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Terrorism threat shifting the EU’s shape

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Terrorism threat shifting the EU's shape

Twin terror explosions reported at Brussels metro station located close to the EU institutions and US embassy, at least 15 people were killed by those blasts.

It appears as a typical ISIS bomb attack in European soil since media reported about gunfire, Arabic, and explosion. Brussels raised it highest threat alert. ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The extremism and terrorism of the Middle East have got its ground in the European soil. The decades old western policy on the Middle East is now biting on the heart of Europe.

Some analysts suggested that the west has updated the ‘divide and rule’ doctrine into a policy of ‘Chaos and Rule’ which is being executed from a position behind the curtain.  Since the world is more connected physically and through technological advancements, a power full world system like the West can control and use regional and International clashes and disputes in favor of their interests. If West can create disruption, chaos and divisions into far away civilization, the West will be the most beneficiary from every aspect for its long practice of imperialism.  More divisions into a society will bring more chaos into the region. More regional chaos will lead the regional leaders towards the dependency on the West. More dependency on the West means more opportunity to exploit Europe from a position of behind the curtain.

These ongoing continuous security threats in the heart of Europe will have a long lasting impact in an artificial and vulnerable system like European Union. Most of all Europe will be more expensive to live after increasing security spendings; already Greece, Spain, Italy and some other countries are facing dire economic hardships due to EU’s economic and financial system. There are reports of many far right political party activities around several cities to control or discourage influx of refugees. The racial, cultural and religious tensions between the different social groups will rise conduct tensions that could lead to clashes.

Since the west is encircling the great Eurasian territory with political, economic and military settlements for their highly ambitious grand containment of the world’s vast resources, it has plotted to revive the old conflicts of Europe in a new fashioned way.

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