some time in early 2017, that the Syrian civil war [courtesy of Isis] was going to spill over into Jordan and also possibly re-emerge in Egypt. Now when I say Isis I’m also referring to the Muslim Brotherhood [MB], the MB is the political arm of the movement and Isis is the military arm, but they’re both the same organization. The US, EU, Arab League [AL] at first all happily used the MB/isis to help oust Assad, they even let them win an election in Egypt to prop up support, but after a few years they realized the MB beast couldn’t be controlled, and in the end they got rid of them. Now the Egyptian government commits the most atrocious human rights abuses against the MB movement with no objections from the MSM [you could nearly burn a MB member alive in Egypt now and get away with it]. So when the Saudis and others realized the MB actually posed a bigger threat to themselves than they ever expected, they pulled the pin on the ‘oust Assad venture’ and instead tried to enlist Assad in helping them to actually stop the MB. By the end of 2017 King Abdullah of Jordan on behalf of the AL negotiated a ceasefire and reconciliation agreement with the Syrian government, paving the way for Assad to take back the territories of Darra and Quneitra the following June. Abdullah got the 50,000 strong Southern Front Alliance and several other large Arab militias to lay down their arms and reconcile with Assad, and he also convinced the Israelis and Trump [not the past US administration], that supporting the MB was in fact just as detrimental to all the AL Nations as it was for Syria. And Israel surrounded by the MB/Isis wasn’t an appealing reality for anyone at all, least of all Israel. So in the end the US and Israel just stood back and watched as the SAA annihilated the FSA and HTS in Darra/Quneitra, Trump even used the media to warn the FSA to put down their arms and reconcile with Assad before the fighting started, but they didn’t. I know I write too much but it’s hard to explain, I’ll try to cut it short and simplify, In June 2018 when all the relevant parties except for Erdogan said “Assad can remain in power”, Erdogan became the only party still supporting the MB in Syria, and he was and still is saying Assad had to go, that puts him at odds with everyone, the Russians, US, the AL, most of the EU, and the Israelis. The civil war could’ve ended back in July/August last year, after Assad took back all of the southern territories in just 4 short weeks [in June/July], and then he tried to storm through Idib just as quickly straight afterwards, but sadly that very first Astana agreement stopped him dead in his tracks and he couldn’t win the war he should’ve and could’ve won easily. So the Israelis and everyone else now have Erdogan to thank for prolonging the war they all wanted stopped. Iran’s made much bigger inroads into Syria since the Turkish interventions, Israel’s security is more at risk due to Trump’s withdrawal and Turkey’s subsequent occupation with MB affiliated forces. Nearly every single terrorist or moderate opposition group operating in Syria now is somehow affiliated to the MB, even Al Qaeda which had a split from the MB is still loosely operating under their umbrella. On top of that Israel and the Saudis are big allies, if the Saudis and the rest of the AL are being threatened by the MB/Erdogan, it’s in their best interests to help the AL and the Saudis, and if the AL are asking the Israelis and US to help them, they can’t really say no, they need each other. If you do some research you may come to some other conclusions, but the MB and Erdogan’s support for the organization is the real cause of the continuation of this civil war, that really should’ve ended some time soon after June last year, that’s when everyone except for Erdogan said Assad could remain in power. pump in google search, Israeli objections to Turkish occupation of Syria, Turkish/Israeli diplomatic relations, Arab league views on Erdogan, the MB and their operations in Syria and other Arab countries, Countries who like and dislike the MB, especially Russia and China. Hope that helps if you managed to read the whole bible, cheers.

Karen Bartlett

Well, I disagree with some points of your analysis. !) The war in Syria was never a civil war. 2) Iran hasn’t threatened Israel militarily even though Iran is helping Syria. Israel may perceive Iran’s alliance with Syria to be a threat to them, however.3) President Assad can remain and would have remained president no matter what the US and its allies (the terrorists) had said. His remaining President isn’t up to the US, it’s up to the Syrian people. 4) Israel has no right to security and shouldn’t even exist. The old Rabbis opposed the Zionist State of Israel from the beginning. So the Israelis”ordained” their own rabbis, collaborators who support the State of Israel against the Judaic teaching on the matter. Thank you for the other information.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Just because the hostilities started as a foreign backed uprising it doesn’t mean it hasn’t morphed into a civil war, I’m tempted to pull out the dictionary and look up the definition. Iran isn’t helping Syria anymore, Iran’s hurting Syria now, those are the facts on the table. Iran’s purpose in Syria is twofold, its hurting Israel and helping Turkey, and unfortunately Syria’s now the collateral damage, that’s the real current situation. Iranian soldiers protect Turkish assets and develop hostile infrastructure on Syrian soil, but since late last year they haven’t done any fighting on Syria’s behalf, I don’t call that helping, that’s hurting. The Russian/Turkish/Iranian resolution 2254 would’ve forced Assad out of power and installed a Muslim Brotherhood government backed by Turkey, so Assad refused to accept that resolution for more than 4 years, but the very same day the UN made him a reasonable offer, he accepted it immediately, AND THE TURKS WERE FURIOUS, gee I wonder why. Why don’t you look up that old Russian/Turkish/Iranian resolution and compare it to the new Assad UN negotiated deal, it’s one million times better for Assad and Syria, then you can try and tell me the Iranians and Russians are actually helping Assad, they’re not, they’re just helping themselves, just like every other government in the world does. So when you say they could never have removed Assad from power I disagree, but I’m asserting that that old Russian/Turkish/Iranian resolution 2254 would’ve done the job for Turkey instead, but it would’ve removed him politically instead of militarily. I started off criticising the UN and US for the original version of resolution 2254, that is until I discovered who the real culprits were, the Russians Turks and Iranians wrote up that miserable piece of disloyalty. Now Assad will get free and fair elections, this new UN/Assad inspired resolution will ensure that, no more stacking with Turkish backed opposition members, no Turks helping to write the new Syrian constitution, and no Muslim Brotherhood political parties in Syria, all Assad’s demands were met by the UN but none of his demands were met by the Russians or Iranians, for more than 4 years, mmm. I wonder if you’ll believe me since I won’t be able to find the link even if I try for hours so I won’t, but I’ve read 2 different statements from official Russian government websites that say this, “If Assad doesn’t pull his head in and tow the line we want him to, we should drop him like a hot potato”, of course I’m ad libbing but I’m trying to make a point. Assad’s got a gun against his head so do you really think he can just come out and say he’s unhappy with Putin’s approach to the Syrian conflict, no he can’t, but he can say this, “The Turks are Syria’s mortal enemies thanks to Erdogan”, and he can say “the Turks should get out of Syria right now” and he can say the Turks are the biggest problem for Syria now”, that should be enough to tell you he isn’t on the same page as the Russians, Iranians, or Turks, he has his own agenda, and it’s not falling in line with the other players agenda’s at all. Erdogan tells the media he’s sending a delegation to Moscow to force Putin into enforcing a new ceasefire, and that he’s going to try and get Putin to force Assad into complying to it, and the next day Russia stops it’s air campaign and so far hasn’t recommenced for 3.5 days, though that may have changed today, I’ve just seen one of the headlines on SF saying they have, but the SAA hasn’t blinked an eye, it’s business as usual for them. Are Assad and Putin really on the same page, I don’t think so, Assad just has to bite his tongue and persevere.

The Jews who follow the Old Written Laws as opposed to the new Pharisee inspired Oral Laws, have to be living under another Nations Jurisdiction to be saved, it can’t happen if they have their own country, but they’re not perfect, they’re protecting a pedeophile from justice and refusing to extradite someone guilty of over 50 sexual assaults.

Karen Bartlett

As to your first assertion, about Russia and Iran, you’re correct; I don’t believe it. As to your second statement, I haven’t any idea what you’re talking about.

Simon Bernstein

Hey Genius, actually I’m vehemently against Turkey’s invasion and ethnic cleansing of the Kurds. I just support them as a NATO ally, and the US will defend Turkey in the event of military strikes against the Butcher Regime. However, the Turks have no business harming our Kurdish allies in Syria. You’re just an antisemitic, Butcher Assad Regime supporter who also supports the Mullah Regime and the evil Russkies.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And what a great ally they are, hopefully Putin never has to depend on Erdogan the same way NATO does, with allies like that who needs enemies. Will the US/ NATO defend Turkey, that’s not what I’ve been reading, NATO’s in fact been saying the EXACT OPPOSITE, we can’t help if you operate outside of convention is what they’ve actually been saying. Assad’s father was a bit of a butcher but calling Assad jnr a butcher sounds like an Erdogan inspired catchcry. Why do you post in a pro Russian Syrian conflict site, this is the last place you’d be expected to post. And why do you always call the terrorists rebels. And don’t you realize the Russians and Turks were responsible for the ethnic cleansing around Afrin, it wasn’t Assad asking them to leave their homes, he’s the only one trying to keep them in their homes now. Compared to you I am a genius, I can say more than “Assad the butcher”, and I can distinguish between terrorists and rebels, and that’s because all the rebels reconciled with Assad back in 2018, there’s only terrorists left now. You sit here and upset the local community with your antagonistic comments just for the fun of it, but you’re whining about my comment now, don’t throw stones if you don’t want them thrown back, that’s what crybabies do, and they should always be given a whack for their troubles, rewarding bad behaviour only encourages it. So here’s my whack, you’re just a paid for Turkish troll and I think you’re about as Jewish as I am, which is not at all, though your Avatar does look Jewish, and also very punchable, and that’s because it looks just like a photo of an insane wanker I know called Chris, and even when I asked my girlfriend who it looked like she said Chris too, so is that you Chris?


The jihad scum will not succeed. Victory for SAA!!

Paciullo #Gilet vert sarde

Can I have news about the situatione, please? W SAA :-)


Must’ve been cloudy

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, try little piggy’s try, you can huff and you can puff but you’ll never blow my house down. Here’s some very encouraging news from SANA,

“Damascus, SANA-General Command of the army and armed forces announced on Tuesday clearing up more than 320 km2 area and expelling Jabhat al-Nusra organization and the rest of armed terrorist organizations from it and entering more than 40 towns and villages in south and southern-east countryside of Idlib. Units of the army continue their attack unto the south and south-eastern directions of Idlib amid a state of successive collapse among the armed terrorist organizations, inflicting them heavy losses in personnel and equipment,” A statement by the army General command said. The statement stressed that combating terrorism is going to continue until army completes clearing all terror- occupied regions and see the Syrian flag hoisting on all Syrian territories.”


That’s coming from the very top so there can be no doubt as to what the SAA’s REAL intentions will be, complete victory, Go SAA go, that’s the best news we’ve had yet.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

it wont work rats, get ready to die by SAA :))))

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