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Terrorism Advancing In Central Asia

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Terrorism Advancing In Central Asia

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The Afghan situation has created a domino effect, generating a security crisis throughout the Central Asian region.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

In the contemporary world, acts taken by National States and international organizations very often have a domino effect on the geopolitical scenario. The consequences of a single maneuver are witnessed in many countries at the same time, in a constant flow of effects and reflexes. In the Afghan case, it was no different. The withdrawal of US troops was succeeded by the exponential increase in terrorism, not only in Afghanistan itself, but also in all the other countries of Central Asia, creating a new route for terrorist organizations that directly harms Russia, whose objective to maintain influence on the former Soviet republics is becoming more and more threatened.

Western analysts, following Washington’s announcement of troop withdrawals, immediately warned of the dangers of advancing terrorism in Afghanistan. For Western experts, it was the American presence that prevented Kabul from being taken over by the various terrorist militias operating in the country and, with an end to that presence, the Afghan state would not be able to contain the progress of terrorism and would succumb to the enemy.

However, the Taliban factor was ignored. While this group has always been recognized as the strongest within Afghan soil, the quick and immediate victory surprised all sides. Indeed, Washington could not have imagined that it would see the Taliban seizing Kabul even before the troop withdrawal was completed. This generated a different scenario than the one previously thought. Although Afghanistan is at war and several terrorist groups are fighting in the country, the Taliban’s supremacy is absolute and this group is the one that actually governs in Kabul, being the strength of the other militias absolutely insufficient to change this scenario.

Unable to defeat the Taliban, other terrorist organizations have increasingly migrated to neighboring nations in Central Asia. The tactics of these groups is simply to gain space, forming more and more bases and thus allowing an expansion of their activities in that region. Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, in this sense, have become the targets of several terrorist organizations originating in Afghanistan. The result of this is the constant spread of chaos across the Central Asian subcontinent, undermining local governments and the possibilities for international cooperation between these countries and other states.

In parallel, pre-existing organizations in these countries began to boost their activities from the moment they began to receive Afghan terrorists as a “reinforcement” to their troops. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) have grown exponentially in recent months. These organizations have historic ties to the Taliban, with mutual support, military, and financial cooperation. However, unlike these groups, the Taliban has struggled to take a “softer” stance to justify its rule in Kabul in recent times, which has undermined the alliance and generated friction. The Taliban recently promised Beijing that it will repress acts contrary to Chinese sovereignty and that it will not support actions by Uyghur terrorists, as is the case with ETIM.

In the same vein, the IMU has been declining its relations with the Taliban since the 1990s, when it carried out raids on Afghan soil during the Taliban government. In 2015, the group entered into an alliance with ISIS and with that the ties were completely broken, being the Taliban and the IMU enemy organizations today. More than that, other local ISIS-affiliated militias have intensified their violence in recent maneuvers, forming a huge international network of extremist organizations working together against all Central Asian governments – including the Taliban, which is the de facto government in Kabul today.

Making the security crisis in the region even more tense, the Taliban itself tends to “internationalize” its actions as its enemies build more bases abroad. So, it is possible that in the near future the Taliban will operate raids in other Central Asian countries with the aim of trying to neutralize enemy bases.

In this scenario, what happens is a big stability crisis where all sides try to protect themselves. Russia has been trying for decades to consolidate a policy of influence over the Central Asian space that belonged to the Soviet Union, and this has been reasonably successful, but now, there is a frontal threat. With so many conflicts arising in the region, Russia will only be able to maintain its influence if it actively participates in ensuring the security of countries victimized by violence. But for that, it will have to confront other external interests, such as Washington’s plan – supported by Turkey – to create military bases in Central Asia to fight terrorists.

China has also moved to influence the region in guaranteeing peace. In addition to negotiations with the Taliban, Beijing has promoted military maneuvers in preparation for conflicts, such as the recent drills with Tajikistan. A coalition of forces between Moscow, Beijing and the Taliban may prevent an even worse scenario from being formed in the region, but it is not in the interests of either side that the Taliban expand beyond Afghanistan, so in a possible deal the Taliban should agree not to carry out incursions abroad.

So, apparently, the only certainty we have is that tensions in Central Asia are far from over.


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All it would take is one major terror attack in the central asian republics or Iran and it would just flip this jihadi trinkets cart upside down, specially if it gets proven that the origin of the attack/s was Afghanistan. It would galvanize Iran and Russia to go fukk the taliban up.


Really Fool? Russia is bankrupt and so is Iran. Russia still bleeds from their first imperial attempt to destroy the Pushtun. TheTaliban leadership has 4 decades experience of fighting and defeating 2 Superpowers. Your fire-worshipping brain has just too much hatred for Muslims. Have a beer on me for Nowruz.


Really hendu-pak? Who would provide the money? the goods and services, machinery, raw materials, food, gas and fuel to these talibunnies? your fukking dad? Stupid motherfucker, if we decide even China will abandon you. Initiating civil war is too easy, you understand?

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson

Alliance with Taliban!!! Are you kidding? IMU, ETIM, ISIS AQ and the rest of those acronymic terror groups can’t get along because they argue over from which direction they should cut their enemies throat! Otherwise they’re all the same.

The best weapon against them is economic and social development of the region’s citizens and as long as Russia and China treat their Muslim populations as second class citizens they will have instability within their borders and beyond.


lol……talibunny republic is still born no?…….lol

Peter Jennings

The Chinese admin know the result of closing a country off from the rest of the world. They could teach the Afghanistan admin a thing or two.
Ignoring and antagonising the neighbours never ends well.

The Taliban know they have to move their country on or face a future of tribal fiefdoms, poverty and underdevelopment. They haven’t fought a long battle with a foreign set of powers to start falling into tribal warfare.
If one wants the benefit of modern technology, one has to embrace some modern ways that will inevitably come along with it.

The country has a lot of raw materials to trade internationally. The Chinese admin will show them the way. Maybe the Russian admin too?

US & EU are Zion slaves

The MAIN question is not answered yet.
Are the Taliban going to support their brothers “Wahhabi Sunni cunts” or not?

Remember these fuking backward apes agree to host Al-Qaeda, Osama the goat fuker was in Afghanistan before the Pakistan ISI A.K.A Wahhabi pigs save him and Taliban’s leaders before they get killed anyway by the US in Pakistan.

China is VERY clear of what they want from the Taliban, don’t help Turkistan Islamic Party or any other terrorist groups. Also, they must ignore Uyghurs and China ending Islam in China – Like Pakistan pretty much.


I want these sunni bastards put to death right now! They will cause problems down the road. We can’t be complacent or merciful here. This is a bad moon rising. An evil kaliphate of the barbarians. Hendu-pak dalit wahabbi are trash. They must be killed.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson
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