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Tensions Rise In Libya: LNA Shot Down Turkish Drone Off Sirte Coast

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced early on July 23 that it had shot down a Turkish drone near the city of Sirte.

In a short statement, the army said that the drone was targeted by air-defense systems while flying over the western coast of the city.

Earlier this month, at least one Pantsir-S1 short-range air-defense system was deployed by the LNA in Sirte. A report by al-Arabiya also claimed that Egyptian BUK-M and S-300 medium and long-range systems were protecting the city.

Tensions Rise In Libya: LNA Shot Down Turkish Drone Off Sirte Coast

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

Forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) have been amassing west of Sirte for a while. The GNA and its main ally, Turkey, are reportedly preparing for a large-scale offensive to take control over the city and its oil-export port.

Egypt warned against any attack on Sirte. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi stressed that the city and al-Jufra Air Base, to the south, were a red line for the Egyptian military.

Despite the Egyptian warning, the GNA is apparently still determined to attack the city. The downing of a Turkish drone near the city is an indication of a close Turkish-backed attack.

Any attack on Sirte will definitely provoke a serious military confrontation. Egypt may not target Turkish troops in western Libya. However, GNA forces will face the full power of the Egyptian military and possibly other  LNA supporters such as the UAE.


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Potato Man

“Tensions rise” I think the Turkisis leak training and those Turkish drones are a joke now…how many of them are downed by now.
“30 turkish drones, 5 Chinese drones and 2 American Predator drones shot down.” <– That was like 7-6 months ago, just in Libya…Yup.
comment image

Bruhh have you guys been on Twitter…holy fuk I knew there were apes out there but holy shit ? some "people" are far gone mad. Best ones are the MEK sucking Pompeo ass hole LMFAO.
comment image

Jens Holm

To me its a sign for devellopment. The drones are better and better and also cheeper, but the counterattack against them has improved a lot too.

You of course ignore they also has done many good jobs and will be priduced and improved as long as it makes plus.

We see them in all levels now. Even smaller army units has one themselves as spies.

Potato Man

I wasn’t talking about drones in whole bud (only the Turkish ones which are American system -> send to Israel and then Turkey changed some parts of them and called Turkish drones), ofc drones have improve and countering are somewhat harder ( that is if you are a NATO member have American shity air defence system).

“You of course ignore they also has done many good jobs and will be priduced and improved as long as it makes plus.”
hmmm let see the cost of those + the failure of them and the fact that is just in Libya.
Go on tell me how many times you hear an Iranian drone get shut down?
Turkey is in Libya to steal oil and once they do that they sit and don’t do anything like the Americans in Syria.

“To me its a sign for devellopment.” how so? by giving your system to your “enemies”. Remember how Americans cried for their drone when Iran hacked and took it.

The Objective

At what cost to the LNA?


No there are no Egyptian S-300 in Libya.
S-300 isn’t the kind of system you just move to another country.

Jens Holm

S 300s are easy to deploy. Many has long time plans and dont expect putting in potatos one day and next day a meal for it.

You have to be more integrated in how the real swedes do.


S-300 may be easy to deploy but that doesn’t mean that you can just move it to another country.
S-300 is a very integrated and layered air defense and it’s not meant for moving it outside of the IADS network.


Poor Turkish ppl are paying their taxes so that madman erdogan can make more of those useless overpriced drones to get shot down in foreign countries …how many Turkish drones have been shot down in Syria and Lybia? 100? more? how much costs one of them?..how many schools or hospitals could have been build or upgraded in Turkey?


i would rather say poor qatari people


hahaah you are right! but i dont think those guys have economical problems

Jens Holm

We dont know much about their populations even they existed as cpunty and country for many years.

It would be expected many Khazars was main runners and by that Feual upperclass.


keep you speculations and wishes for yourself then lttle orc…Turkeys equipment is a pile of crap…and of story

The Objective

They destroyed plenty of SAA and LNA personnel and machinery.

Jens Holm

There we go again. Revenge against non existin enemies.

Maybee You are inspired by Baron Von Münchaussen as well:) So funny.

The real thing is You insist keeping Yourself as a fiasko.

Jens Holm

Usual Propagandalf naming the enemy weapons as no good.

Maybee chokolate should be forbiiden where You live assisted by You, bacuse You are to fat and like it:)


just telling the truth…open your eyes orc

Jens Holm

Thats very incorrect. They started from schratch beause they wanted to produce more for themselves. By then they have improved much which also was needed.

They seemes to be fine. When many are shot down its also because they are using them very much.

Copunterweapons has improved a lot too.

The Objective

If you are making a cost/benefit analysis for Turkey, then you must know that Turkey has achieved a lot at little cost. The drones are much much cheaper than the anti-aircraft systems they’ve been destroying in both Libya and Syria. They have also inflicted hundreds of casualties on the enemy. The drones halted Syrian Arab Army advances in Idlib and put them on the defensive within hours. The same drones broke LNA’s siege on Tripoli and now has Haftar begging for a cease fire and negotiations.
What we are likely to see next in Libya is a swarm attack by the latest batch of Turkish drones. 500 such drones will be handed over to the Turkish army with more coming soon. They are very small, but lethal. And will operate in a swarm of 20 at a time. They are also suicide drones, so losing them isn’t going to be a big deal. But each can slam a sizable weight of explosive on its target.
Note that Russia hasn’t faced a sophisticated drone swarm attack in Syria yet. Their systems will have to contend with it in Libya.
It appears like Pakistan will soon join the Turks to protect the GNA.

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