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Terrorist Groups And Foreign Intelligence Services Jointly Work Against Russia: FSB Chief Warns

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Terrorist Groups And Foreign Intelligence Services Jointly Work Against Russia: FSB Chief Warns


The Federal Security Service (FSB) eliminated 71 terrorist cells in Russia in 2020, the FSB director and the chairman of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee Alexander Bortnikov revealed.

“The enemy – here I mean both international terrorist organizations and foreign ideological, financial and intelligence centers – is also actively working, trying to draw new adepts into illegal activities, who would, at the cost of their own lives, solve other people’s problems,” Bortnikov said in an interview with “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee.

“In particular, the FSB regularly identifies and eliminates terrorist cells in various regions of the country. In 2020, there were 71 of them. But this is already an extreme measure,” he added.

Bortnikov added that in 2020 alone, security forces seized from illegal circulation about 600 firearms, 134 improvised explosive devices, over 100 thousand cartridges, as well as more than 3 thousand mines, grenades and other ammunition.

Rosfinmonitoring (the fninancial flow monitoring center) blocked the financial assets of more than 1.2 thousand persons suspected of involvement in terrorism – 57 million RUB (0.8 million USD).

“In general, 184 channels of financing of this criminal activity have been suppressed,” Bortnikov said.


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Jens Holm

Very good. Soon many from Syria can go there and feel safe for Assads.

Supreme Blyat

In Syrian war the casualities are less than a half of Iraqi war started with fake massmedia WMD reports so even if Assad alone would be blamed for Syrian war, Bush deserve twice as punnishment for Iraqi crimes. And Madeline Albright, Colin Powel, Dick Chenney, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of oil lobbysts…. Assad is an innocent child compared to them.


Add blair,cameron,may,raab,eu-epp stooges who serve cia/eu-epp/skulls n bones.

johnny rotten

After a thousand years of russophobic distrust [Guy Mettan] Westerners insist on provoking Russia, at this point it is obvious that they are stuck in a loop of paranoia.


It is calculated carefully planned US-UK move against Russia (not based on fear but cold calculated attempt to remove Russia permanently from the world scene by all means necessary).
That anti Russian “paranoia” is for the NATO puppets to consume, to build psychosis of war (make environment unfriendly to Russia thus make additional pressure (on Russia))


I agree. One wonders why the West, and especially UK-US have all this deep hatred of Russia?


Russia was in the past (just like Germany) serious challenger on Anglo-Saxon global dominance.
Today Russia acts as catalyst and “second violin” for China to get the throne of global dominance. Thus equally important player, because Master peace of the puzzle…A “sine qua non”. And will push (as such) Anglo Saxons dominance aside from global scene.

Joakim Normen

AND don’t forget Russia have 75 TRILLION dollars of natural resources in the ground.



True ! That is additional motive that I have forgotten to mention !


eu/us brexit is the gamechanger:




OK…but …Germany needs Russian gas in EU but doesn’t need Russia…so there is certain ambiguity…
Russian gas =YES!
Russia, Russians=NO!

…also Germany doesn’t need Russia as an enemy (since still occupied country by Anglo Saxons – common enemy of the Russians too)

Some pro US countries of EU are anti Russian 100% like Baltic’s, Poland and maybe Romania. Others less…
So US-UK- and some EU


They are building up crescendo of anti Russian activity ever more as we are approaching Ukrainian spring offensive against Russians…
Everything goes according US, UK plan so far….

Pave Way IV

Every NATO stooge has a plan… until they get punched in the face by Russia.


From Russia with lovecomment image


us/eu-epp corporate fascists,uk is monarchy,uk left the eu corporation for valid reasons,
Either way soros is fkd,cia’s fkd and brussels/imf/ecb needs to pull their heads outta one anothers ass,seens usa is the null and void democracy since do’minion election hacking:
However british media like just about all western medias are the enemys of all peoples,of course they will post hate and childish rants about russia this or russia that,bad russia etc.


UK leaders are anti Russian Jimi.
Those aren’t “childish rants”…They will follow the US lead in conflict against Russia I am convinced.


If there is a major attack on Donbass and the resistance looks like they are losing Russia MUST intervene and create some new facts and reality on the ground for those thick headed bastard in Nato to get the message who is in control of the area,and its not them,having said that those guys in Donbass are capable of defending themselves but why should they have to always wait for the Nazis to attack,they should have taken the war to Kiev,if not strong enough in military force,they could have sent agents to carry out sabotage and target the Nazi high command like those bastards targeted Givi and other leaders in Donbass and Lugansk,i am surethey know the names of the Generals who order the strikes on civilians.


I agree.
There is now the accuracy with modern weapons systems that can expedite the demise of the NATO puppet masters.
There should be NO country in the world where these cowards can hide or visit without risking death.


Nato will die to the last Ukrainian Nazi,but if they do attack the Nato bitches will be in the background,remember operation Storm in the Krijina ? Americans were behind that Croatian Nazi attack,thats what they want for Donbass.


Fsb,quiet achievers:

cechas vodobenikov

there are few pretend terrorists at SF—offjective, jens, tratz
ISIS will never achieve the terrorist status amerikans have
“amerikans are farcical when it comes to money and force majeure—the 2 things they worship. my country has created 1 art form, the TV advertisement. You should not expect a democracy from a society like this”
Gore Vidal

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