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JUNE 2021

Taliban Writes Open Letter To Trump, Suggests Him To Accept Defeat In Afghanistan

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Taliban Writes Open Letter To Trump, Suggests Him To Accept Defeat In Afghanistan

On Tuesday, the Taliban released an open letter to US President Donald Trump and called on him to review the US strategy for the war in Afghanistan. The Taliban suggested the White House to hold peaceful dialogue directly with Afghans instead of engaging corrupt politicians.

The open letter also suggested the US to withdraw troops from the country in order to save the lives of Americans and Afghans.

The letter came amid US allegations that Russia keeps a dialogue with the Taliban and even could supply some light weapons to the movement.

The US invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Since the White House has been struggling in an attempt to save in power a US-allied government in the country. However, the security situation remains very complicated for the US and its allies.

The Taliban keeps a notable power in Afghanistan and even made some new gains in recent years.

Today the Taliban has a vertical of local administrative and judicial bodies that cover the territory of Afghanistan no less effectively than the administrative structures of the official Kabul.

The US still has no any useful strategy that allows restoring peace and national accord in the country. Many experts claim that the White House does not know how to cope with Afghanistan or what to do inside the country.

Furthermore, the situation in Afgnanistan is just a part of the US military and political activity in the conflict zones around the world. The growing tensions with Northern Korea and Iran, the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq and instability in South America draw much more US attention than the situation in Afghanistan does.

The full text of the letter:

To Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America

Peace be upon those who follow the guidance!

Your forces have spent 16 years in our country Afghanistan and have used every means to win this war. Despite the fact that the former administration officials created a large coalition to attack our country, your 16 year military presence in Afghanistan has resulted in Afghanistan becoming the most unstable country security wise, the most corrupt administrative wise and the poorest country economically.

The reason behind all this is because foreign invasion is being used to subdue the will of our proud Afghan nation, our national integrity is stripped and keys to power have been handed to individuals who are the most repulsive, wretched and hated faces in the Afghan society due to their servitude to foreigners.

President Trump!

It is entirely possible that you are being provided rosy pictures about Afghanistan by the stooges you have installed and they are showering you will titles ‘allies of the Afghans’ in their ceremonial addresses but understand that the Afghans possess sound intellect . They judge you by the results of your 16 year presence in Afghanistan and not by the slogans of the lying corrupt rulers under your control.

You must realize that these repulsive sellouts neither care about your interests nor that of their own nation, rather the only thing they hold dear is retaining their seat of power and securing their personal interests.

They are not solely subservient to you either but will eagerly be the puppet of any foreign backer to retain their illegitimate grip on power. Even in the current government that you have built, they maintain illicit contacts with tens of other foreign powers.

President of America!

The government which you tried to establish over the past 16 years by spending billions of dollars, sacrificing thousands of soldiers and losing tens of thousands to injuries and mental illness is in a condition where its leader cannot accept his own deputy. You are witnessing that at this very moment the First Vice President – the war criminal and warlord – General Dostum is creating an opposition coalition outside the country against Ashraf Ghani, provincial governors have begun rising against him and Members of Parliament are demanding his resignation.

President Trump!

If you glance over history you will come to know that the Afghans have done you the biggest favor internationally. They rescued you and the entire world from the Red Communist Plague with their immeasurable sacrifices. Do you wish to repay this historical favor of the valiant Afghan nation by forcing upon them such incompetent, corrupt, immoral and criminal officials?

A sound mind and healthy conscience dictates that the monumental actions and international favor of this persecuted nation should be repaid by dealing and interacting with them generously and not through invasions, throwing them into the fire of imposed wars, trampling upon their religious and national values and installing the most corrupt officials as custodians of their affairs.

President of America!

Your previous officials decided to invade Afghanistan without weighing its consequences. They occupied Afghanistan under irrational arguments which had nothing to do with the Afghans. The Afghans who rose against your forces in defense of their land, creed and people did so as a legitimate struggle that is why the fully armed forces of 48 nations under your leadership were unable to pacify and eliminate them.

The Afghans have no ill-intention towards the Americans or any other nation around the world but if anyone violates their sanctums then they are mighty proficient at beating and defeating the transgressors.

The religious and national struggle of our people is not some illegitimate or proxy war rather it takes root from a pure spiritual and national fervor. Your intelligence agencies admit that our Mujahideen are not being supported by any country and neither can they produce any proof in the contrary. After repeated invasions, our nation understands well how to wage long wars with invaders and force them out of their homeland with their traditional weapons and equipment paired with towering resolve and zeal.

Mr. President!

American youth are not born to be killed in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan in order to establish the writ of thieves and corrupt officials and neither would their parents approve of them killing civilians in Afghanistan. Rather you and American officials have the grave responsibility of protecting the lives of American youth which is your indispensable human resource. It seems to be a historical mistake on part of the previous administrations to have dispatched American youth for the slaughter of Afghans however as a responsible American President, you need to study the mistakes of your predecessors and prevent death and injury to American forces in Afghanistan.

Generals are concealing the real statistics of your dead and crippled however the Afghans can easily count the coffins being sent your way on a daily basis

President Trump!

We have noticed that you have understood the errors of your predecessors and have resolved to thoroughly rethinking your new strategy in Afghanistan. A number of warmongering congressmen and Generals in Afghanistan are pressing you to protract the war in Afghanistan because they seek to preserve their military privileges but instead you must act responsibly as the fate of many Americans and Afghans alike is tied to this issue and as is often said ‘War is imperative politics which cannot be left alone to the whims of fighters’. You must also not handover the Afghan issue to warmongering Generals but must make a decision where history shall remember you as an advocate of peace.

The war situation in Afghanistan is far worse than you realize! You are witnessing that Mujahideen are wresting control of several districts from the corrupt regime in a one week span and are seizing so much equipment that they can continue fighting for a long time. They can easily take control of all major highways of the country and if it were not for fear of civilian casualties, they would conquer many provincial capitals currently under sieges.

Here every Afghan views your soldiers as invaders and transgressors and even the soldiers who you spend a lot of treasure upon frequently open fire on your troops with the same weapon you have provided. Here every parent teaches his offspring about emancipating his country from invaders. In a land where every child is raised with a spirit of vengeance and holds the historic honor of defeating three Empires before you, how will you achieve a stable condition for permanent presence?

President of America!

Everyone now understands that the main driver of war in Afghanistan is foreign occupation. The fire of war has been lit due to foreign occupation and everyone is utilizing these war conditions for their self-interests. If there was no war here, a responsible assertive government could have prevented anarchy and lawlessness. You have understood through your experience in the Middle East that kindling the fire of war is not in the interest of any country around the world.

Previous experiences have shown that sending more troops to Afghanistan will not result in anything other than further destruction of American military and economical might therefore it would be wise if you adopt the strategy of a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan instead of a troops increase. On the one hand, this strategy will truly deliver American troops from harm’s way and on the other, it will bring to an end an inherited war by rectifying the mistakes of former American officials.

Final Words

President of the United States! The uprising of the people of Afghanistan under the leadership of Islamic Emirate is an organized and accountable national, political and regional military force which has prevented many calamities from taking root. If it were not for the responsible policies and organized movement of the Islamic Emirate, such disorder would arise that its flames shall reach the neighbors, region and the entire world. If someone were to understand this reality, they would truly consider the Islamic Emirate as mercy for Afghanistan, region and the world because the Islamic Emirate does not have any intention or policy of causing harm to anyone and neither will it allow others to use the Afghan soil against anyone. It would be a grave mistake on your part to force the Afghan Muslim nation – who have so far fought you with their meager tools – to reach out to your foes in order to gain their independence and free themselves from your oppression. Therefore it would be better for you to understand the realities as a responsible President of the United States and then make decisions based upon them. And understand this with an open heart that if you failed to win the Afghan war with professional US and NATO troops, advanced technology, experienced military Generals, consecutive strategies and mighty economy, you shall never be able to win it with mercenaries, notorious contractor firms and immoral stooges.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

23/11/1438 Hijri Lunar

24/05/1396 Hijri Solar               15/08/2017 Gregorian

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Reading that letter and comparing it to the translation we received of the North Korean official communique I must wonder – did the Taliban pen their missive above – IN ENGLISH??

Then I wonder – if Mr Trump can sit still and silent long enough to read and digest it.

Jan Tjarks

Trump will go fury and fire. =)



Amon -Ra- DeArmond

I can’t believe that for once I agree with the taliban…lol
It’s also funny how were accusing Russia of supplying the Taliban with weapons when we did the exact same thing when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in the 80’s


Nice post (I gave you a thumb up),
however, when you say ” we did the exact same thing”, I assume you don’t agree with the lame fake, unsound excuse that Russia would arm the Taliban?
(but instead, as you correctly point out, they were armed by US government when the CIA created and trained the Taliban to overturn the moderate, secular, Russia-friendly government which was ruling Afghanistan at the time)

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

They might be arming them as a way to get back at us for arming the Taliban in the 80’s,I don’t know for certain so I wont deny it nor will I say with certainty that they’re arming them,we just don’t know.


Nobody needs to arm the Taliban – the country is still awash in small arms delivered throughout 1980’s – the mujahedin’s supplies of AK/PK/RPG pattern small arms were paid for by Saudi’s, routed by CIA and sourced from Egypt. These weapons have operational legacy for decades – and munitions for them are plentiful on open market as manufactured across eastern Europe and middle east.


Staying and escalating will make him look weak.


I believe we cannot win the war fighting the Afghanistanis in Afghanistan.

Dominick Perez

I could win the war in one week. Give me complete control of the US military, I will withdraw all coalition troops, and then drop 10000 MOABS on every major population center and Taliban stronghold. 3,000,000 Muslim rats exterminated, war over. The world will be better off they are nothing but illiterate boy loving scum.


So,Dominick Perez, You don’t mind burning to death 1 million kids, and 500,000 Young obedient good looking women so that you can say, “I won.”
I may be a ‘Old School white guy’ but your plan seems, insane !!

Dominick Perez

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

Tommy Jensen

I could also win over US/Washington in one week.
Give me the dictatorship over Russia/China military forces, I would withdraw all Russians and Chineses from US territory and then drop 24 pieces Satan-2 Sarmat over American territory and bases, and 350 million stupid ignorant American rats exterminated, violence and war over.
The world will be better off for 50 years.

Dominick Perez

You’d be sucking cock then because who would defend your pussified country from all of the Muslim “refugees” raping your women?


You must be a university professor.


Bold talk Tommy, but then you are wearing a mask and I assume using a fake name..

Mateen Zaman


Richard M

US inventory of MOABs is 14. Your math is faulty.

Dominick Perez

Make more. Problem solved.

Richard M

You said “1 week”. You think 10,000 MOABs can be built in a few days?….It would be fun to see them used to crack Daesh strongholds, it just isn’t do-able to cover whole areas.


You can’t defeat the Talibans. They are at home.


Looks like the Taliban are still using the same weapons they got from Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Here he is showing the weapons to he his friend Osama bin Ladencomment image

Jan Tjarks

As sad as it is, there will be no other choice left, besides, prolonging the mess.

USA can’t move out, as it would be a huge sign of weakness. But it is difficult in our times to let a conflict die out in the media and then pulling the troops out, while keeping the facade of a straight “we won” face.


A well written treatise that President trump should consider, but I doubt that he will.

Alan Reid

Sounds familiar….

Ahh now i recall…

Mateen Zaman

Americans are shit scared since they learnt the supply of Russian arms to Talibans,tit for tat,ha

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