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Terrorist Attack in Syria’s Qamishli: 44 Killed, 170 Wounded (Video)

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Terrorist Attack in Syria’s Qamishli: 44 Killed, 170 Wounded (Video)

Photo: Reuters / Sana / Handout via Reuters

At least 44 people were killed and more than 170 others were wounded in a terrorist attack in the Syrian city of Qamishli on Wednesday, the TV channel Al Mayadeen reported.

​A truck carrying explosives has detonated in the western part of Qamishli, an area controlled by the Kurds.

According to local media, ISIS has claimed the responsibility for the attack.

Earlier, an unnamed source in the city’s hospital told RIA Novosti that at least 25 people were killed and more than 100 others were wounded.

​“At least 25 bodies were transferred to the hospital. Over 100 people were injured; the death toll number will increase,” the source said.

Some media reports suggested it was double blast.

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For 25 years it has been well documented that SAS have been training terrorist groups to make and use explosives such as car bombs to destabilize areas that the SAS wanted to exert greater power over.
And the world never formed a united front against the SAS to stop them.
Now all of humanity is reaping what we have allowed the SAS to sow the world over.
Only a united front hunting down the SAS terrorist organisations can liberate individual nations from their Zio-grip of terror.
It starts with sharing intelligence on SAS movement’s, names, and history of operational zones.
Their are freedom fighters around the world who will take care of the rest in typical anti-terrorist fashion. From American-militia to the new united front of European-preservation, to many who have been conquered and humiliated by SAS before in the past and present.
The SAS swear allegiance only to their dictator, not to telling the truth. That alone should be enough to convince anyone as to how evil they actually are.

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