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Technological Race As Core Aspect Of New Cold War

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Technological Race As Core Aspect Of New Cold War

Illustrative image

The world is going to have a sigh of relief after the US elections. High hopes are pinned on the Biden administration for reducing the confrontation between the United States and China.

It is expected that with the change of the US President, the number of new anti-Chinese initiatives would considerably decrease. Under Trump, a significant part of such initiatives concerned the military sphere. The American ships and aircraft were regularly spotted in disputed areas, which the PRC considers to be its territory. The new U.S. administration is likely to abandon an offensive approach on borderlands – and thereby reduce the risk of an accidental armed conflict between the great powers.

However, the desire of the “Chinese Joe” on its own, of which he already has much less over the years, is not enough for the normalization of US-China relations. The legacy that Joe Biden will receive after assuming the presidency will not allow him to change the current American strategy only slightly adjust its tactics. Biden is likely to take a more cold-blooded approach to accounting American interests and emphasize more in his discourse on human rights. However, such changes will not play a significant role in the confrontation between two superpowers with strikingly different systems, and neither Biden, nor anyone else can ignore this fundamental fact.

Technological Race As Core Aspect Of New Cold War

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The US-China confrontation has fundamental reasons and will not disappear in the foreseeable future. Today technological progress becomes the main dimension in the stand-off between great powers.

All of China’s recent foreign policy actions demonstrate that Beijing has no intention to conduct any overseas military operation if the issues do not directly affect China’s national security. The Chinese artificial islands in the South China Sea do not directly affect the U.S. national interests, and serves as a pretext, but not a reason, for an active containment policy of Washington. Moreover, the nuclear potentials of the two sides are not comparable. The current rules and procedures that form world trade and international system are beneficial to the PRC and contribute to its development. Today, it is the U.S. that is not satisfied with the shifting world order. Washington tries to rewrite international law and customs in international trade in order to restore its post WWII status quo and contain Chinese expansion.

Anyway, the U.S maintains its current hegemonic position, and China is a catching power and is largely obliged to play according to the current American rules. Beijing faced strong American retaliatory measures in the midst of its technological revolution.

Technological Race As Core Aspect Of New Cold War

On December 6th, China successfully launched the Gaofen-14 optical satellite

In many civilian technologies, like Huawei’s 5G development, new magnetic transport, the creation of a quantum supercomputer, in the space sector China is ahead of the United States. However, the application of these technologies in the military sphere is still far away. Meanwhile, the Americans maintain their leading position in the military sphere. As a global weapons factory, the United States has undertaken all the significant technology developments in recent years. All these technologies were tested on the battlefield by the American armed forces or by countries that purchase US-made weapons. China, in its turn, remains dependent on US patents in the fields of electronic products and microprocessors, which ensures further US leadership. An effective system of public and private investments in research, development and engineering in the USA allows maintaining its advantage in the medium term.

Technological Race As Core Aspect Of New Cold War

Illustrative image

The number of patents registered in China today is not inferior to that of Western countries. There are more Chinese patents in many areas. However, Beijing lags far behind in nanotechnology, base to the sixth technological order, where the United States still holds the leading position.

In some spheres where Beijing has shown significant breakthroughs in recent years, the Chinese progress is not competitive enough to American technologies, like, for example, in the space. Talking not about the speed of expansion, but about the level of technology and the scale of the exploration of near-earth space, the Americans retain the leadership, while the Chinese are currently breaking in their technologies.

In those areas where the R&D factor is of decisive importance, such as microprocessors, aerospace, medicine, biotechnology, the US advantage is great and will remain for a long time. In such areas like network technologies, China has a fair chance of leading, due to the huge capacity of the Chinese market.

Beijing is taking significant strategic steps in this direction steadily increasing the level of investment in R&D. China’s technology intelligence is extremely effective today and is a key division of China Intelligence Services. Moreover, many large Chinese corporations have private technology intelligence units. China, de facto has access to a significant part of the advanced technological developments in the West. In the long term, such a policy will provide China with technological parity. This will significantly worsen the leadership position of the United States, weakening the global influence of its high-tech industries.

Technological Race As Core Aspect Of New Cold War

Military drills in China

As a result, the intensifying competition in the margin markets is making the clashes between the USA and the PRC almost inevitable. Therefore, there is a growing need for Beijing to achieve military-technical parity. China needs not only to increase its military spending to the U.S. level, but also to maintain this level for a long period.

China has the second largest defense spending in the world after the United States (about $ 686 billion in 2020). In 2020 the Chinese authorities intended to increase spending on national defense by 6.6%, to about $ 178.8 billion. As follows from the country’s draft budget for 2020, the growth rate was the lowest in almost 30 years. Moreover, today Beijing is facing the problem of low efficiency of the civilian technologies transfer to the military sphere.

Thus, it is precisely technological rivalry that is the fundamental aspect of the confrontation between the United States and China. It is necessary for each party to disrupt the development of computing power and networking solutions.

As the nuclear weapon was invented during the Cold War stand-off, the current technological race will have an indelible impact on the entire humanity and will significantly shape its future. In particular, the breakthrough development of technology will change the future warfare. Today’s armed conflicts are already waged with the mass use of drones, smart ammunition, and anti-missile defense systems capable of hitting an abundance of targets. All this requires an appropriate technological base and important financial investments.


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Potato Man

China as a rising power versus the dying dog, US which is fighting to stay in power. In our time we will see another world war….I mean before WWI the world was having “the first great globalization wave.”

Jens Holm

Actually the globalisation is more then ever and China is well affiliated in it.

I see the Tzars died, I see the Bolsjevics died, Isee the Japanese dies, I see UK died, I see France dies.

I see USA took over and nver asked for it. They were forced into WW1 and well as WW2. In 1938 USA had 130.000 soldiers and the other ones had 100.000s and millions.

So USA took over the leftovers because someone had to. The best You can do is learn chinese, so You can blame them for, what You dont do Yourself.

By that western easr wil have some needed vacation.

Robert Ferrin

Well not really for the U.S. took over from England its role of the reserve currency of the world which it wanted from the beginning, and of course we had been shipping weapons and munition for a long time to England in violation of agreements with Germany.

The fight with China is not the fact that they produce products cheaper which make our corporations weep for joy, but the fact that if capitalism looses out to China’s type of government than this type of capitalism is dead forever which would suit me just fine.!!

Jens Holm

Yes, I lso see it as in steps. USA dis her Monroe Doctrine and by that told Middle and Soutth America was not be,longings of Soain and Portugal anymore.

And … USA ecpanded in North America in a mix of biy and take as well.

BUT they tryed everything to avaoid being engaged in Europe at WW1 as well as WW2. They behaved in the CHAMBERLEIN MODE having no military forces aprt from own local country defence by a big navy mainly coverung their own long distances to Hawai, Philipines and Panama.

In 1938 they had about 138.000 soldiers and those solduers was not even well equipped and traided for parades around embassus and like that.

They were not in crisis mode as USSR was since 1930 and even sharper from 1935 in real war mode educating million of soldiers being on theirt fronts and well equipped with all kinds of needs – even parts were in discount versions.

USA not even had own local transportation. They hardly has any tanks and antitank canons as well as no mines. And if they have had, they had no civil or military transportation to move those troops anywhere and certainly was not able to feed them fx in England.

I will remind You that was the USA level in military warfare and it was said and written by Stalin as well as Churchill, USA was not prepared for any kind of real war apart from trying to defend the Philipines a little and selling Chang Kai Shek some few things agains Mao.

I see them as asked hard to do the expansions all over the world and they did because the colonial systems inclluding the Russian one was spending much more money and random activity for non develloping things cmpared to the Nazis and for that the smaller ones named Japan.

Russia, France, GB and other smaller ones could not defeat the fast growing. Nazis. So number one in that was being asked to sell almost any kind of stufto UK and Russia until they coud notpay anymore.UK bought for 27 billion dollars and Russia for about 17 billion dollars – anything.

Next was the Lend and lease, where the many countries NEVER åpaid back, but it ecpanded the USA production capasity.

And next in stead of the plunderin of the Germans as in WW1,they made the Marshall planes to all, which wanted it and helped the destroyed erconomies up.

I will remind You and others, that many still was very unimplyed in Europe and other parts of the world and had not regained from the Wall Sreet collpase and hardly could support its ow populations.

So USA replaced NOTHING with something. Where the Marshall help was given for free, we suddenly produced much better then ever, which also was needed.

USA – as I see it – filled up a deep dark gab and wasnt in war with UK, France, Russia as hoped and expected.

Russia didnt defat Japan at all. They hardly participated and that included what USSR got mainly by USA by Murmans, Abadan and Vladivostok.

By that USA not replaced the old players by theft or something. They builded completly new structures, where there was ancient ones or none.

Some here also often forget USA today pay its price and see plundering regions on USA with names as fx detroit and Pensynvania.

But the USA dollar took over because of there was not many Pounds and French Francs and not in wars against them. It seemes forgotten, that the biggest supplyer for the Nazi warfare was USSR by Stalin and Co, where they sold technology up to the Russian dividng of Eastern Europe.

Here ots also often forgotten that Westerrn Europe well assisted by the Communists was in war from1939 and two more years then the Comrads in east.

Tempting with this picture representing the Russian expansien in Europe well.

So the sides has versions. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/157859b414e39a1300f3d9f4a99123740f58596a53fcc5015700ac17c3d748a8.jpg


Robert Ferrin

Holy Smokes where to begin, yes Russia played a deciding role by the defeat of the Japanese army in Manchuria which brought the Japanese to the table which was set with an unconditional surrender, which was then amended to permit the emperor to retain his seat. Of course our American bankers and some business leaders had been fueling Hitlers rise to power along with the City of London thinking that Hitler and Russia would defeat each other, so they could go in and scope up the spoils, but, they soon found that Hitler turned on them,

We the U.S., had been seeking a way to get into the war in a manner that the American people would accept. and of course Pearl Harbor did the trick even tho they knew in Washington that the Japanese convoy was on its way. So they hung the boys out to dry with no warning of the danger headed for them. The first year was rather rough, but then they got production into full operation and the war material was flowing not only to our own troops but others as well, and of course having two oceans to protect us why we really didn’t have to worry about the home front.!!

Jens Holm

Its correct USSR had a decicive role against the Japanese but it was before any Barbarossa. At Barbarossa it was decided that fokus was to eliminate the Nazis first, because UK, USA and Russia had to unite in this.

I allow me to remind, that the Japanese expanded all the way to Burma, Indonesia and Pearl Harbour and Tussia didnt help here at all apart from proteting Vladisvostok.

And yes, most americans didnt see Germany as an enemy even many felt strange. UDSA had a lot of emplmnet themself and admired Germany at least could give jobs and food every day and they made the Germans feel better with fulfilled and not fulfilled promises.

In this Russia was a random backyard of no importance being low tach in almost everything only replacing the Tzar regime with something semilar. USA and London didnt fuel Hitler.

They fueled the Germna rapid growing industrial and social complexes and by normal trade. Ypu seemes to forget, that until WW1 was over and Germany more less were plundred mainly by the French, the Germany was a high tech nation and by that expected to sell and buy well atthe world market again.

I will remind You, it was decided in the hard way, that Germany shoul no be anything near communisme and by that by Hirler would be closer to USA and its republicans as well as democrates then any kind of Bolsjevisme.

Its exact the same today. EU has exact the same kind of relations to USA of today. We are much more semilar to USA and for that matter other parts of the west, then we ever will be in the future as well.

We as EU(and Nato) had hoped the Russian colpase after collapse loosing WW1 three times finally had learn the lesson. But instead we see Putin and his doing the same mpre and more again. They mainly has a nicer face and thats it.

So this is not about fueling Hitler but a restoration of nomral trade and progress after WW1(1929) and later on the Marshal pland, which also was was a free option for Russia by Stalin.

Stalin denyed that possibility because the fatster growing market with its many stockholders would give him less or none control of the whole state.

Instead we have seen uncle Marx and auty Engels in its worst and a final collpase of most of it mainly by those Marxists running it was not communists at all.

You are correct Roosevwlt and his kind as a minority would like to be more active in dominans. Bu I will remind You the military expansion of theirs(decided from 130.000 to 1 million in the late 1938 and the next to 1,5 mio better armedin abut 1942 was against the Japanese. JAPANESE.

And its as You wrote. The Japanese could no expand north and there wasnt nothing needed hard to win. So the result was they expanded south right into not only China but al the colonials and the few independent ones.

USA and the rest there didnt like that, so USA denied the chinese vital materials for any expansion and Japan having to hidden greedyness expanded but not north knowing the needed marines as well as a lot of supply and ships. But the US Goverment would not give the armed frorces much jyust as we saw in Philipines.

USA max had 30.000 soldiers there and many wasnt soldiers but instructors for Philipines should be their own country in 1948 but coudnot,because the freedom lovers there only had 1/2 of the population in 1/3 part of the country oúnder their Governes. In about 1/3 part of the Philipines all the ones from Manilla and Washington was met by arrowns and up to old spanish muskets.

So Ypu are right. There should be good reasons for USA expanded, and they came. USA could have Japan take as the Japanese wished and fx Oil in Indoneia and rubber in Burma.

I here will remind, that USA was leaving a colony they never wanted but ept too long. USA in the war with Spain wanted all the Caribian spanish parts but didnt get Cuba as they wishes were.

Robert Ferrin

I see your using revised history rather than the facts letting wishes become reality. Yes we are intelligent to create new technology, but we aren’t intelligent to use it for its always for the purpose of war. and not to far down the road we will be little but a regional power and that will be well for the world.!!

Jens Holm

It is allpwed to adjus things. You choose by elections.

Fx We see You are the biggest polluter on the world according emergy. Local citicens doi that. If cant make enogh money its time to look at getting the same or better for less.

Its the same for water. Colorado riber hardly goes to the sea now and a lot of dams dont get water makes less electricity and You also dry out land, whre You soon will get more dry steppe and worse.

All that is very local things and can be changed to the better by the 50 state levels as well as for every 50 states as well as Your adding ones.

In energy USA is perfect for solar electric power and could reduce dependensy of mineral energy getting cleaner and not so hot air and noice in Your urban areas. USA is already hot and gets hotter.

In parts of USA its a very good investment with windpower systems. Its much cheeper too. And You could support Yourself very much by a lot of needed reforms. Your taxsystems are one of the most stupid ones in the western world economy.

You also see education as a private matter. We dont. We see educated people as an investment making more and better taxpayers and by that reduce the poor parts with many %, which cant get a real job. Jobs for 10 follar should not be allowed unless Your are a low or none taxpayers as student or retired needing an extra bottle of wine every saturday.

And true, there is a waste. We have lazy bum morons here too. But we add and subtract and see 2 plusses. One is we actually includes more % people, so they support the system and number two are we also has less expenses in the low crime area and by that less in jail as well as other kinds of cleaning up.

I will say Youthios time got Biden, but Your rela need are people like Sanders, which understand to repair and conmpensate the bad sides of the Capitalisme better.

Here I again allow me to open eyes for USA in education to know Govermental sytems for the world and future is not in front.

You are like Assads in Syria like. Take Assad or else You get Jihadisme and no ideas from Kurds belong to ME even the Kurds there want systems, which makes USA and Europe gret in infrastrutures for productions.

Obama care went to be a joke. Sp again You have to remove the power of the private insurrenc companise, because they plunder You – unless of course – You are a stockholder.

I think thats several of the many ways USA can go better for the rest of the world and not be as You assume. Weapon will remain important but You should use the EU model more using more invension of wheels and bananas instead of spanking.

Not all are nice even they are treated nice. Thats both ways. USA do cut gras very well in many places of the world too. Dont forget to be proud af that part.

I can agree about that USA as well as others could make better prestandards being more clever for the world

Jens Holm

The Molotov cactail for peace and understanding.

People here has learned in School Russia always has been like that. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f03214e38d87c22adbb5f67888651bd3d084738df9a904eeeee12da98787f95.png

Ivan Freely

No World War. Just another Cold War with lots of proxy wars raging across the globe.

Proud Hindu

Mighty china is only on paper.Rural China is a shithole and just as backwards as indian subcontinent and africa/middle east.

Jens Holm

Its not only in paper and seemes to be close to 500 millions. I will remind You they come from Chairman Mao and worse, so You should respect they now has more in that income sector then India has.

But You are correct. The old rural dustricts are very poor and even pension is very low. BUt they really try to improve parts of that as well as they buy land in other countries and growfood there.

I never likes the chinese but I see they now try. Before that it was very bad for centuries.

cechas vodobenikov

more Jenny gas unthinking–China no extreme poverty, only 1.5% poverty—far less than US colony dinmurk…typical backward low class colony member of USA

Jens Holm

Your numbers are comparing apples with bananas.

Robert Ferrin

Well not really for comparing poverty between two countries or between countries of the world is as a rule of what people do, now living here in the U.S. where poverty which stood at over 40 million people now is beginning to cause a real problem and that fails to include the homeless whose camps dot all the states.!!


Way ahead of India. When did you go to China .I know quite a few that have traveled around China .

Jens Holm

Yes, the Indian family company system slow their innovation very much.

Arch Bungle

Let the facts speak for themselves. Even Indians acknowledge that China is light years ahead of India right now:


Now, where are your hard facts behind the claim that China is just as backwards as India?

Put up, or shut up.


hard fact: India has huge number of holy, worship cows. China has only one: Mao Zedong

India is in huge advantage!!! http://www.ifairer.com/article_image/1476965507-ifairer.jpg

Jens Holm

They actually has reduced the numbers of holy cows.

Jens Holm

They has to be proud too. In the old days we gave the Indians megatons of food and so many was in bad health too.

For the moment the Goverment try to make reforms for their food production and Delhi is blocked by angry farmers.

Arch Bungle

Rubbish. In the old days the west stole so much wealth from India there was mass starvation. You seem oblivious to the fact the british empire spent 200 years sucking the wealth out of India.

Jens Holm

I will remind You India and the Pakistans has been independent states in 72 years. Who do You blame? The ones more then 92 years old or what???

As the farmer demonstrations show right here, India has very hard old structures, which in many ways block for more and aldo more effective production.

It makes no sense to blame others that much for the many millions kept poor and segregated by their caste system, which us there even today. So when brittes, portugese and other arrives, the Indians was rich??? No, they were plundered by their own as well as there were constant wars, where they suffered too. ‘ It seemes You have no idea about how much money we have given as Govermentals as well ad NGOs and private persons – And how many has starved to so they die and remain smal also having low brain capasity.

And its the same for the muslims there.

The real mistake was to send help for reading and writing, clean water, hosåotals and health. India in 1948 had about 350 mio inhabitants and now they are overcrowding trhemself with 1,3 n´bilion. So they plundred – an raped too.

I see the same excuse and explanation so may places.

Turkey in 1923 had less then 20 million and blame Kurds for making children like rabbits. But Turk-Turks today are 60 million and Turks Kurds are 20 millions.

Normal people like me can add and subtract and blame the ones, which do that growth instead of few inhabitants having a bbetter and longer life.

I also will remind You those countries demanded freedom to improve things, Here its as for India too, that devellopments has to be seen besides population growh, where Ypu fx can feed or not.

Indoia can but they have big problems. The main one is popuation growth .


They have discovered technology. Technology has always under pinned conflict and outcomes throughout history .

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I have pointed out. Nobody can ignore facts!

cechas vodobenikov

except amerikans that r unable to comprehend evidence

Jens Holm

You are evidence and some little mice, which is trapped and dont know. Thats a Russian patent and very much used in ME as well.

Needed changees cant even be debated unless Your are in heaven or in jail. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fbbc0f18e87fe25eca0b49ace08cd1b4b21feb9d2321eef51778c915119d071b.jpg

Contrarian Ken

Cold wars are for losers who sell their souls for some shiny weapons that aren’t good for much of anything. The Cold Warriors will do better to turn the other cheek and let the boots stomp all over their faces, because they know that the man who conquers himself cannot be conquered by others. It’s always better to be on the receiving end of oppression.

cechas vodobenikov

patents r irrelevant: fictions created by US patent lawyers when they invent a new mousetrap….they invent nothing important. they deceive their idiot peasants by creating toys, patent them as inventions and declare victory in their trailer parks—they will even falsely claim they invented search engines, LED, world wide web–insecure incompetent children

Jens Holm

Right now You use computers and internet.

Weall know fx patents are indicators. We can take living age, GDP and others.

They indicate and is the best we do have. Reducing that to mousetraps tel Your own knowledgelevel very well. % in poor, iddle and wealthy is same thing.

But fx numbers of pedestrian soldiers dont say Uran is a big miitary power and numbers are like that. Well fare also can be explained in how many there are in jail – or as we do “how many we work hard to keep out from jails”.

So many Russian homes are much smaller then almost any traier in USA. I know it form Warsawa as well. None are good solutions.

Arch Bungle

Americans have been great intellectual property thieves for centuries:

“The city of Lowell, Massachusetts actually got its start after its namesake, Francis Cabot Lowell, visited England in the early 19th century and spent his time trying to figure out how the Brits had managed to automate the process of weaving cloth. Charming his way into factories, he memorized what he saw, and managed to reproduce the weaving machine.”

So China is following in a great American tradition.

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