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Tehran’s IRGC Thwarted U.S. Attempt To Seize Iranian Oil Tanker: Reports

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Tehran's IRGC Thwarted U.S. Attempt To Seize Iranian Oil Tanker: Reports

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On November 3rd, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) thwarted an alleged attempt by the United States to intercept and seize an oil tanker.

The vessel is reportedly back in Iranian territorial waters.

The US military confiscated the Iranian tanker loaded with crude oil in the Sea of Oman, which connects the Arabian Sea with the Strait of Hormuz, and intended to unload its shipment to another tanker and direct it to an unknown destination.

The IRGC Navy reacted promptly and carried out a heliborne operation on the “stolen” ship’s deck, gained control of the vessel, and directed it back toward Iran’s territorial.

Then the American forces pursued the tanker by helicopters and warships but failed to capture it.

The Mehr News Agency said Iranian rapid-response speedboats had overwhelmed the American forces, and that footage would be published shortly. It reported that the US had tried to block the movement of the tanker by placing warships in its way.

The US barred Iranian oil exports as part of the crippling series of sanctions it imposed on Tehran following former president Donald Trump’s unilateral decision to abandon the 2015 nuclear pact, which put constraints on Iran’s atomic ambitions. The US also threatened to sanction any country that purchased Iranian oil.

Iran has vowed to continue exporting oil despite the sanctions. On a number of occasions, the US has successfully intercepted and seized vessels carrying Iranian oil.

Just two days earlier, Iran’s Navy reportedly thwarted an attempted “pirate attack” on an oil tanker sailing for the Gulf of Aden, south of Yemen and past the Red Sea, according to Iranian media reports.

The report claimed the pirates tried to hijack the vessel but were scared off by the warning shots, which is in line with many attempted pirate attacks.

This is not the only reported instance of Iranian naval forces repelling pirate attacks on their ships in the region. In mid-October, state television reported that five pirate ships attacked two oil tankers, but were scared away by Iranian forces.


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Lone Ranger

Americant pirates lose again…
Its start to get embarassingly shameful to be part of the U.S. armed forces, isn’t it…

Last edited 1 month ago by Lone Ranger

And to think tomorrow is the anniversary of capturing the “Den of Espionage”

Jolly Roger is now the official banner of the US Navy.
Navies used to hang pirates from the yardarms. Now that ships don’t have proper yardarms anymore and “some” navies turned pirates,, maybe we ought to make naval flags out of their panties? That is, if they don’t soil it when they face our men! :)

Last edited 1 month ago by Garga
Chris Gr

Hey bro, remember our conversation about countries?



Chris Gr

We were talking about Iranian relations with Arab states of the Gulf.


Have you got something to add?

Chris Gr

I believe that there will be civil war in Saudi Arabia.


IMO a civil war there is not possible. So, Please explain why do you think so.

Chris Gr

Look at for example the map that Saudi Arabia is fractured into five. The real Saudis are the central. The others, southerners are close to Yemen, westerners are Hijazis, northerners are close to Jordan, easterners are Gulfs and Shias. Something is going to happen except if the great powers like US, Russia or China all support the government in their crackdown.

But if we see, every great and non-great power supported the Iraqi government however ISIS managed to take 1/3 of Iraq.


OK, you are into something, if we replace “civil war” into “break up”, “revolt” or “coup”.

To assess something as serious as civil war or break up of a certain country, we have to be able to know the country, know the language, know the culture, civilization (if any), history and traditions. We better know these things first hand and from the location, mingle with people and get familiar with their psyche. Otherwise we turn ourselves into a junior form of countless “experts” which really don’t know what they are talking about and tend to parrot whatever they feel their current audience likes most either to gain attention or profit (look at American politicians at any year’s annual MKO conference).

The conditions you mentioned apply to any other country as well. What makes Arabia ripe for a change aren’t only those and some other dynamics and conditions are at work too.
Now if you understand why a civil war is not possible but separation, revolts and coup are we can discuss it further.

Write the follow up to me under future articles whenever I have a comment. The board unfortunately doesn’t have a proper notification and it’s time consuming to check every old articles to see if I have a reply, so I only check my comments for about 24 hours and then leave them.


To make any fault lines in KSA suddenly and catastrophically wrench open would require some sort of foreign intervention to destabilize the existing centralized state control. That is, a foreign power backing or arming a separatist or insurgency group in the country, in very sustained manner. Given this has been the forte of USA-NATO in last decades, as per their backing and arming of the Muslim Brotherhood insurgency in Syria, this is extremely unlikely to occur in KSA. The US has sufficient influence and economic relations with KSA that in any event of serious level future problems, USA would simply take actions to instigate an internal palace coup. The USA has no qualms about instigating regime changes, but their first step is always buying up and backing an internal competitor where available, and KSA is easy pickings in this department.


again who says that anyone among those groups in arabian peninsular not even omanis those who have only a civilization of slavery really can talk up more than the yemenis who are the most original ones in both greater civilizational arabic sense and islamic sense

Last edited 29 days ago by farbat

the family of al saud is falling to ruin while the al houthi will rise that is what is happening in the minds of the citizens you talk about the houthies are on top hashemites and not just some hashemites they are the biggest group the al saud are just cowardly fools and camel herding lackeys even if the al saud family would amount to 100000 in number which they obviously dont the whole al saud concept is drying out fast in the region specially with mbs´s behaviors since he basically is dictator

Last edited 29 days ago by farbat

It’s not clear yet, I’m waiting for announcement from the next Sepah public relations office (and the promised footage and pics) for more clarification.

So far they said that last week on the night of Oct. 24-25, the Americans ceased an Iranian tanker carrying exporting oil and transferred the oil to another tanker (like they did one time with sold sold and paid for Iranian oil). The oil carrying tanker (second one) is the one returned by IRGCN. The US Navy tried to recapturing it using a few vessels and helicopters and even tried to block the tanker’s way with another vessel but couldn’t.

The “hack” of subsidized fuel pumps happened a day after this. I think that’s the reason it is announced with a delay to avoid overshadowing this news with that lame attempt

Last edited 1 month ago by Garga
Last edited 1 month ago by Garga
Christian J. Chuba

But I thought the U.S. navy was there to guarantee freedom of navigation?

Lore Ranger

For themselves.
Not for others…

Anti Pirate

The US Navy (and UK too lets not forget) conduct ‘Freedom of navigation’ exercises so that Pirates like them can continue to operate with impunity.

The US Navy tried that sheeet against a North Korean and a Chinese vessel a few years ago and the US Navy ships got rammed. That is how you deal with Pirates – if you cant blow them out of the water then ram the bast–ds.


Indeed the US has sunk to the level of international terrorists and gangsters,they should be dealt with as such,can’t wait to see the vid.


Why to return back in iranian water it shoukld have sail on its destination. with iran army on board. US pimp shoukld have done nothing. US wanted this Vessel should not go to its destination.

Arch Bungle

The Americans remember the last time Iran humiliated them in the Persian Gulf:


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