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Taliban Takes Over Presidential Palace In Kabul As Chaos Continue In Capital Airport (Videos, Photos)

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Taliban Takes Over Presidential Palace In Kabul As Chaos Continue In Capital Airport (Videos, Photos)

File image.

On August 15 afternoon, Taliban fighters took over the Presidential Palace in the Afghan capital Kabul without facing any resistance.

Just a few hours earlier, the group announced that it “Mujahedeen” will enter certain parts of Kabul to “prevent chaos and theft” and take over a number of outposts which were abandoned by government forces.

Taliban fighters are now reportedly releasing their comrades from the prisons of the National Directorate of Security in Kabul.

Earlier, the Taliban claimed that it was not planning to take over the capital by force. However, the group changed its plans following the resignation of President Ashraf Ghani, who has since fled the country.

The situation in Kabul remains unstable, so do in the city’s airport where thousands of US troops are struggling to evacuate American diplomats and citizens.

According to a number of sources, US Ambassador Ross Wilson has fled Kabul city to the airport taking with him the US flag which was flown over the embassy.

The US embassy, which is now operating out of Kabul Airport, said that the security situation at the airport in the Afghan capital was changing quickly, and that there were reports of gunfire as US troops aided the evacuation of American personnel.

“There are reports of the airport taking fire; therefore we are instructing U.S. citizens to shelter in place,” the embassy said in a security alert.

The Taliban is now in control of most of Kabul. The group’s fighters are present near the airport. Any attack by the group on the airport will not likely end in favor of US forces. The group could decide to overrun the airport to take hostages in the upcoming few hours.

The Taliban’s decisions are getting more radical by the hour. After reports of a plan to form an interim government, the group is now saying that it will soon declare the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” from the presidential palace in Kabul.


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"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

The Afghan people won! This is a big victory to humanity against Western terrorist imperialism.

Next will be Syria, Iraq, and Palestine.

The Zionist tentacles need to be severed from every part of the world.

Last edited 1 month ago by "Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

Yes. I don’t like the Taliban worldview one bit and I still back then absolutely against Amerikastani imperialism.

Peter Wallace

The Afghan people won. The Taliban took over Herat and first thing they did was ban the girls from going too university. That is a great victory for women. Now we shall see how long before all promises made by the Taliban re inclusive government , freedom of girls to go to school , radio and TV allowed to broadcast music and musicians allowed to preform and so on , before all that is banned. Good to see America out but what they get in return is no victory for the people.


Coming up: the new Hollywood blockbuster on Afghanistan, “Bloodhawk Down”:

Tom Cruise (it’s always Tom Cruise) is Major Bloodhawk, a brave helicopter pilot evacuating Americans from the Kabul embassy. Suddenly he gets a call from his old mate Quislinguddin in Kandahar! A girl threatened with marriage to an Evil Talib Commander needs rescuing! Tom pilots his Chinook – against official orders – to Kandahar, uses the rotor blades to break open the Taliban commander’s dastardly fortified residence, fights off the entire Taliban contingent with the help of his trusty door gunner…played by the guy in Jurassic World…and rescues the girl! Unfortunately Quislinguddin is killed by the Taliban commander just as the helicopter lifts off. Tom weeps bitter tears over Quislinguddin’s corpse, but the girl lays a comforting hand on his shoulder. He looks up at her and smiles. End credits.

Oscar material, yo.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

jajajajaja you sould work in hollywood!!!!!

Ma Laoshi

The Taliban’s decisions are getting more radical by the hour. After reports of a plan to form an interim government, the group is now saying that it will soon declare the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” from the presidential palace in Kabul.

“More radical”? What are they supposed to do? Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and let the US-installed druglords loot the place bare? Let anarchy fester, Baghdad style? The best they can do now is declare victory and start governing the country the best they can as soon as possible, leaving no room for misunderstanding that they are in charge now.

I’m not very optimistic that they can do that: winning the war and winning the peace have time and again been shown to be very different things. But at least they should try. Western powers can process the butthurt about their loss in their own capitals and should not bother the Afghans any further.


As you can see, unless you have something to hide, ordinary citizens are going on with their life. The Taliban will do just fine

Peter Wallace

Go and watch Al jazeera and see what they are saying about that.. Al jazeera is the preferred MSM of the Taliban. Already girls told to stop going to university and today is day one.


Agree. But as a European who always opposed interventionist bullshit I neither want global enrichment in my home. Everyone on his own, no more NATO interventions, but no more Muslim immigration in my poor German homestead as well. Just leave everyone be.


Saigon 2.0

L du Plessis

The US “Super Power” most humiliating defeat EVER!! by a millitia!! 😂😂😂

The truth

Kabul: Taliban fighters inside the presidential palace

The Black Terror

The Taliban should convert this over decorated, expensive, formerly foreign controlled whorehouse into a hospital or homeless shelter for the Afghan people.


Back to Sharia law and stoning…well, it seems this is exactly what Afghan people want.

Interventionism at its dead end. Leave the middle east alone, send back immigrants and build the fortress of Europe. That would be best for all.

The truth

fools always wants others to be like them.

Last edited 1 month ago by The truth

Yes. But in which context?

The truth

You western want other nations to hold the same values and principles as you that’s why you went out of your way to colonize the world because you want everyone to be like you.
No one wants to be like you
You uncivilized degenerate condescending ignorant blasphemous fools.


I don’t want that, I made that clear.

But neither do I want my homestead to be overrun by your kind as it is happening at the moment. Don’t forget that Islam was quite the colonizer as well back in the old days.

Safe borders and national states for everyone. You don’t agree?

And please, don’t try with your “blasphemy” bullshit. Your religion is not mine, neither is your culture. I don’t care about your beliefs, and neither should you about mine. Keep your early medieval warlord prophet as I keep my values in Europe.

The truth

“ Back to Sharia law and stoning…well, it seems this is exactly what Afghan people want.”
You think your funny. What did you make clear?

You expect to invade peoples countries but you don’t expect people to invade yours.

Safe borders and national states for everyone. You don’t agree?
Practice what you preach you fool.

You act like the Muslim prophet was some backwards man where were your ancestors at the time of the prophet your ancestors were in the dark ages while the prophet took the Arabs out of their dark ages and into their golden age. Your ancestors were literally migrating to the Middle East so they could learn science and mathematics from the Muslims at the time.
Enjoy your humiliation because a lot more will come to pass.
No one respect the US anymore and it was all thanks to iran for scattering US hegemony.
the gap between our capabilities has greatly reduced. And it only took Iran 40 years.
Just like the Muslims back in the day defeated both the Rome and Persian empires which at the time were the strongest empires in the whole world and yet the Muslims were in their infant stage and they were still able to accomplished what seemed like the impossible isn’t it funny how history is repeating itself again.

Last edited 1 month ago by The truth

I made clear I was and always had been against interventionism. The same way I dislike Muslim immigration to Europe. That’s reciprocal. I am against NATO politics.

That being said, I come to notice you call me hypocrite while you see nothing but your own religion. Saying that your desert folk is or was more advanced than western cultures is ridiculous and you know that very well, hence your inferiority complex. No one was migrating to the Middle East to learn from your Sharia, that’s bullshit.

But fine for me, I don’t want domination over the Middle East. But you seem to be no less expansive and aggressive than American politics that you despise so much. You just want everyone one earth to bend the knee to your desert prophet. That’s disgusting.

The truth

Too bad for you there is enough evidence today to back up my claims.
No one has a more inferior complex then you western you take credit and steal work from other and claim it as your own throughout all of history. Leave it to a white historical and he’ll claim his race invented the universe.
You guys even turned jesus white.
As you keep crying about immigrant and how they steal your jobs why don’t you go study harder maybe then your governments doesn’t have to go around every year giving out visas to the top students of every country.


Are you fucking kiddin’ me? Who invented aircraft? Spacecraft? Use of electricity? Motors? Telephone, TV, internet? Modern medicine like peniciline or artificial insuline? Any Muslim among those??? Any??

Immigrants from Middle east mostly live on WELFARE, at least in Germany. I’m paying for their offspring whilst being hated for being an infidel. It’s the same idiotic political actors who destabilize the Middle East that flood my home with those guys. Keep your country, all I want is to get Islam out of Europe. Thats just fair.

The truth

Do you even know how many Arabs get assassinated because they get into certain fields of High education? Almost all of them get assassinated especially the ones that decide to take their knowledge and spread it in their country they always end up getting assassinated. Just graduating with certain degrees can get you assassinated as an Arab in the west.
But I’ll still name you an Arab inventor you don’t like mentioning in your books even though he contributed to many of the privileges you enjoy today and he too was assassinated because he decided that he wants to go back to his country and spread his knowledge his name is Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah.

Last edited 1 month ago by The truth

However, I just want the West to get out of the rest of the world and most of the Muslim immigrants to leave my country. Plain and fair, I’m an ethnopluralist and patriot.


Sorry! Fun is over now. Back to sheep herding.

Alberto Bohon.

Ahmad Shah Massoud’s son, Ahmad Massoud calls for the fight against the Taliban from the Panshir region of Afghanistan, I hope their futile resistance will be failed and destroyed. let the Taliban’s enemies fall to the ground all of them.

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