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Talks on Syria Conflict Resumed in Vienna

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Diplomats from 17 nations have resumed Vienna talks on the conflict in Syria, hoping to find peaceful solution of the conflict.

Talks on Syria Conflict Resumed in Vienna


On May 17, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov were chairing the meeting of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG).

The minimal goals of the meeting are to to stabilise the Syrian ceasefire and restart stalled peace talks. Another goal is to expedite the delivery of humanitarian aid to besieged areas.

According to reports, Lavrov met Kerry ahead of the talks, pushing the idea that the supply routes benefiting terrorists “primarily those crossing the Syrian-Turkish border” have to be cut off.

Lavrov also met Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Zarif noted that Iran supports the ceasefire and a peace dialog, but noted that the regime of silence might aid terrorist groups operating in Syria.

“We should not allow terrorists to use the cessation of hostilities for further terror operations,” PressTV cites Iran’s Foreign Minister.

All sides involved in the talks said they do not expect significant achievements from the them.

“We are dealing with tactical steps, but there is nothing beyond them,” the Guardian cites an anonymous “senior Gulf diplomat”.

The Syrian “opposition” and its masterminds argue that Assad must go. The Syrian government has dismissed such demands, refering to the creation of a national unity government and the presidential elections after this.

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