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Terrorists are fighting each other in Lebanon

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ISIS captured several checkpoints and military posts from al Nusra Front

Terrorists are fighting each other in Lebanon

It is reported that ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) are now fighting in eastern Lebanon after a break of confrontation to each other inside the ‘Arsal Barrens of the Beqa’a Governorate.

On January 27, Wednesday afternoon, several firefights were reported between Jabhat Al-Nusra and ISIS at the villages of Wadi Hamid, Al-Zimrani, Wadi Mira, and Al-Khayl in the ‘Arsal Barrens.

These clashes forced both the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah to concentrate their forces to this mountainous region in order to make sure the fighting was not going to spread.

According to the reports, ISIS captured several checkpoints and military posts from Nusra front in the ‘Arsal Barrens, resulting in the expansion of their front-line positions to the Lebanese Army’s territory in the region.

Reports also said that ISIS terrorists did not care much for civilian casualties, as they began to fire dozens of rockets into the Lebanese Army’s territory in Jaroud ‘Arsal, wounding a number of soldiers and civilians in the process.

However, the exchange of rockets and mortar shells, sporadic clashes between the Lebanese Army and ISIS terrorists in Jaroud ‘Arsal, have mark the first time in several months that the aforementioned terrorist group has attacked the pro-government forces.

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sayanim swine

Who is only winner from all of this mayhem? Not US, Not Eu, Not Arabs- ONLY Israel. As the Zionist skanks watch & goade their rivals into killing each other off by the millions- while they sit high & dry, the land they plan to steal from Nile to Efrat is emptied of opposition and cleared for zio scum’s take over. Idiot Islamists implementing their own destruction for and by the jews. Incredible stupidity

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