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JUNE 2023

Video Footage Shows ‎”Russian Forces” Shooting from Battle Tanks in Lattakia, Syria

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New video footage shows ‎Russian and ‎Syrian Forces shooting from T-55 MBT, reportedly in ‎Lattakia. The video was published on Youtube on Sepember 18.

SouthFront comment:

We can’t confirm that this video was recorded in September, these guys are Russian troops. Also, we don’t see clear proofs that it’s Lattakia. But, Yes, they speak Russian and the region looks like Syria.

The video has been circulating in the Russian and Western Social Media.

Moreover, T-55 is too old MBT to be used by so-called “Russian military contingent in Syria”. So, the fighters in the video could be “Russian volunteers” or just Russian mercenaries. Private military companies are outlawed in Russia, but some groups set by citizens of former USSR work over the world.

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