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Tensions Grow In Spain As Catalonia Pushes For Independence Referendum

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Tensions Grow In Spain As Catalonia Pushes For Independence Referendum

Tensions between the Spanish  government and supportesrs of Catalonia’s independence refenredum escalated after police detained more than a dozen people in the region on Wednesday.

The situation further deteorated just less than two weeks before the Catalan referendum on independence that the Spanish  government declared illegal.

On Wenesday morning, security forces raided the offices of the Catalan regional government and arrested at least 14 people, including Josep Maria Jove, secretary general of economic affairs.

Furthermore hundreds local officials, including mayors, had been warned that they would be indicted if they asssisted the referendum. The Catalan population reacted with mass protests in support of Catalan independence and the detained people.

Raül Romeva, Catalonia’s foreign affairs chief, told a group of foreign correspondents in Madrid on Wednesday that Catalonia would hold the referendum as planned.

Tensions Grow In Spain As Catalonia Pushes For Independence Referendum

Tensions Grow In Spain As Catalonia Pushes For Independence Referendum

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Jose Augusto Montes

Please, don´t use catalonian independentist lenguage … It Doesn´t exist Catalonia’s foreign affairs chief … Spain is a democratic country and it´s sufferint a great attack from these persons … And not all catalanians are independentits (less than 43% really). Thanks.

Tony "Melinda" Stark

In fact, we will discover the exact percentage of independentists after the polls end. That’s why referendums exist in a democratic country: to hear the voice of the people.


It´s impossible a democratic referendum given the current situation. Catalonian institutions forgetting about the law, independentists intimidating the rest of catalans, corruption all over the leaders of the independence, lies about spanish and catalonian history…

TAzz Mannia

The Spanish Constitution, supported by 90% in Catalonia, do not allows unilateral partition referendums. Nowadays only around 40% of Catalonia people supports Independence. However, regional government that obtained less than 50% votes in last election decided to violate laws and organize a referendum. And now, what?
In order to modify the Catalonia statut (prime law at Catalonia) must but approved by two thirds of the camera. However, to organize an Independence referendum is enough with the half plus one. WTF!!!!?????
Read something else about Catalonia and you will find that everything is a joke. Many things has been done at Central government side, but that do not justify to break a country.

Tony "Melinda" Stark

ok that has way more sense.
This could mean we are in front of a new coloured revolution. The news is that it’s gonna be staged in europe.

Catalonia spring in sight?

Brother Ma

Yep. us zio nato breaking up the periphery if european states to make them more malleable to their demands.Usnato zio has made up its mind, side with germany and its north euro satellites like netherlands, belgium etc and main vassal france.

All the other countries,you know the ones , the ones that gave us good food,good weather, culture and fought off the muslims for centuries ,will be left to wither on the vine.

This also means you Italy!

Jamil Abdin

They should take Czechs and Slovaks as an example of reasonable behaviour in separation of a country.

Jose Augusto Montes

Not a good comparation. Spain is a country snce early s. XVI.

Jamil Abdin

Maybe the bigger difference is the economic aspect, do the independence supporters have an idea of who will be responsible for the over $1200bln debt? And in case of Czechoslovakia, the poorer Slovaks wanted separation. The only common thing seems to me that the languages are so close in both cases. I think if the election will take place, anyhow the seperatists would loose, what do yo think?

The Farney Fontenoy

Catalonia is a socialist welfare state hell hole with a giant ‘refugees welcome’ sign over it, even if they somehow got independence it would destroy itself with immigration & it’s economy would soon collapse.


Sweet revenge on Western Europe for what they allowed to happen in Yugoslavia by war criminal Clinton.

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