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Terrorists Burn Their Headquarters & Leave Suburbs of Damascus

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Retreating from Muadamiya in the suburbs of Damascus, terrorists burn their vehicles and headquarters and destroy all evidences, including passports and various documents.

Terrorists Burn Their Headquarters & Leave Suburbs of Damascus

Photo: Reuters / Ammar Abdullah

Syrian terrorists burn their vehicles and headquarters, leaving positions in the town of Muadamiya in the suburbs of Damascus.

Retreating, the terrorists also destroy all evidences, including passports and various documents, as evidenced by black smoke that can be seen above their positions. At the same time, the terrorists have to get rid of the weapons and vehicles. According to the commander of the assault detachment, now Muadamiya is surrounded on all sides, and the terrorists have no other choice but to surrender.

To the date, a part of the terrorists, occupying positions in Muadamiya, has already surrendered to government troops. Syrian military also said that terrorists handed over their weapons to the authorities and left the suburbs of Damascus, no one of them was arrested.

Meanwhile, an evacuation of civilians has begun in Muadamiya. Reportedly, 62 men, 79 women and 162 children will move from the town to Harjalah 10 km southeast of Daraya.

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So you can kill rape murder genocide and be a member of a terrorist organisation for years. And their is no arrest out for you?
No wonder Syria is falling apart. It is like free criminal state.
No one obeys the law when it is not even illegal to do the things that they do.
No wonder every criminal in the world is flocking to Syria.
Their is no crime, no arrest and no punishment for doing anything.
Everyone should just let their prisoners go, they will all flock to Syria, then we can wall in Syria and just make it an open air prison of murderers robbers terrorist and child rapist. Case solved lol.


Syria has been extremely soft of the militants and in general of the infiltration and invasion in the first place. The fact that it lost control over most all of its land borders very early in the war is a sign that something it very wrong with the military intelligence, army and government.
Because of Syria being so soft, the war keeps going on and on. The Syrian army keeps losing and retaking the same areas over and over again. They simply do not kill enough of these militants/jihadists.
An army within its own country should be able to kill thousands of invaders per day.

Carol Davidek-Waller

You must be thinking of Turkey. The Syrian army haven’t been ‘soft’….they’ve been stretched thin by the terrorists funded by the deep pockets of the US and the oil rich princely states.


The syrian army after all the defections has turned into a hodgepodge of military and paramilitary units, various militias etc. And they rely a LOT on foreign fighters, too.


They were collapsing and Putin had to intervene to reverse the tide.

So put things into perspective and understand that the leadership mainly wants to consolidate/clear the capital city Damascus and the huge city of Aleppo. So they are strong politically when the negotiations happen.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I think we agree with you. But what JJ pointed out was what lead to this whole situation to begin with. Had the Syrians and Army and Government been more competent to begin with. Then things would have unfolded a lot better this whole time.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You are 100% right my friend. I am glad their are others who see this plainly. Thank you comrade.

Carol Davidek-Waller

You’d rather they force the terrorists to fight to the death resulting the unnecessary deaths of thousands of civilians? Syria has all ready suffered 400,000 dead.11 million have fled the fighting. The Lebanese and Russians are fighting ‘with’ the Syrians…mostly because the army had been decimated by the well funded terrorist army of the US and it’s ME surrogates.


FSA shifting from fighting assad in the south, to fighting the kurds in the north.

Word on the street is Turkey pays better for starters…

These next few months should be interesting…


As far as I remember Muadamiya was one of the places that had a truce with the Syrian government. Now that the rebels in neighboring Daraya – that had no truce – have given up it looks like they have given up too. However, I would like to have a more complete picture of what is happening exactly.

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