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“Terror-Related” London Bridge Attack Leaves 5 Casualties, One Suspect In Custody

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

  • Met Police are treating the incident as terror-related
  • A person is believed to have attacked people with a knife
  • A man has been detained by police
  • There are up to five casualties, according to police
  • Officers have cordoned off the bridge
  • London Bridge Station is closed
  • An explosion was heard at the south end of the bridge, near Borough Market

Details below…

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Update (1022ET): Met Police have confirmed this is terror-related…

"Terror-Related" London Bridge Attack Leaves 5 Casualties, One Suspect In Custody

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Five people have reportedly been in killed in a series of attacks on or near London Bridge early Friday afternoon, according to Sky News.

Various reports by the media and statements by police described a series of attacks likely perpetrated by numerous attackers. Gunshots were reported on London Bridge, while explosions and an assailant stabbing victims were reported at nearby Borough Market. Early repots suggest most of those dead were killed in stabbing incidents.

Numerous police and ambulance vehicles responded to the scene on the busy thoroughfare as footage of the aftermath circulated on twitter. The BBC is reporting that witnesses saw several men attacking another man, and that at least one individual was shot. Media reports claim a suspect is in custody, while other reports claim a suspect has been shot by police.

Other clips circulating on line showed cops with their guns drawn and apparently pointing them at an individual on the ground.

Here’s that same scene from a different angle:

Now, more footage has emerged of what looks like police arresting a possible suspect.

Here’s a closeup of that frame:

"Terror-Related" London Bridge Attack Leaves 5 Casualties, One Suspect In Custody

Other photos showed emergency vehicles and cops rushing to the scene.

"Terror-Related" London Bridge Attack Leaves 5 Casualties, One Suspect In Custody

After the shootings, reporters said there was an explosion at the nearby Borough Market, and that one suspect armed with a knife is at large.

"Terror-Related" London Bridge Attack Leaves 5 Casualties, One Suspect In Custody

Senior UK officials are monitoring the situation.

London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed that they’re “in the early stages of dealing with an incident at London Bridge” and have blocked off the area.

While shootings like this happen all the time in the US, they’re much more rare in the UK, where guns are effectively banned. London has been struggling lately with a surge in violent crime, though much of the attacks have been carried out by knife-wielding aggressors.

The incident is looking like a repeat of the London Bridge attacks from 2017, when seven were killed by ‘lone wolf’ jihadi attackers.

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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Will be interesting to find out details surrounding the two members of the ‘public’ that are dead (and the three seriously injured) and whether they are of a military/intelligence background, having recently been out in the field.

chris chuba

Unlike when Israel capriciously bombs Syria or when HTS shells Aleppo and kills civilians, it was covered live all day on FOX / CNN. In the hiearchy of victims, white N. Europeans rate very high, Syrians and brown skinned Yemenis not so much.

Lazy Gamer

Seems there are more than a few knife incidents lately. Coincidence with the movie knives out??

chris chuba

Very strict gun laws in England, so people literally reach for the next best thing.

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