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Terrorists Capture Over 10 Iranian Servicemen At Pakistan Border: IRGC

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Terrorists Capture Over 10 Iranian Servicemen At Pakistan Border: IRGC

Iranian border guards. FILE IMAGE: PressTV

The Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said that terrorists have kidnapped a number Iranian sevicemembers in the southeastern Sistan-and-Baluchestan province, at the Pakistani border, on October 16th.

The IRGC released a statement saying that local Basij volunteer forces and border guards had been among those abducted overnight near the town of Mirjaveh on the Pakistani border. Members of “terrorist groups led and backed by foreign services” carried out the kidnappings by “deceiving and bribing infiltrators.”

According to the statement, the IRGC is preparing to chase the terrorists and secure the release of the kidnapped persons.

Earlier in the day, Iranian media reported that 14 people had been abducted. The Fars News agency later redacted the number to 11. The IRGC has not confirmed any number.

Following the incident, on October 17th, Tehran called on Islamabad to adhere to its commitments under bilateral security agreements. The Iranian side emphasized on the need for a joint operation to rescue the abducted.

Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli urged his Pakistani counterpart to “spare no effort” in securing the release of the kidnapped Iranian forces.

Earlier on the same day, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif held a phone conversation with his Pakistani counterpart, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, to follow up on the fate of the kidnapped border guards.

Zarif highlighted the need to strengthen security at common borders based on previous mutual agreements and talks. Qureshi, in turn, strongly denounced the “inhumane” act of terror against Iranian forces and expressed deep regret over the incident. The Pakistani minister pledged that Islamabad would make every effort “to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the incident and secure the release of the Iranian border guards.” He further said that these terrorists are enemies to both Iran and Pakistan.

Jaish ul-Adl, a Pakistan-based terrorist group, claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

Iranian border guards have repeatedly come under attack from terrorist groups, which are active in Pakistan.

Iran also has issues along its border with Afghanistan, as well as its border with Iraq.

On October 6th, Iranian border guards disbanded a three-member team of gunmen as they were trying to cross from Afghanistan. One of the gunmen was killed in the clash. Border Police Commander Brigadier General Ghassem Rezaei said that the three were drug smugglers. One of them was wounded and the third one surrendered.

“Iran’s border guards use all their capability to preserve and secure the country’s territory, decisively confronting all instances of insecurity along the border,” the commander asserted.

Along the Iran-Iraq border there are problems with Iraqi-based Kurdish militants. In July militants killed at least 10 Iranian border guards when they attacked a border post.

On September 9th, IRGC fired missiles on the Kurdish militants in the mountain area of the Iran-Iraq border.

The tensions along Iranian borders grow further they may contribute to at least partial destabilization of the Iranian border provinces. Some persons in the Teheran leadership see that this scenario could be supported by foreign powers involved in the conflicts with Iran.

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Zo Fu

Well, I’m day after day more and more skeptic about Iranian forces.
They are speaking tough against Israel but their internal security is rather poor.
It reminds me Iraq during US invasion.
Iraqi army was huge but absolutely not capable to do anything against relatively small NATO contingent.
They let NATO concentrate before attack, they let them absolute superiority in the air, they didn’t disrupted their command chain and communication channels and they think they can’t lose because they have HUGE army…
Well, huge inferior army, poor military skills and underestimating opponent is guaranteed recepy for disaster. And Iran is repeating the same stupid mistake.

P.S. Do you remember this hoax ? Where do you have your secret stealthy 5th generation jet, Iran ?
You don’t have any. You are just uncompetent liars.
comment image


Iran does make you foam at the mouth, doesn’t it. Be careful, I dont think your handlers will cover your medical pills. Try not to get too upset and also keep up with reality it will not make your comments appearing, as a retards rambling.

Promitheas Apollonious

dont be to harsh on the poor creature. If you look at him from the humorous point of view it show you not only the limited awareness of this people, but also their very low esteem and none existent self respect they have. This globalization clones shown me it takes a very special breed of defective dna that they come here and else where in numbers and ridicule themselves with every post they make. Kind of like the idiot of the village, sort of to speak.

Beside they are here with a mission so no matter what you respond to them all you get is either a stupid response or none at all. Nothing in any case that resembles a coherent answer or anything to do with reality.

Concrete Mike

Yes your correct. Its pretty obvious who has a agenda here.

Promitheas Apollonious

Mike show me any one who posts on sites that does not have an agenda and I stand corrected. None of us is impartial to what he is posting or is not taking sides one way or the other.

That said, there is the organized want to be and then their are the normal posters who just express their likes and dislikes as well their opinions. This new comers with the chinese avatars are none of that. Now if you mean anything else with what you posted as answer to me I am all for hearing about it.

Zo Fu

Proof me I’m wrong. Where is Iranian Qaher 330 from the picture above ?
It should be already flying after 5 years of development.
IMHO Qaher 330 is a very poor attempt to persuade dumb uneducated people in Iran that domestic industry has such capacity as build own fighter jet.
They lack that capacity.
Moreover. I made a little research into Iranian missile program and I concluded that they have capacity to duplicate obsolete designs from 1950 and that’s all.
I can tell you that Nazi Germany in 1945 had better designs and engineers then Iran in 2018.
Nazi V2 is comparable to the domestic Iranian missiles.
Me163 Komet is aerodynamically far superior design comparing with Qaher 330 .
But obvious technology problems don’t prevent Iran’s leadership threatening Israel and advising them to learn swimming because Iran will make them flee to the sea.
It is laughable. Iran is led by dumb morons to almost guaranteed disaster.

Promitheas Apollonious

all you saying and asking me to prove you wrong, not only show how ignorant of fact and bias you are, little hasbara but also show how unintelligent you are making the claims you do that very easily can be proven you are just a bullshitter and nothing else and a paid poster, of the moronic hasbara type.

Iran is the one who first hijacked, an alleged stealth american drone and landed it safely on the ground. Also has launched his own satellites in space, using its own rockets unlike stupid hasbaras and americans that with out russian engines they can go no where.

Their war industry with the cooperation of their chinese partners have develop many missiles including a version of the chinese S300. to name few of what they are manufacturing in the house. In future, when you want to play smartass which you not even that smart, chose someone else to show both your ignorance and your stupidity, counting than none know what is already common sense.

And stop confusing Iran with the likes of you and your defective dna of mongrels. I am not Iran`s apologist or spoke person. As for the act you put here trumpet style you may fool few posters here but… as I said you not that intelligent or knowledgeable.


Very smart and excellent answer. He is not just a stupid. He has come here with special agenda and heart ridden by hatred.


“uncompetent liars” you might not be the sharpest tool in the box but you’re most definitely the biggest.


and then some

Empire's Frontiers

I do recall thinking that jet was something like plywood and acrylic paint.

But such a stunt is far less absurd than anything Nikki or Samantha uttered before the U.N. at any point over the preceding decade.

The only difference between this and the f-35 is the price tag, so what is it you’re saying about a hoax?


Trifling creature speaking triviality

Tommy Jensen

Just dont blame it on America again.


I would just use the US and Israeli doctrine that blames the President ( of the US Coalition) of Terror Tommy :)

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