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Taliban’s Special Forces Killed Dozens Of Afghan Soldiers This Week

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Taliban's Special Forces Killed Dozens Of Afghan Soldiers This Week

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On November 14, Afghan officials said that 23-70 soldiers and officers of the Afghan Army were killed in hit and run attacks conducted by the Taliban’s special forces known as the “Red Unit”, the New York Times newspaper says.

The biggest attacks took place in the western Farah province and in the southern Kandahar province, according to the New York Times report.

Qudratullah Khushbakht, spokesman for the governor of Kandahar Province told the New York Times that “Red Unit” fighters were armed with US-made M4 rifles and equipped with Russian night-vision goggles and laser aiming devices. According to Khushbakht, the Taliban’s “Red Unite” is using VBIEDs that’s based on Ford trucks stolen from the Afghan Police and even using Humvee armored vehicles stolen from the Afghan Army.

“The Taliban now are using different tactics … They have their own mobile special forces unit which is equipped with lasers and night-vision gear, and they are attacking check posts and bases and then leaving the area as quickly as possible to avoid airstrikes.”

The Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad confirmed that Taliban fighters attacked and captured three checkpoints of the Afghan Army and Police in Mandozo camp and Khak Chopan areas of Maiwand district in Kandahar province on November 13.

According to Voice of Jihad, 46 soldiers and officers of the Afghan Army were killed during the Taliban attack in Kandahar. The casualties included four high ranking officers of the Afghan Army named “Raziq, Shin Khali, Hayat and Gulalai”. Taliban fighters also destroyed 4 armored vehicles and 6 pickup trucks of the Afghan Army during the attack.

Hours only after reporting Kandahar attack, Voice of Jihad announced that Taliban fighters attacked several positions of the Afghan Army in in Bala Baluk and Pusht Rod districts of Farah province. 30 soldiers and officers of the Afghan Army were allegedly killed in the attack in Farah while only 3 fighters of the Taliban were injured.

While US and Afghan officials are claiming that Iran, Pakistan and even Russia are arming the Taliban, the source of the “Red Unit” modern equipment is likely the Afghan Army itself. Between November 14 and 15 only, Voice of Jihad reported that four Afghan soldiers defected to the Taliban, most of them bringing their weapons, and equipment with them.

Such high rate of defections poses a real threat to the efforts of the Afghan Army and Police. However, it also shows that the US is still unable to build any kind of trust with a large part of the Afghan people.

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Zainab Ali

instructed by their master funders – yankee and the axis of evil


When do the Western World will open

the US/NATO/Zionist Terrorism “Pandora Box” ?


The Taliban are as much Afghans as every other soldier serving the US-backed Kabul regime. Since the last is an occupying force then good for the Taliban.

Samuel Boas

It should be up to the people of Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban. You can’t destroy a part of the people of an actual country and create peace. the Taliban is not like every other standard terrorist organization.


As an Afghan i know its much easier to defeat them then it looks, Taliban are losing there place in our society, people are fed up of there atrocities, anywhere they go they bring destruction, deaths…. with them. but it must not be left unsaid that the MF occupiers are not less then them. if there is a will to defeat them then;
1: destroy there training camps, stop flow of men from the region to join them and limit the ways that they are receiving money from.
2: stop supplying them with there own choppers
3: equip Afghan Army with suitable arms (tanks, howitzer, ISR….)
but that wont happen because the Yankees want to use this unstable situation for longer occupation.
I pray, wish and hope that the dawn of peace rise all over the globe

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