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Terror Hysteria In U.S.: Explosive Devices Reportedly Sent To Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama And Congress

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Terror Hysteria In U.S.: Explosive Devices Reportedly Sent To Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama And Congress

A car police near Hillary Clinton’s house. IMAGE: WABC7 / AP / Scanpix / LETA

Technicians of the United States Secret Service have intercepted suspected bombs reportedly mailed to the homes of the Obamas, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Additionally, at least one suspicious package was intercepted at a Congressional mail sorting facility in Maryland.

According to CNN and Reuters, a suspected explosive device was sent even to the White House. CBS Baltimore claimed that the package sent to the White House was intercepted at Joint Base Bolling. However, this very story remains unconfirmed.

US President Donald Trump took a chance to support his party in the upcoming midterm elections.

Earlier, federal agents detonated a bomb discovered in the mailbox of George Soros’s home in Westchester County.

The maisntream media is in fire over the incident. Some outlets and public persons are already blaiming the atmosphere of hate created by Trump and the Republicans for the current situation.

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Paul Barbara

Yet more ‘False Flag’ hoaxes. Remember the ‘Anthrax’ mailings? What ever became of that ‘investigation’? Yet plenty of brainwashed mugs will believe whatever cock-and-bull narrative the govt. and MSM come up with.


I was wondering if it is part of the October surprise. A new kind of fake swastika painting to create sympathy and victim-hood.

John Brown

Yes its a deep state Zio False Flag’ hoax psyop. They send it to themselves or persuade some stupid patsi Goyim to do it for them as 95% of anti Jewish attacks etc. in the USSA etc are done by Jews / Mossad.

Israel Convicts Israeli-American Hacker Who Terrorized U.S. Jews With Bomb Threats
The 19-year-old was convicted of threatening 2,000 institutions, including U.S. senator, Israeli embassy in the U.S., and JCCs; the fake bomb threats forced widespread evacuations and stirred fear of a resurgence in anti-Semitism

Empire's Frontiers

When five, six, seven ‘bombs’ are carried to their various coordinated destinations and none explode, but rather pose for photo-ops on break-room tables, there were no bombs.

H Eccles

It’s basically voters coming to their senses…



Tommy Jensen

The sheeple woke up?………………….LOL.


Apparently this may have been a VERY clever prank that has the deep state scurrying after their own tails. It is also going to put them all in the headlights of a Federal investigation…again.

There was little or nothing that was not done wrong. From the postage, to the packaging, to ISIS stickers on the “bombs”, to names spelled wrong, to a return address to Debbie Wassermann Schultz (spelled wrong), to the detonators being forgotten,….

Good job trolls! :-)

Bill Wilson

The dumb ass Democratic leadership is most likely the culprit since the fools sent a bomb to Obama. Obama has been doing very little for the DNC nationwide nor does he badmouth Trump very often, which has the DNC leadership rather pissed off.


This is some of the funniest stuff that I have seen in years. The meme wars are going crazy. A couple of amusing pictures. The first is of the “false flag”.

comment image

Tommy Jensen


Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

sarcasme starts* Blame Russia, Iran, China and North Korea, in that order. *sarcasme ends

“Some outlets and public persons are already blaiming the atmosphere of hate created by Trump and the Republicans for the current situation.”
Say what, the US government is the one to blame for its own troubles, nooooo, it MUST be the people themselves, not voting the right party, not paying enough taxes, not acceoting enough surveillance, too much freedom of speech, too many oppinions floating around, in short: too little government control.

Aint it funny how, as your power and wealth grows, the higher your walls needs to be and the more castle like do your home needs to look like, distancing yourself further and further from the people as you grow?

me again

If anyone really wanted to harm them with bombs, than those bombs wouldn’t have been found. This really is some hoax or False Flag in small scale. We shall see on Nov 6th and some days later what is going on.

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