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JULY 2020

Tension Between Russian And Iranian Forces In Southern Deir Ezzor – Report


Tension Between Russian And Iranian Forces In Southern Deir Ezzor – Report

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syriaary

Southern Deir Ezzor is witnessing an increasing tension between Russian and Iranian forces, BBC Lebanese journalist Ali Hashem reported on July 5, citing a senior Iraqi security source.

“According to a senior Iraqi security source, the level of tension between Iranian and Russian forces in the East Euphrates area in Syria is mounting, following Russian measures to limit the Iranian presence in the region,” Hashem tweeted.

Hashem is BBC Iran affairs correspondent and a research fellow at the Centre for Islamic and West Asian Studies in Egham, England. He is well-known for his good connections with senior officials in Iran and Iraq.

Lebanon’s U-News, a news outlet affiliated with Hezbollah, shared Hashem’s claims, which give them more credibility.

Last week, the Syrian al-Watan newspaper reported that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) had withdrew their units from the strategic city of al-Bukamal in southern Deir Ezzor. The motives behind the surprise move were not so clear.

In the last few months, several news sources reported tension, and even clashes between Russian and Iranian forces throughout Syria. However, all of these reports have been proven to inaccurate, or even completely false.

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  • Pavel Pavlovich

    Either a lie or an exagerration (simple misunderstandings turned to fistfights as happens between friends in a pub). The alliance between Russia-China-DPRK-Iran has never been more coordinated nor stronger than now. I would not pay too much heed to what BBC a***holes write nowadays

    • Concrete Mike

      Agreed, my cat has as much credibility as BBC. Another case of projection in the information warfare!

      Wait for the zio crew to show up now!

      • Toronto Tonto

        Hey cement head its me , Russians are not liked everywhere .

        • Concrete Mike

          Yeah we know you hate russia, All good , I wont stoop down to your level of childishness today!

          You be you!
          Do you know the difference between concrete and cement?

          You probably dont, its ok its not your business.

          You were right on time though congrats!

      • Tommy Jensen

        Your cat know what is going on, BBC not.

      • Pavel Pavlovich

        Do not insult your cat.
        It has MORE credibility.

      • Tudor Miron

        You’re not fair to your cat :)

    • Rob

      King Salman, Trump, May, Macron and Putin are not genius that is why they ask from Israel tell us what we do next and then Israel dictate them according to Israeli agenda. LOL
      Their internal and foreign policies are made in Israel. What funny leaders.

      • Toronto Tonto

        You have NO idea who runs what meathead .

        • Concrete Mike

          Neither do you shitstain!

        • LR captain

          good job on not swearing Tonto.

          Israel through lobbying owns the US, France, Germany.
          Suadis share a common goal of wiping iran off the map.

          While Putin himself may keep the door open MRyahoo the russian military and other groups do not and closes it any chance they get. The delivery of the s-300 delivery is an example of this.- the irony is that is rift in the Russian political structure was caused by the western meddling. Thus resulting in putin’s party running out of steam and him being seen as too cautious.

      • occupybacon

        And what makes Israel end in 2019, the new Mayan calendar found in 2012?

  • Evil Sooty

    A BBC ‘reporter’…whatever.

    • Dušan Mirić

      A BBC ‘repetitor’…

  • wwinsti

    If SF had published refutations of Iranian/Russian tensions earlier, it would have taken a great deal of anxiety out of my life, and ImI sure, the lives of others. The Iraqi decree to dismantle the PMUs has me pulling out my own hair. Russia could not defend Deir Ezzor during the US massacre in 2016, they aren’t going to defend al bukamal from an SDFSraid either. Hezbollah needs to be left right were it is.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Cant blame the terrorists for hating terrorists can you .

    • grumpy_carpenter

      You mean like Al Queda and the USA? …. hezboulla and israel? …. SDF and the Turks?

  • Harsha

    Same BBC who reported Easter Sunday Attacks in Sri Lanka was done by Buddhists.

  • Lupus

    Brittish Bullshit Corporation

    • Dontlietome

      Apologies to you, I used the same nick. for the BBC above in a reply, having not seen yours………………… but it does go to show that great minds think alike !

      • Lupus

        lol no probs

    • klove and light

      so SAA is lying too???? text aboce is from SAA …….stop believeing in Alice in Wonderland…there is no good USA or bad USA or good Russia or bad Russia or good uk or bad uk…just the Agenda..read and learn!!!

      • Paul

        Still a fair acronym for the BBC though🙂

    • d’Artagnan

      British Bollocks Corporation has zero credibility.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Fake news….. NEXT….

  • eurasian

    Wouldn’t make sense.

    I guess the tensions between Iran and UK grow right now.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Russia may do Washingtons dirty work to get Visa Free Europe.
    Russia has been howling like a Turkish donkey on EUs doormat for 25 years now, “we wanna be like you, we are also Europe”.
    Then Ukraine ran off with the medal ……………………………….LOL.

  • Free man

    U-news, a Lebanese outlet close to Hezbollah, re-shared these information basically confirming it.

  • You can call me Al

    ====? BBC Lebanese journalist Ali Hashem

    • Dontlietome

      BBC = BRITISH BULLSHIT CORPORATION……………………… LIars, liars, pants on fires……….

  • Mike

    Wishful thinking from from Israel controlled West.

  • chris chuba

    Who was the correspondent, John Bolton? Russia barely gets involved in any disputes, as if they are going to get into a scrap with Iran over a patch of dirt.

  • Dušan Mirić

    “Fake News” (Donald Trumpet)

    • Pavel Pavlovich

      Trump trump
      Here comes a giant
      Trump trump

      I have a trunk so I do not need a megaphone

  • klove and light

    still laughing at me wise asses????????????????????????????????????????????

    and still Folks believe the fairty take of good USA bad USA good Russia bad Russia good uk bad uk

    affiliated hezbollah News agency writes the same…..hezbollah leaving syria…PMU leaving syria…..

    think About russias Actions in the past 2 years concearning syria……syria today is partioned
    bs ceasfires for rearming regrouping…Turkey getting a free Hand for Invasion from Russia descalöation bs Agreements daily bombard,ents by Israel…..giving syrias enemy number 1 Turkey s-400 while syria begged for years to get s-300…russias yes in united nations security council to houhti Embargo but at the same time seelling advanced weapons to Saudi and uae.

    every Nation that recognizes the illegal satanic criminal Entity named Israel are part of the AGENDA.
    a one world goverment with Jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish Leadership.
    that includes chiona ,USA,uk,russia,eu etc…

    so Keep believeing the bs stories they feed u About Alice in Wonderland and good and bad…..here the bad russians here the good russians here the bad USA here the good USA etc…

    • RichardD

      Ignoring the continuously growing Syrian government footprint at the expense of the Yinon plan regime change terrorists. And the constantly upgraded SADF and SAA as you are. Makes all of your Russia bashing look very stupid.

      Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are winning the war. All of your twisted complaining and false allegations doesn’t change that.

  • Toronto Tonto

    BBC has way more credibility than RT , no questions there .

    • grumpy_carpenter

      Both are state funded mouthpieces. Neither have in theater war correspondents. Like the CBC the BBC has a liberal bias RT is much more critical of liberal ideology. I read both the BBC and RT …. the truth lies somewhere between the two.

      • Toronto Tonto

        I cant argue there is lots of paid for shizz out there . But you forgot that putin kills reporters at an alarming rate . so they best say nice stuff EH.

        • grumpy_carpenter

          Putin kills reporters? Like with his bare hands or with a weapon? You got a youtube video or did you witness this yourself? give us some details.

    • eurasian

      RT has a clear bias.
      BBC has a clear bias too, but BBC more than once did spread pure lies.
      Little difference.

      Try to arrest more chinese managers, so your master will give you a piece of dry bread.

      • Toronto Tonto

        I hope we do , some of those chinks are liars and thieves very much like you .

  • Aphrodisia

    So says the BBC so of course it must be true, yeah, right.

  • Tudor Miron

    BBC is telling us something :) Are thy so dumb to even hope that someone will buy their crap?

    • vaderfater

      Your lies are unnecessary. Also Moscow confirms these tensions.

      • Tudor Miron

        How’s weather in Tel Aviv? Would you like to peovide a link where “Moscow confirms these tensions”.

        • vaderfater

          Nice try, but i am no buyer for your commie tricks. :P

          • S Melanson

            I think it is your comments that are unnecessary.

          • vaderfater

            There s a freedom, boy.

          • S Melanson

            Well of course! You are free to post as many unnecessary comments as your heart desires. And I look forward to not reading them, cheers ;-)

          • Tudor Miron

            Tricks? Do you mean that you can’t provide a link where “”Moscow confirms these tensions”?

          • vaderfater

            Yes. You change the topic to antisemitic Tel Aviv wind.

          • Tudor Miron

            It means that you admit that you blatantly lied about “Moscow confirms these tensions”.
            Now you may understand why did I ask about weather in Tel Aviv. You should also know that Israeli population is not semitic – 80% of population is Ashkenazi Jews that have nothing to do with Semits. In contrary, Palestinians who are opressed by Israel are Semits. But I’m affraid that this simple facts are bit over your depth :)

    • S Melanson

      I have gotten additional information on this from a senior commander of Ashtar Galactic Command Space Forces, Earth Quadrant. This commander was recently stationed on Pluto with the mentioned senior Iraqi official and the Iraqi official told him the same thing so it must be true.

      Someone is causing trouble and to find out who, only the best will do – activate the elite commando unit of telepathic spy kittens from planet Hairball!.

      Also, my website is active but content is still being uploaded so a work in progress.
      Site URL: http://www.melansonwire.com; Email: sjm@melansonwire.com

  • klove and light

    this is from almasda News SAA

    A source from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) stated this evening that the Russian Armed Forces have been high alert since the June 30th Israeli airstrikes, indicating that Moscow expects Israel to launch more attacks in the near future.
    The source added that the Russian military is concerned about the safety of their troops, as Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah are currently deployed near their forces in eastern Syria.
    While the IRGC and Hezbollah are entrenched with one another, the Syrian and Russian forces are in another camp not far from their troops.
    This has caused some problems in the past as the Israeli Air Force has nearly hit the Russian troops at the T-4 Airbase.

    Russia is Zionist controlled…just as USA

    all nations that recognize the illegal satanic Entity named Israel are part of the AGENDA.
    A one world Government with Jerusalem as ist capital under satanic jewish Leadership.

    that includes USA,russia,uk,eu,china etc….

  • iosongasingsing

    How many sanctions against Russia will the Jews make Trump withdraw in exchange for Iran’s exit from Syria? Be careful Putin not to sell the soul to the devil of kabbalah.

  • gustavo

    UK and USA have lost already since Irak any type of credibility on their news, it does not matter who give them some credibility. There is not way to believe this news, at least Russia itself confirms it. “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    If anyone will have to leave, it will be Russia. Russia is in bed with Israel, Iran fought on the ground on the side of Syria years before Russia lifted a finger to help.

    • Free man

      It’s time to reduce your dose of Russophobia real racist Iranian.

      • StafJustice

        No! He’s not russophobia. Russian activities in Syria is getting more complicated and doesn’t seem to be in the interest of Syria..
        We can do fair criticism…
        If there is anybody that must leave syria uninvited, it is the USA and the Turks. Between the two the USA is more deserving to leave because they don’t belong to the ME.
        And among the invited countries, Russia is more deserving to leave same reason as above.

        • Free man

          In my opinion all the foreign forces should leave Syria, except for the Russians. Because the Russians leased the port of Tartus for 50 years and because Syria would fall apart if the Russians left.

    • Brother Ma


  • Marko

    US Establishes New Military Base in Syria’s Oil-Rich Deir ez-Zor – Reports


    Just like the entire oil-rich region of Syria east of the Euphrates , it appears the US Zionists get to take whatever parts of Syria they deem to have value. Whether Russia can’t do anything or whether they choose not do anything to stop this theft of Syrian land is an academic question , the point is they haven’t done anything about it , nor will they.

  • verner

    a bbc correspondent tells you about strained relations between russia and iran – believable or just another skewed msm-hit-piece on behalf of the quickly disintegrating states of A and its bitch uk. do not believe it. do not trust anything bbc offers up on its web-page, not even the reported weather.

  • Luke Hemmming

    It is true that Iranian aligned forces are pulling out of key battlefield areas in Syria but the part about ‘tensions rising’ between Russia and Iran is nothing more than typical MSM headline grabbing dramatic and over exaggerated BS added for the benefit of the dumbed down masses. Let’s put things into context here. There is a continuous western media narrative to portray Iran and Russia in a bad light. The British just illegally (my opinion) seized an oil tanker with Iranian oil, at the request of the USA mind You, So of course the British will continue the momentum of this narrative by publishing anything to do with Iran and or Russia and put them in a bad light by twisting the truth. Typical sleazy western MSM tactics. They, the BBC, and others have been doing this type of reporting for decades attacking whoever is the ‘enemy’ is at the time. Like public enemy’s song ‘don’t believe the hype. Yawn ZZZZZ ok next please

  • goingbrokes

    BBC – yawn, fake news broadcaster.