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Terrorists In Idlib Received Additional Funding Of $2m For Weapons, Operations Against Syrian Army, Russians

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Terrorists In Idlib Received Additional Funding Of $2m For Weapons, Operations Against Syrian Army, Russians

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Intelligence agencies of Qatar (a close ally of Turkey) provided militant groups in Idlib for an additional funding of $2 million for recruiting of new members, weapons and operations against Syrian government forces and Russians, accordng to a report by Russian war correspondent Eugeny Poddybny.

The report claims that on March 15 Qatari representatives met with the head of Jaysh al-Islam militant group, Jamil Al-Saleh, discussing the current situation in Idlib. The additional funding reportedly includes operations against Russian military personnel and journalists in Syria. Recently, sources affilated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other large armed groups started offering bounties for killing or capturing Russian journalists or military personnel involved in operations along the M4 and M5 highways. Radical organizations also increased their propagnada and recruiting campaign exploting the current ceasefire regime.


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Go after the source of $ & weapons supplying to all terrorists, everything will end promptly.


Bomb Washington :)


That would be the solution, but ……


No no…look who is benefiting. Go after the money you know who is behind, those kike infesting wallstreet & London. Aim the right targets, Washington is only paid mercenary.


I agree with you, BUT the paid mercenaries in Washington are dangerous and maddened ideological Globalists , similar to ISIS and AlQaeda. Such mercenaries actions can only be cured by the Grim Reaper. :)


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colin adese

So BOMB Qatar.

Xoli Xoli

When Qatar airspace were closed by Saudi Arabia Iran feeds this traitors with food,water and oil.When Turkey soldiers died Erdogan traitor knew where to run to and to please and given ceasefire for his backstabbing hidden agendas.

Free man

Qatar is a primary sponsor of organizations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Ironically, they and Iran sometimes fund the same organizations, like Hamas. There are no good jihadists, all jihadists are bad, both Sunnis and Shiites.


Terrorist head-choppers only come from the Sunni Takfiri jihadists worldwide. Shiites and other minorities in middle east, like the Yazidis, Christians, Alawites and other minorities are barbarically treated by Sunni Tafkiri terrorists that the US, Israel and the West supports. Shiite minority are peaceful people that are resisting the Sunni jihadist proxies supported by the West and you can’t prove a single terrorist attack perpetrated by the Shiites anywhere in the world, can you?

Free man

Hezbollah and other Shiite organizations are considered to be terrorist organizations by many Arab and other countries. Because, among other things, Hezbollah has committed terrorist acts in Bulgaria, Morocco, Argentina and elsewhere.


You believe in US, Israeli and Saudi propaganda!

Hezbollah and other Shiite groups are NO terrorist organizations but are Resistance Militias protecting and resisting US, Israel and their proxy Takfiri jihadist groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and host of others. If Hezbollah were not present in Lebanon today, Lebanon would become like Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen where the US and its allies destroyed using their proxy jihadist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda and others. You can’t prove a single terrorist attack committed by Hezbollah or other Shiites, you just refer back to propaganda and hearsay.

Once again, Hezbollah is a Shiite resistance militia protecting its own people from the a the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, ISIS and Al-Qaeda! It is because of Hezbollah that millions of Christians and other minorities in Syria are safe today from the hands of the US, Saudi and Israeli-backed head-chopping jihadists! Hezbollah protects Christians in Syria and Lebanon from the US and Saudi-backed jihadists and thank God for that!

Watch the telling photos below and see Hezbollah just doing that and I challenge you to show me a similar picture of US and its allies protecting Christians in Syria from the ISIS or Al-Qaeda jihadists!


Free man

Why not check who the Argentine government thinks has committed terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of people in Buenos Aires. You seem to be willing to ignore all the bad things that jihadists do in order to get the few good things they have to offer.


Again, it is allegations and propaganda that you talk about, NOT facts!

When I say prove me a terrorist attack that was perpetrated by Hezbollah, I mean show me a real terrorist attack like a suicide bombing in a mosque, a cinema, a bar, a church or a school that was committed by Hezbollah or other Shiites!

Show me Hezbollah members beheading Westerners or Christians, Yazidis, or Sunnis on video while screaming allahu akbar! Show me Hezbollah terrorists gunning down people in night clubs or bombing trains, or attacking news paper offices and killing journalists or using vehicles and killing hundreds of civilians as happen in Europe for the past few years or flying planes into tall buildings!

That is what I mean a terrorist attack which is a daily occurrence around the globe! So go ahead and show me a single one of these proven, verifiable terror attacks perpetrated by Iran or Hezbollah or please stop spreading malicious and baseless propaganda lies which is being spread by the CIA lying machine and its puppets! BTW, why do you have to believe the lying and deceiving CIA propaganda?:



Sometimes you are allies in one matter and antagonists over another. It’s not unheard of.

Free man

You’re right, sometimes Iran and Qatar have similar preferences regarding terrorist organizations.


Hi Free man!

If Iran is a hateful, terrorist nation as you were made to believe why then are there more Jews in Iran than the rest of the Islamic world combined? Please watch the short video clip below and try to answer that question.


Free man

Maybe I was misunderstood. I am familiar with the the way of life in Iran, my parents were born in Iran and most of my elder relatives are Iranians. I am also familiar with attitude toward minorities in Iran. I oppose the current regime.


I have the highest respect for the Iranian government for refusing to be a US puppet for decades and for standing up for the oppressed minorities in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. To give you an example, without Iran and Hezbollah, Syria would have been overrun by the US, Nato, Saudi and Israeli-backed terrorists and millions of Alawites, Christians and Yazidis would have been exterminated there! Long Live Iran! Long Live The Resistance! Long Live Syria!

Free man

Iran and Hezbollah undoubtedly helped to fight the Sunni jihadists. But one kind of jihadists should not be replaced by another kind of a jihadists. Secularism is the key element I support in the Assad regime. I don’t think you really familiar with life in Iranian. Do you think a Muslim can convert to Christianity in Iran? What do you think an Iranian court will do to a missionary?


Free man:

Hezbollah is NOT a jihadist group as you claim, it is a resistance army, resisting and fighting the REAL jihadist groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda and bunch of others which are supported, armed and funded by the US, Saudi Arabia, Nato and Israel. Please get your head out of the sand and stop believing nonsensical imperialist propaganda!

You should ask your self this question:

Why it is always Iran but not Pakistan, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia? Why??? You got to be smart, buddy!



Free man You claim to be of Iranian decent, yet do not know the difference between the Sunni meaning of the word jihad and the Shia meaning of the word jihad.

I question your honesty, because if you were of Iranian decent you would know Maybe you want to misunderstand. Maybe your just another paid troll without a drop of Persian blood in you.

Not being Muslim, and having travelled in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, I can say that Iran is far above the Muslim Brotherhood of Turkey or the Wahhabi of Pakistan. Secularism and a more open Muslim society is more likely to be achieved in Iran than in its Sunni neighbours, and that is why they are so keen to destroy it. Iranians have a higher literacy rate than Americans and are opening the doors of knowledge in the Muslim world, the “Royals” don’t like that. The current government will evolve, but not when it is under attack.


And sometimes the US designates Al Qaida as a terrorist organization, and sometimes as ‘moderate rebels’. ;-)

Free man

You confuse the US with Turkey. There are no good jihadists, all jihadists are bad.


Even the Trump administration released millions of taxpayer dollars to Al-Qaeda “White Helmets” in Syria, calling them “heroic”. More of this below:



Dude, the US fired cruise missiles at Syria twice to help Al Qaida and all the other Jihadi clubs down there. Billions of US tax payer money has been used to supply weapons to these Jihadists. Yeah, Turkey does it too, but the US has been at it from the start as well. And still they act tough in defense of Al Qaida in Idlib.


…Many times the US regime directly supports Al-Qaeda and funds and arms them!



Free Man:

Why can’y you see the fact that the US government is the biggest terrorist state on Earth! Why can’t you see that the US regime bombed, invaded and killed more civilians…20 million of them since 1945 which is just a few decades than Iran did in its 4000 year-history! Who is the real terrorist here??? Click on the link below to see the Fact-sheet:



Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahhabi are Salafist, that is the belief in jihad, the expansion of the ‘faith’ by force of arms. Shia do not share that belief.

Hamas is Salafist as well, but Iran’s support is not in funding, only moral support, similar to BDS in the west.



Free man

Iran and Hezbollah have supported Hamas for many years. Hamas taught the Sunni jihadists fighting against the SAA, fighting tactics they learned from Hezbollah. Like placing explosives on the side of the roads and digging combat tunnels. Factually, the various militias and organizations that Iran has established in the Middle East have a distinct religious denomination. Hezbollah is very similar to jihadist organizations like Hamas in its structure and social activities.


Hamas is Salafist as I said above, that is Sunni jihadist. Your suggestion that Hezbollah taught their opponents ‘fighting tactics’ is laughable.

Road side bombs and combat tunnels are not new to the world. Iran and Hezbollah are Shia, but not promoters of external jihad. I support BDS, that does not mean I am a member of Hamas. Hamas is the elected body representing the people of Gaza. The Celtics of Scotland also support Palestinians and their right to have an independent State, that does not make them jihadists.

Free man

Too bad you’re not checking what you write : https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-gaza-hezbollah/despite-syria-rift-hezbollah-pledges-full-support-to-hamas-idUSKBN0FU1UA20140725 Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah pledged full support … to the Palestinian group Hamas : “We feel we are true partners with this resistance, a partnership of jihad, brotherhood, hope, pain, sacrifice and fate, because their victory is all our victory, and their defeat is all our defeat,”


Free Man:

Hezbollah is an indigenous Shiite militia created to RESIST the Evil Allies which are the U$, Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Nato and Israel! Without the presence of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Lebanon would absolutely become like Libya or Yemen within a few weeks and millions of Christians, Shiites and Druzes would be mercilessly slaughtered by the U$, Israeli and Saudi-backed jihadists!

Please go mark 4:00 of the video below as thousands of Christians, Druze and Shiites in Lebanon gathered to honor Hezbollah from protecting them from the real Evil Allies:


Free man

I disagree with you. There is no place for an armed militia loyal to another state within a sovereign state. In Lebanon there should be only one army which is the Lebanese army. As there should be one army in Syria which is the SAA and as there should be one army in any other sovereign state. The United States is the country that gives the most assistance to the Lebanese army. I don’t think the US wants to slaughter Christians, Druze and Shiites in Lebanon. The Middle East needs peace not “Iranian resistance” which is actually a constant war in the Middle East.


Your words prove that you are totally uninformed and don’t understand deeper geopolitical issues!

Yes, the US wouldn’t mind the slaughter of ALL Christians in the Middle East to further its geopolitical imperialistic goal and it already did that in Iraq. When the US regime attacked and destroyed Iraq on false premises there were 1.6 million Christians in Iraq and today less than fifty thousand remain!!! U$ was planing to do the same in Syria but thanks to SAA, Hezbollah, Iran, Russia their genocidal plans were successfully thwarted. US don’t give a shit if a minority are genocided as long as its satanic goals are achieved! Look what happened to the Yazidi minority in Iraq who were totally decimated by ISIS and Al-Qaeda after the US invasion!

Peter Jennings

2 million isn’t going to go far.

Next time the Qatari representatives meet with the heads of terrorist groups, have a drone handy.


Right, after the “Management” distributed the money along the higher ranks and relatives, their will be enough to pay the salaries for a month as well as the equipment for 100 “soldiers”. Edit: salaries for the 100…

Assad must stay

russia and SAA and iran need to lob some missiles onto qatar right now

You can call me Al

BIG ONES, take it out.


Deep thanks to heroes of saa and their allies who fight against beheaders.

cechas vodobenikov

both Iran and Turkey maintain good relations w Qatar; Qatar has poor relations w SA, UAE—all, however, except the civilized Persians, support the genocidal amerikan/ISIS “humanitarian democracy loving altruists”

Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

Qatar must be nuked in the name of the world peace. In qatar live subhumans.

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