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MARCH 2021

Terrorist threat in Central Asia Region increases


According to the Kremlin, influence of the Islamic State in Afghanistan should be seriously considered.

Terrorist threat in Central Asia Region increases

ISIS figurehead in Afghanistan Abdul Rauf, killed in NATO Drone Strike

Alexander Bortnikov, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service, claimed on an interview to the RIA news agency on Wednesday, that militants in Afghanistan may be switching their stance to the one of the Islamic State.

Bortnikov claimed that the biggest concern about this is that once ISIS effectively gets operative in Afghanistan, the rest of Central Asian nations would be also at risk if the terrorist group spread its forces there. In addition to that, Russia itself could be at risk if the extremists aren’t stopped on time.

Defense Forces in the region haven’t shown its full effectiveness regarding the infiltration of terrorists in their territories.

The Kremlin alleged that Russian intervention in Syrian conflict was due to the threat that the Islamic State represents in the region, nevertheless the US keep claiming that Russian aim was to support and prop up their allied nation led by Bashar Al Assad.

Russia’s heightened attention over Afghanistan matches with the recent increase of US activity in the same country.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter



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