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Terrorists Fleeing Syria, Iraq Create Hotbeds Of Terror In Africa


Terrorists Fleeing Syria, Iraq Create Hotbeds Of Terror In Africa

A screenshot taken from a video released by Boko Haram in 2014 shows the leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau.

Members of terrorist groups, which have suffered defeat in Syria and Iraq, have been relocating to Africa, where they create large terror enclaves and join ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram, the Russian Security Council secretary’s assistant Alexander Venediktov told the news agency Sputnik.

“Let’s take the problem of terrorism, which today is acute for African countries. After the defeat in Syria and Iraq, some militants have been on their way to the Sahel and further southward. As a result, bandit enclaves under the banners of ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram, which has pledged allegiance to ISIS militants, are emerging on the vast territories,” Venediktov told the news agency.

Currently, ISIS branches and ISIS-linked entities are actively operating in Libya, Egypt, Niger, Nigeria and Chad. The local terrorist group Boko Haram, which once pleged allegiance to ISIS, split from their “international” allies, but remains one of the most active ISIS-like organization in the region. At the same time, a part of Boko Haram members remained loyal to ISIS.

The issue of the terrorist threat in Africa gained a wide attention in 2018 after mainstream media outlets and Western diplomats started a propaganda campaign to “deter” the growing Chinese and Russian influence in the country. The center of of the speculations is the presence of Russian specialists and military advisers in the Central African Republic and “hostile” economic policies employed by China.

The general narrative is as always that China and Russia are preventing the growth of “democracy” in the region.

Terrorists Fleeing Syria, Iraq Create Hotbeds Of Terror In Africa

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    China is having a positive economic influence in Africa.
    So the US views this as hostile. WTF

    • John

      Hey PZ. They are not going let it go. They built a global network of finance and military structures, to dominate all. In the 1990’s, after the USSR fell, they thought they had it all. Neocons rolled in and the party started under William Clinton. You know all this.

      Right now, it is all going away. All the US bases and the domination of the SWIFT system is for naught. Africa, like Russia, was to be a resource depot and the BRI by China is putting a broadsword into the back of that. They are being boxed out of Syria,Iraq and Lebanon by Russia and they can’t stop that. Central Asia is slipping the grasp. They are trying to save their move in Africa, which will fail.

      It’s good to keep up to speed on developments in Africa for myself. But, none of this is surprizing. It was the last uncontested domain of the NWO and now that is going bye bye too. My take PZ. Have a great day.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, I agrees with the Russians, since I am an russian ugh…. troll.

    Africa is next, the large theater they hoped for is killed everywhere else incl Afganistan and I guess the insane war on Yemen is on its death row as we speak, it somply costs to much mooney, and depsite the ISISraeli rats and their hangarounds like Egypt and the real of our “beloved” Playstaion King, and despite the doctrines, create war that can be sustained for every, etenral warfare, yup, of course benfits some few, and never us, and now Africa, where they are in the Sub-Saharan lands like the French Coup in Mali since the elected one was so unfortunate to think like Gaddafy did, you know, national control over national recourse for the benefit of the people in Mali and on top of it, even the Tuaregs and Berbers ncl the Africans was f…… in synk, and that, was an no no from the western corporate whores and the people wounder why we have refugees, yeah, schumcks, welcome to the real world.

    And this is only Mali, the shit list is long an whinding, and Boko Haram is the love child of Obamalama and Hitlary the Beast, and above all, in aprticipation with another terror org, The North Atlantic Terror Org, knows as NATO.
    Yeah, fake news wesus no news at all, if anything wtisted to be about “protecting” their bery own assh…. in Africa, and dont for an second expect me to whine for the Blacks, go f…. your self, the thing is, we all agrees upon one thing, the people that knows a little bloody bit more than as far your own nose reatches, that Africa must cleen their own door stepp first, whine about things happened 300 years dont do jack shit, the African dicks are still there, plundering and raping their own people with the help of western security experts, and mercs, and death squads, etc.
    The problem we have in the european lands is equally to what is going on in Africa, and we all have just one problem, the Imperial banana republic UssA.
    And dont blame the Chines for getting nice deals, blame the scums that made it happen, your own bloody people and not me.
    Get it, and throw them out of Europa, every single one of them, they are traitores to their own people and have very little symphaty coming from me.

    the insane UssA is behind everything, Africans, and take an long hard look on what they have and do, and then compare it to what happens when you rule the land, to me, that Africa is so damaged is beyond belife, when it should have been the oposite, your own left and the neo-liberal scums is killing your entire f…. continent, yeah, what could possibly go wrong.

    And dont racist ass me because I really dont give an rats ass about collor, creed or nationality, some say its an bad aproatch, I say you cant imagine an world where some of us base it on been objective, and I treat everybody equally, and even those few blacks I have engaged with knows that, intingtivly, simply because eventually I base my opinion on how you behave, thats it, and I reflect it back, both ways.
    Wake up, africa, for once you have aan chanse, dont f…. it, it will be constly, and for eons into the future.
    And I place all the blame on you, africans, for whatever future conrquences this may give, you have everything, incl minds and knowledge in africa already, you just have to do it.


  • You can call me Al

    Good luck Africa, looks like the Yankers are on their way… watch out Europe and close your borders.


  • goingbrokes

    “The general narrative is as always that China and Russia are preventing the growth of “democracy” in the region.”
    LOL. Preventing democracy is undoubtedly a good thing in this day and age. Western “democracies” are now entirely under the control of secretive elites, a bunch of lying beasts and would-be slave masters. Who in their right mind would want democracy in their country now? Not me!