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Tension Between Russian And Iranian Forces In Southern Deir Ezzor – Report


Tension Between Russian And Iranian Forces In Southern Deir Ezzor – Report

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syriaary

Southern Deir Ezzor is witnessing an increasing tension between Russian and Iranian forces, BBC Lebanese journalist Ali Hashem reported on July 5, citing a senior Iraqi security source.

“According to a senior Iraqi security source, the level of tension between Iranian and Russian forces in the East Euphrates area in Syria is mounting, following Russian measures to limit the Iranian presence in the region,” Hashem tweeted.

Hashem is BBC Iran affairs correspondent and a research fellow at the Centre for Islamic and West Asian Studies in Egham, England. He is well-known for his good connections with senior officials in Iran and Iraq.

Lebanon’s U-News, a news outlet affiliated with Hezbollah, shared Hashem’s claims, which give them more credibility.

Last week, the Syrian al-Watan newspaper reported that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) had withdrew their units from the strategic city of al-Bukamal in southern Deir Ezzor. The motives behind the surprise move were not so clear.

In the last few months, several news sources reported tension, and even clashes between Russian and Iranian forces throughout Syria. However, all of these reports have been proven to inaccurate, or even completely false.

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